A diplomacy -first option worth supporting

VoteVets.orgSince I wrote last week, over 25,000 veterans, military family members, and VoteVets supporters signed our petition calling on the Senate to vote down the Menendez-Kirk legislation designed to derail diplomatic efforts with Iran.

Good news: Thanks to grassroots pressure and a veto threat from President Obama, the bill looks destined for defeat.

What’s more, a diplomacy-first alternative has surfaced — legislation that will help deliver the final nail in the coffin for hard-liners in Iran, and here at home.

Use our “Contact Congress” tool to tell your Senators you support legislation introduced by Senators Dianne Feinstein and Chris Murphy that will keep Iran at the negotiating table and give diplomacy a real chance to succeed.

There’s no doubt, trading diplomacy for airstrikes will only delay, and assure, the arrival of an Iranian nuclear program. The only military way to stop Iranian nuclear ambitions is a full-scale ground invasion and subsequent regime change.

That’s a mission that would make the Iraq and Afghan wars look like a cakewalk.

And if Iran leaves the negotiating table or begins to operate in bad faith, then the Senate should reconsider instituting lapsed sanctions and passing new ones — that option is available.

But until then, diplomacy is our best chance of separating Iran from any nuclear ambitions.

Tell your Senators to support the Feinstein-Murphy legislation that puts diplomacy first. We have a important voice in this debate! Use it. Major General (Ret.)Paul Eaton VoteVets.org  You can do that here:



Chevron Crowned World’s Worst!

Back in 2006 Amazon Watch traveled to Davos, Switzerland to accept the Public Eye Award on behalf of Chevron. At the doors of the World Economic Forum, this shaming award was created to call out corporations responsible for the most egregious violations of human rights or the environment. Chevron won on both counts. At the time, the trial in Ecuador was still under way, but the saga of this epic pursuit for justice by the affected communities in Ecuador was already over a decade old.

Last Friday Amazon Watch returned to Davos to attend the 16th and final Public Eye Award ceremony where the international web community awarded Chevron the Lifetime Award for its disaster in Ecuador and subsequent efforts to evade responsibility. Nominees for this prestigious title were chosen from previous Public Eye recipients. Chevron was the clear “winner” however, having broken new ground in efforts to suppress free speech, attack critics and devote millions to a campaign of retaliation against its own victims.


See how far we have come on our construction

 Lonnie Bunch at the NMAAHC

The National Museum of African American History and Culture

Help us build the Museum by donating today!


With generous support from friends like you, we have passed the midpoint in the construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture!

Now we’re in the process of installing of the three-tiered “corona” that will crown the building and surround the main galleries.

Composed of 3,600 cast-aluminum panels finished in bronze-colored alloy, the architecturally-dramatic corona incorporates African and African American design elements — inspired by both slave-made New Orleans ornamental ironwork and the headdress of a caryatid, a human-shaped porch column used by the Yoruba people of southwest Nigeria and southern Benin.

Once completed, the corona will visually define the Museum inside and out. Sunlight entering through its panels will gently illuminate the Museum’s wood-covered interior walls. And at night, light reflecting off the corona’s spectacular exterior will make the Museum truly stand out on the National Mall — as it reaches to the heavens to express the faith, hope and resilience of the African American spirit.

Thanks to your commitment, we’re entering the homestretch to the Museum’s 2016 opening.

But we still need to raise $250 million from private sources to complete the building, assemble our collection of African American historical and cultural treasures, and create our opening exhibitions and other programming. And I’m counting on your continued help to make it happen.

Carmen, please consider making a special gift of $50 or more today to help meet this critical goal and ensure that the Museum opens our doors on schedule next year.

The Museum’s opening will mark an important step forward in America’s understanding of who we are as a nation and how we can build a better future together. It will be a place where ALL visitors can learn about the African American experience that is inextricably woven into the fabric of America’s history — shining a spotlight on people, achievements and events that have played such a critical role in shaping our nation, but are too often forgotten or ignored.

Thank you again for your leadership in making this important addition to our shared American heritage possible!

All the best,
Lonnie G. Bunch
Founding Director

P.S. Together, we’ve made remarkable strides toward creating a living, breathing museum that will educate all Americans about African American history and culture, while fostering understanding and reconciliation. Please help us finish the job and open the Museum on by making a generous donation today.