“people are waiting for aid not for more weapons



Over the weekend, I received a message from one of my interpreters, a Yazidi from Northern Iraq, that I had to share. The English is obviously quite broken, but I hope you’ll read it and sign our petition to Congress urging them to OPPOSE sending arms to the Syrian rebels.

“cant belive that american are sending weapon to guys are using it to kill my familly who are still trying to defence tgeresef on sinjare mount after i serve the american troops as terp for more than seven years starting 2003 […] if you really care about me and my familly and my peole stop it dont let it happened i serve truley with your guys dont send weapon to kill my daughter wich carry your name”

“my familly were so happy last few days cause i told them that my friends are coming to save us from isis […] then cant tell them they are giving weaon to them do my familly deserve to be killed by your weapon after all my services to american troops for more than seven years please dont do that my familly are still stuck in sinjar mount hungry and thirst old people are waiting for aid not for more weapon to the terrores no different syrian rebels are same isis”

For his safety, I removed information about where he served and who he served with. But his message is clear: after years of service to our country, he is terrified that the weapons we’re considering sending into Syria will be used against him, and his family, in Iraq.

VoteVets cannot support sending arms to Syrian rebels that many reports continue to suggest are still fighting alongside some of the same groups we fought against in Iraq, and are even reportedly entering into truces with ISIS.

It’s time to stand up to John McCain’s plan for Syria: sign our petition calling on Congress to oppose arming the Syrian rebels.

The House is set to vote as early as tomorrow. That’s why your letter is important.

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran & Chairman


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