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A Snapshot Of This Week’s White House Summit on Working Families

Earlier this week the Center for American Progress had the privilege to co-sponsor the White House Summit on Working Families, featuring the President, Vice President, First Lady, and Dr. Biden, as well as many other leading voices for the cause to make workplaces work for everyone and ensure that women have a fair shot to help their families succeed.

Check out CAP’s video recapping the event here, or by clicking on the screenshot below:

summit pic

We’re feeling fired up! Are you? To learn more and get involved in the movement, visit

BOTTOM LINE: Too many working Americans – both women and men – are living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet and respond to the competing demands of work and family. We need policy solutions like paid family leave, equal pay, child care, and a higher minimum wage, that can make a real difference in the lives of working families and ensure America’s global competitiveness in the coming decades.

‘The pitchforks ARE coming’-A billionair​e warns his fellow Oligarchs what is coming down the pipe

he pitchforks ARE coming’—A billionaire warns his fellow Oligarchs what is coming down the pipe











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When Sunday Shows Ignore The News

 John Whitehouse, MMFASome other things I’ve read this week: Andrew Crumey on how myths live on in our language, Audrey Quinn and Jackie Roche on how climate change contributes to Syria’s conflict, Megan Finnerty on indigenous people fighting stereotypes, and Derrick Clifton on a T-shirt that debunksLGBT myths.John Whitehouse
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Wait What?

AblowShortly before the United States qualified for the elimination round at the World Cup, A Fox News host lashed out at supporters of the team, saying that he was suspicious that the World Cup craze was just a distraction form President Obama:

When Sunday Shows Ignore The News

Sunday ShowsThe Sunday shows have hosted countless discussions of the attack on the American diplomatic facility in Benghazi. But when the alleged ringleader was captured, not one of the Sunday shows mentioned it:
Related: When faced with long-debunked Benghazi myths, David Gregory said nothing:

Right-Wing Radio Enraged

Ingraham Hannity Limbaugh BeckWhen Thad Cochran won the Mississippi Republican primary for Senate over tea party darling Chris McDaniel by appealing to African-Americans and Democrats, right-wing radio hosts were enranged, with Limbaugh even calling Cochran’s supporters “black Uncle Tom voters.”


MacCallumAs the Hobby Lobby decision grew near, Fox’s deceit went into overdrive: a Fox anchor actually told four lies about the case in just 17 seconds.


BoehnerSpeaker of the House John Boehner announced plans to sue President Obama. Boehner is taking this step because of the pressure from the fringe right-wing media:


JonesWhy did CNN repeat a conspiracy theory started by Alex Jones that said that the U.S. government is paying to escort child migrants across the border?


A CNBC Chyron About “Wealth Problems”


Hey —

I’ve got some inside info for you

The NRA’s lobbyists have finally made their move. They’ve emailed their activists a whole pile of lies to spread to their friends and families to scare and confuse them — and try to stop Washington from voting Yes on 594.

It’s some pretty crazy, tinfoil hat, conspiracy theory stuff — and pretty much exactly what we expected from these lobbyist types. But still, I was a little surprised at just how shrill and desperate the tone was.

Every tired, old cliché that the gun lobby has used for years to stop any reasonable reform was in there: from a paranoid registration conspiracy to a bunch of delusional fears not about what 594 actually does — but what it might lead to. Reading their email, it seems like they just hit “copy” and “paste” from whatever playbook they get from their lobbying headquarters in Washington, D.C.

And that’s why I need your help. We have to build up our rapid-reaction fund now to counter these lies, or we’ll never be able to win this fall.

Contribute $3 today, and help us build our rapid-reaction fund before our June 30 fundraising deadline!

Help us fight the lies!

Now, polling shows most gun owners are ready to vote Yes on 594 — but this pile of lies is designed to trick NRA members into thinking that the same easy, commonsense reform that is already saving lives in states like Colorado is some kind of crazy plot.

And nobody knows better what a bunch of hooey that is than the NRA lobbyist that is peddling it to their members — and soon to regular voters in Washington.

They know better, but they still are still trying to trick gun owners into thinking that simply extending our existing background check system to all gun sales is an evil scheme to steal their guns. It would be laughable if we didn’t know that these crazy rantings may be enough to scare someone into voting against 594.

We need to spread the truth — and we need your help to do that.

Contribute $3 today to our rapid-reaction fund by the June 30 deadline, and help us spread the truth about 594!

Now that we know for sure that they’re not going to hold back on the lies, we really need to get in gear.

Thanks for helping us fight these lobbyists’ lies,

Zach Silk
Campaign Manager
Yes on 594

a message from Alonzo Mourning

There’s nothing more fun in a basketball game than throwing down a dunk. But as much fun as I had on the offensive end of the court, I knew my teammates were counting on me to come up big when the other team was on the attack.

The same is true in politics (really!). It doesn’t matter how well you do tearing down your opponent if you don’t have a solid defense against their attacks. And my friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz depends on people like you to keep the special interests from scoring a victory.

Debbie’s working hard to help Democrats across the country, and she’s counting on us to have her back. Please, if you’re able, consider making a $5 contribution to her campaign. We need to keep my friend and my South Florida neighbor fighting for the middle class.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately: