Over 675,000 of us marched around the world

Months ago, our community decided on a crazy goal – the largest mobilisation on climate change in history. Yesterday, we blew past our wildest expectations, with a climate march *6 times* the size of anything before it!!! This was 80 city blocks of New York:

People's Climate March

And this was London, Berlin, Bogota, Paris, Delhi, and Melbourne…

Over 675,000 of us marched around the world. It was a beautiful expression of our love for all that climate change threatens, and our hope that we can save this world and build a society powered by 100% safe, clean energy. Click to see more pictures from the day:


Together, we made history, but it’s just the beginning. The crucial Paris climate summit is 15 months from now — that’s where we need a global deal. By March next year, countries have pledged to make their national commitments — so our movement will divide to focus on these national targets. But every few months until Paris we’ll come together globally again and again, bigger and bigger, to beat a drum for change, for 100% clean energy, that our leaders can only follow. The movement we’ve been waiting for has begun.

With gratitude,

Ricken, Emma, Alice, Iain, Nataliya, Patri, Oliver, Diego, Rewan and the whole Avaaz team

PS – We worked with thousands of organisations to make this day happen and particularly love our friends at 350. But our community deserves to celebrate the step we’ve taken. The Avaaz team and community played a central role in almost all the marches and events held. The Guardian called it “an organising triumph” for Avaaz and the BBC said “the marches brought more people on to the streets than ever before, thanks to the organisational power of the social media site Avaaz.” We fielded hundreds of organisers and thousands of volunteers, and donations from our community provided millions in funding to the effort. The challenges of our time call us to be better, and together we’ve done that, growing and changing into a new and more effective kind of movement, a movement that is now both online, and offline. Huge gratitude to everyone who made it happen. 

Webinar: Do you know the impact of the Supreme Court’s decisions on women?

National Women’s Law Center
Hobby Lobby. McCullen. Young?

If you’re a Supreme Court watcher, you probably know the first two are recent Supreme Court decisions of particular importance to women. But do you know about the third case, coming up next?

The Supreme Court and WomenRegister for ourwebinar today and find out what the Supreme Court’s recent decisions and upcoming cases could mean for women’s health and economic security.Register Now

In its past term, the Supreme Court issued two rulings (Hobby Lobby v. Burwell and McCullen v. Coakley) that could potentially have a significant impact on both women’s health and women’s economic security. Although the legal issues in these cases differed, in both of its decisions the Court indicated that women’s reproductive health needs could be singled out for lesser legal protections.

Will the trend continue this Supreme Court term? The Court has already decided to hear the pregnancy discrimination case (Young v. UPS), and may see another contraceptive coverage case before the term is out.

Join our webinar on Thursday, October 2 at 1:00 p.m. ET to learn more about the new term and what Court’s decisions last term tell us about it.

Thanks for everything you do for women.

Emily J. Martin
Vice President and General Counsel
National Women’s Law Center

Judy Waxman
Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights
National Women’s Law Center