288 reasons to fight

First they tried to shut down the government to defund women’s health.

Then two weeks ago they passed a budget that demolishes Medicare.

And all the while, GOP leaders in both houses are still pushing to give more huge tax cuts to big corporations that ship American jobs overseas — including handouts to Big Oil even before the first anniversary of BP’s Gulf Coast disaster.

There are reasons we need to keep fighting. In fact, 288 Republican members of the House and Senate mean we have 288 reasons. And if we aren’t strong enough or committed enough to stop their agenda, we will lose our country as we know it.

Your support is crucial as we challenge the Republican Party for the future of our nation. Help us fight their agenda by contributing $10, $20, $35, or more right now.

My biggest focus as I lead the Senate majority is helping families across the country weather this recession. There still are obstacles. College costs are rising faster than paychecks, too many Nevadans are still out of work, and not even our veterans are immune to falling on hard times — and just one homeless veteran is one too many.

These challenges tell us that we must do better. But we can’t reach the kind of success America is known for so long as Republicans in the House and Senate continue to line the pockets of their corporate buddies while letting their Tea Party wing lead an agenda of partisan wedge issues.

Our opposition is strong. There are 288 of them. They’re well-financed, and they have the resources to wreak havoc on our nation’s future if we don’t succeed in stopping them.

I know there’s still fight left in us. Chip in $10 today because there are 288 reasons we can’t stop standing up for what we know is important.

Thanks for everything,

Harry Reid


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We are all Freedom Fighters on some level every day… Thursday &some News

The weather has been wicked windy on and off for way too long this year and while it is definitely spring, hey, the calendar says so… this does not feel very springy to me but then life is all about change right?

The latest events have made me wonder if Congress on the State and Federal level and or rhetoric from Republicans and folks who lean right of center will really get the push back or beat back by the Democratic Party after Congress gets back from Easter break because i sure have not heard much from the Democratic Party in general and that is not only disturbing it is offensive to anyone who voting these folks into office. I will say it was good to hear that Leader Reid has decided to hold an up and down vote on the PaulRyan Budget. It should open the eyes of most if not all Republican constituents, well maybe . In a time when millions are unemployed, more layoffs coming and Corporate America is still outsourcing and holding jobs hostage. The Republican Party continues to cut slash and burn American Workers. The party of No, which used to be just a conservative pro-life scary group, is now so extreme that the slogan “taking their country back”, is no longer code but an overt statement from Republican Tea Party members. Obviously, it is about not wanting “his kind” in the White House. The Tea Party wants to Privatize Public Service Jobs, which includes Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police, and others while gutting Social Service programs that help the elderly, women, and children around the country suffering already but are now willing to take the basics away from the middle/lower class. However, I cannot begin to say how offensive and enlightening it is that they are actually legislating people into poverty. I have to say this has made me wonder what our neighborhoods will look after this nasty group is finished wreaking havoc on us all. We all know the more folks that are out of work the better the chances of fewer or quality services will be available. I ask everyone to just think what having less police, fire fighters to help out not just the less fortunate but all those above the poverty line … a fire does not care if you have lots of money. I have to say the light of day on how low a Political Party is willing to go was quite evident with those behind the door deals they made to keep SOME firefighters and police employed. Did they think about this?

The media and certain Politicians say that in times of crisis people separate into cliques. I say our Politicians and Talking heads; “the media” have been doing a great job in forcing the public and or viewer into choosing side’s everyday depending on the issue. It is offensive and while the November Midterms was proof of how that manipulation works, clearly a whole lot of buyer’s remorse has set in for the Political Party of No, Tea Party carpetbaggers who said one thing and are doing another. We all probably have family or know people who did March for equal rights, felt compelled, added to and a part of that strength in numbers adage we all hear frequently that i consider so important and speaks volumes when a change is near just over the horizon waiting to happen. This feeling of wanting a better way of life is possibly shared by most is spreading all over the world and while a couple of tyrants have seen the light others continue to participate in overt genocide others shutdown access to the World outside. I get the feeling the Republican Tea Party is a lot like those folks in other countries currently doing all they can to either keep control or take anyone down that happens to be in the way by murdering them …right?. In our case, American voters are demanding freedom but the people with the power have gone rogue without thinking about what the full impact on the lives of the many will be or don’t care and have decided to take that risk and try to usurp the rights of Americans whether it’s done legally, by consensus or not.

We are all Freedom Fighters on some level every day.

