Indigenous Blood Spilled This Indigenous Peoples Day – Will You Act?

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Their homes burned, their lands stolen, and forests razed. Oil wells and gas flares and open-pit mines and mega-dams alongside their homes against their will. And when they rise up to shout, “No more!” they are met with tear gas and violent repression.

Indigenous blood is being spilled right now on Indigenous Peoples Day. Our work together to stop these attacks and defend Mother Earth has never been more vital.

This summer in Brazil, right-wing president Bolsonaro escalated his attack on the Amazon that has led to millions of acres of burned forests and charred earth. Our climate’s future, and the homes of so many indigenous people, is going up in flames.

Right now in Ecuador, indigenous people are being brutally attacked by security forces. Hundreds have been wounded and arrested and at least five have been killed. Yet they vow to continue standing up against cruel IMF-imposed austerity measures and any further oil drilling or mining on their lands.

Our work to advance indigenous rights and to partner with groups most at risk for defending nature is urgent and effective. We have to keep it going and growing, and that’s why today we invite you to commit to it long-term. Become a monthly donor to Amazon Watch and know that your ongoing support will enable our alliances to defend the Amazon and advance indigenous rights.

Every single day we see indigenous people taking action in ways that will benefit us all. They put their lives on the line to defend Mother Earth and our global climate. On this day, we ask everyone to dig just a little bit deeper and make a year-round commitment in support of this movement and these people. We hope you choose to make this work a part of who you are, not just on Indigenous People’s Day, but every day.
Thank you!

Leila Salazar-López
Executive Director