This Black August, Gift Black Children Books That Affirm Black History and Black Brilliance!

Black stories, Black history and Black educators are under attack. Across the nation, right-wing conservatives are fighting to ban critical race theory (CRT)—an academic framework exploring racism’s role in shaping this country and its policies—from the classroom. To date, eight states have passed anti-CRT bills, and nearly 20 have introduced legislation that seeks to erase our history—Black history—from the public school curriculum.   

At Color Of Change, we resist the harmful denial of truth and believe that Black children should be empowered with knowledge about our fight for liberation—historic and ongoing. That’s why we’re partnering with Alkebu-Lan Images, the only Black-owned bookstore in Nashville that provides Black children with books that affirm Black history and Black brilliance. 

This Black August, help us purchase 500 books for Black children in states where CRT has been banned. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we educate our children about the Black revolutionaries and freedom fighters who risked life and limb to combat oppressive systems of power that corrode this country.