$75,000 or $37,500?

Sage, Working Washington ~workingwa.org
— Late yesterday afternoon, L&I released “pre-draft” rules which could lead to restored overtime protections to hundreds of thousands of salaried workers in our state who haven’t been getting any extra pay for the extra hours they work over 40.But here’s the thing: they haven’t figured out just what the rules should say yet. They might make it so that every worker paid less than $75,000/year gets overtime pay when they work extra hours over 40 a week. Or they might only restore overtime rights to workers who make less than $37,500/year. And the process isn’t done yet. We expect the big business lobby groups are going to try and attack this proposal with the same old Chicken Little routine they play every time we act to raise labor standards — so we need to be ready to speak out and tell our truth!The state needs to hear from us. 
The first step: weigh in and let us know what you think! And thanks so much for everything you’ve done to get us this far. 
Now let’s bring it home!