Other News …

**Violent storms hammer Alabama, Southern states; about 200 dead

**The birther movement: immune to facts?

**http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13222439 –US economy slows 1.8%

**14 killed as blast rips through Moroccan cafe

**Fear stalks streets of Syria’s Deraa

**Wordpress offers up a new thing called a writing helper not sure about it though-have not used it

**First class-action suit filed over PlayStation Network breach


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Wisconsin Recall Update …Ben Betz, People For the American Way

Today, Democrats in Wisconsin are submitting the petition signatures to have the SIXTH Republican state senator, Sen. Robert Cowles, put on the ballot for a recall election.

That’s six — Dan Kapanke, Randy Hopper, Luther Olsen, Sheila Harsdorf, Alberta Darling and now Robert Cowles — of the eight GOP senators eligible for recall, and it covers all of the senators who are considered most vulnerable. A net gain of only three seats is needed for the Democrats to take control of the Wisconsin Senate.

Things are heating up! If things go as planned, we expect the first recall elections to be held in early July. That gives us just over two months to stage a targeted and strategic mobilization effort and send as many of Gov. Scott Walker’s cronies in the state senate packing as we can.

Republicans have filed recall petitions against three of the 14 Democratic senators who stood in solidarity against Gov. Walker’s attacks on Wisconsin’s working families — Sens. Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch. So we have to play defense as well as offense.

People For has organized a presence for our Wisconsin members at rallies and other events across the state — including Sarah Palin’s recent speech to hers and Gov. Walker’s Tea Party supporters in Madison. We’ve been directing volunteers to help with the recall petition effort. And now, as we move into the election phase, we’re holding meetings this week to determine our advertising and communications strategy for the campaigns.

If you can, please help support our Wisconsin campaign with an urgent donation today.

Wisconsin is vitally important for the entire country because it is the front lines of a national right-wing attack not just on workers’ rights, but on the middle class as a whole.

•The petition effort to undo a similar attack on workers’ rights in Ohio is under way and we’re fighting the demonization of public employees and legislative attacks on workers in a growing number of states.

•Republicans in Washington recently voted to pull the plug on Medicare and Medicaid and remain hell bent on paying for more tax cuts for corporations and billionaires with deep cuts to vital services.

•Just this week it was reported that one of the country’s leading unions, the International Association of Fire Fighters, is so strained by fighting off anti-union attacks in the states that its PAC won’t be participating in federal elections next year — playing directly into the Right’s plan to weaken progressives by attacking any institution that offers them political support.

We need to send a message in Wisconsin and we need to do it with these recall elections. Help us let the GOP know that their attacks on the middle class come with a serious cost … and with Gov. Scott Walker eligible for recall in 2012, let him know that we’re coming for him next.

Support our campaign with a contribution now if you can.

Thank you for all your support. Keep it coming and this is a fight we’ll win!

— Ben Betz, Online Strategy Manager

Politics:Main Street Rage

At town hall events across the country, Americans are confronting members of Congress who voted for the House Republicans’ radical budget, which effectively ends Medicare, slashes Medicaid, hacks away at domestic spending, and extends tax breaks for the wealthy. The entire House GOP caucus except for four lawmakers voted for Rep. Paul Ryan‘s (R-WI) budget earlier this month, claiming a mandate from the November elections to drastically reduce domestic s pending. But Republicans went beyond any semblance of responsible budget tightening to a radical deconstruction of core pillars of the health, safety, and security of the country. Recent polls show Americans are firmly opposed to Ryan’s budget proposal, with over 70 percent of Republicans opposing cuts to Medicare, while over 80 percent of Americans overall disapprove of cuts to the social safety net program. And Americans are clearly demonstrating their displeasure with their GOP lawmakers, who are in their home districts for this month on recess from Congress. Last week, as lawmakers began holding town hall sessions in their districts, a number of Washington commentators wondered, “If the Ryan budget is so unpopular, where are the town-hall meltdowns?” This week,&nb sp;in the Washington commentariat got their answer as town hall anger went from a few isolated incidents to a daily deluge of passion and temper from Americans frustrated with their out-of-touch representatives. The town halls, like the opposition to the GOP budget more generally, were slow to begin in part because Ryan was so quick to act. While President Obama and congressional Democrats allowed for over a year of debate, study, and discussion on their health care reform law, House Republicans unveiled and voted on their plan to radically transform Medicare in a matter of weeks, giving opponents almost no time to mobilize against it or educate Americans about its effects. Moreover, those opposed to Ryan’s plan don’t have the constant cheerleading of right-wing talk radio and Fox News, which directly helped organize and promote the 2009 town halls. Nonetheless, as part of what the Progress Report has dubbed a Main Street Movement of average Americans upset that conservatives want to cut social services and public investment for everyday people while lavishing tax breaks on the wealthy and corporations, Americans are standing up to their lawmakers on their own.

