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John Crawford, a young African American Man died for handling a bb gun sold at Walmart … Nativegrl77

Imagine a country where violent criminals, domestic abusers, and terrorists can easily get their hands on guns.

Where people can drink alcohol at a bar with a loaded handgun in their belt.

Where parents have no right to know if there is a gun in their child’s classroom.

That’s the world the NRA’s leadership is fighting for, and they just announced that they’re going to spend at least $11.4 million on political ads to make it a reality.1 If you think this vision for America is backwards and wrong, then stand with me and make a donation of $5 or more now to help defeat the NRA’s hand-picked candidates in the 2014 election.

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The NRA’s power has gone unchecked for too long. They only speak for a small group of extremists, and now they’re facing an opponent they’ve never had to face before: all of the moms, dads, and concerned citizens of this movement — including you.

The majority of Americans — including the majority of NRA members — support common-sense gun laws that can save lives. That’s why thousands of volunteers in key districts across the country will be knocking on doors and making phone calls to talk to people about voting with gun sense.

Help power grassroots efforts to win key elections by making a contribution of $5 or more now.

If we all pitch in, we can beat the NRA at the polls this year and elect leaders who will stand with us on measures to reduce gun violence in America.

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Jennifer Hoppe
Deputy Director
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

1. “NRA goes big in key Senate, governor’s races,” Politico, September 17, 2014.


Greg Abbott’s decision on chemical stockpiles …

I like to spend my days on the campaign trail.

But last night I took some time for a national TV interview to discuss Greg Abbott’s decision to keep the locations of dangerous chemical stockpiles secret from parents, and I wanted to make sure you saw.

Who are Abbott’s insiders? We now know they include the Koch family — the family of billionaires injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into this year’s elections.

Abbott got $75,000 in donations from the Koch family. Then Abbott ruled that the locations of dangerous chemical stockpiles — at least one of which is owned by a Koch company — should be hidden from the public.

These stockpiles have exploded in the past with tragic results. And when asked about releasing their location, Abbott told a reporter that if Texas families want to know where these chemical stockpiles are, they should “drive around” and “ask” each facility.

Watch the clip on the latest Abbott scandal. Then, if you can, contribute a few dollars to keep our campaign fighting back.

Greg Abbott may think his well-connected friends are more important than the safety of Texas families, but we know differently.

Thank you for taking action.




Cory Gardner and Personhood ?




Why does Greg Abbott think Ted Nugent represents Texas?

Take a moment to see Nicole’s story. Then sign up to show your support for Wendy.
If Greg Abbott thinks that Ted Nugent is an accurate representation of Texas values, he is sadly out-of-touch.

Wendy is the right choice for the women and families of Texas. Thank
you for everything you’re doing to support her in this campaign.


Elizabeth Connor

Deputy Campaign Manager, Finance

Wendy R. Davis for Governor, Inc.