If the federal budget were a pie…#MomsEqualPay Twitter storm on Tuesday, May 23, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time ~ Sabrina Joy Stevens

… Trump would try to give us the burnt crust.


After seeing the Trump administration’s leaked education budget, we can’t help but imagine how Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos plans to answer for these attacks on America’s most vulnerable students.

Budget Breakdown
The Trump administration is about to formally release its full budget proposal. Based on what we’ve seen in his “Skinny Budget,” especially when considered side by side with his tax principles, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be yet another opportunity for him to promote deep cuts to essential programs for working families to make room for giant tax cuts for corporations and the uber-wealthy.

Fortunately, presidential budget frameworks are just a suggestion, not the final word on our nation’s spending. But if we’re going to keep Trump’s allies in Congress from enacting the worst of his budget, we’ve got to spread the word and make his proposals as politically toxic as possible.

Moms’ Equal Pay Day
 Moms’ Equal Pay Day, the date that represents how much further into the current year working moms must work in order to be paid the same amount working dads were paid by the end of last year. Like the other Equal Pay Days we observe throughout the year, it’s an important opportunity to raise awareness about the combination of factors that make economic justice elusive for too many women and families—and to promote policy solutions that advance equality.

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