MEDICARE: Many of the town hall protests this month have targeted freshmen Republicans from swing districts who were voted into office in last November’s GOP wave. While voters may have wanted to send a message to Washington by electing a Republican, they have been dismayed by how radically right-wing their new congressmen have turned out to be. One of the first documented town hall protests last week was at a stop of freshman Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-PA). During the campaign, Meehan assured his future constituents that he wouldn’t vote for Ryan’s “agenda,” but once in office, he did just that. “Meehan was asked about entitlement reform and Medicare at nearly every town hall he went to” last week, with constituents’ anger visible. By the weekend, freshmen Reps. Robert Dold (R-IL), Charlie Bass&nb sp;(R-NH), Sean Duffy (R-WI), and Lou Barletta (R-PA) had all faced constituent anger of their own over the GOP’s Medicare privatization plan. At a town hall in Hillsborough, NH, the first six questions Bass faced from constituents were about his vote to privatize Medicare. One attendee pointed out that what the Republicans are doing is pursuing a “divide and conquer”strategy by eliminating Medicare for future generations while keeping it for current seniors. At a town hall in Shell Late, WI, Duffy got into a heated exchange with constituents when he insisted that Ryan’s plan does not effectively replace Medicare with a voucher system, but attendees repeatedly corrected him. Later, Duffy got huffy; frustrated by his constituents’ questions about his presentation, he told attendees, “When you have your town hall you can stand up and give your presentation.” Yesterday, cons tituent anger reached a boiling point at a town hall in Orlando for freshman Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) when “bedlam” erupted as constituents angrily peppered him with questions about his vote for privatizing Medicare. Webster tried to avoid answering many of the questions, and eventually, conservative hecklers fired back at those trying to hold Webster accountable. Police officers flanked Webster and had to tell the crowd to quite down.

TAXES: The other main theme constituents have been pressing their lawmakers on this month is tax fairness. Ryan’s budget would preserve the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent of Americans while cutting corporate tax rates — a proposal even Ryan’s own constituents are not happy about. During a town hall meeting in Milton, WI, last week, a constituent who described himself as a “lifelong conservative” asked Ryan about the effects of growing income inequality in our nation. The constituent noted that huge income disparities contributed to the Great Depression and the Great Recession, and thus wanted to know why the congressman was “fighting to not let the tax breaks for the wealthy expire.” Ryan responded by saying, “we do tax the top,” eliciting a a chorus of boos and grumbling from attendees. Yesterday, Ryan faced chants of “Ryan stop lying!” at a town hall in Kenosha, WI, which drew a capacity crowd inside and over a 100 protesters outside. “Do not renew the Bush tax credit for the wealthy,” one man demanded. Meanwhile, at a town hall in Salem, NY, Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY) faced similar outbursts. In answering a question, Gibson said that Americans pay higher taxes because “here are people in the country that are not paying taxes because they’re illegal [immigrants].” At this point, a town hall attendee cried out, ” You mean like GE?! ” forcing the congressman to say that he agreed that the company needs to pay its fair share. Audience members at Dold’s town hall said they “don’t believe chopping 10 percentage points off the highest corporate tax rate will create jobs.” At Duffy’s town hall, one attendee said she agrees with Ryan’s concerns about the deficit and “that’s why we have to raise taxes on the rich, and raise taxes on the corporations who have never been richer than they have now. And you guys just cut their taxes again.” “Oh yeah!” another constituent responded.

‘EVERY RIGHT TO SPEAK’: During the 2009 town halls, which mostly targeted Democrats, Republican lawmakers repeatedly praised tea party activists for their disruptions at town halls, saying it was important to let them have their voices heard. But now that they’re on the receiving end of constituents’ anger, it’s unclear how much Republicans will embrace this democratic process. Ryan abruptly left a town hall yesterday ahead of schedule, citing “security concerns” from hecklers. But Ryan went through with a tow n hall in 2009 despite credible threats against union members at the event. At a town hall in 2009, when a heckler disrupted Ryan and promoted boos from other audience members, Ryan told the crowd, ” She has every right to talk , every right to speak.” In an interview with Fox News at the time, Ryan said Obama’s policies had driven people to the town halls, which he praised as a grass roots outpouring of “people up in arms” about bad policies. “[T]his is amazing,” Ryan told a largely supportive town hall in Aug. 2009. Meanwhile, conservatives are trying to drown out progressives at today’s town halls, with American Action Network — a relatively new conservative front group founded by a group of Wall Street bankers — loading up conservative activists& nbsp; with softball questions and talking points to bolster Republican lawmakers on the Ryan plan.