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How many Congressional members are women and has your state elected any? View the interactive map to see an overview of the entire country, or state-by-state information on the history of women in Congress. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find so much more to explore …





1779 – Congress creates U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

On March 11, 1779, Congress establishes the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help plan, design and prepare environmental and structural facilities for the U.S. Army. Made up of civilian workers, members of the Continental Army and French officers, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers …read more

Today, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers is made up of more than 35,000 civilian and enlisted men and women. In recent years, the Corps has worked on rebuilding projects in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the reconstruction of the city of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina

1779March 11

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Congress establishes the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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Michelle Obama … Mrs O. Style

WASHINGTON (AP) – Michelle Obama says being criticized is part of the president’s job, and she understands why her husband has been on the receiving end.

In the Library … Last Call at the Oasis, by Jessica Yu – Woman’s History Month

The Global Clean – Water Crisis

The Scientists in Jessica Yu‘s documentary, about the global clean-water crisis, say that half the world’s population will no have access to adequate drinking water by the year 2025. The documentary is deftly constructed and devastating, the film is a stunning eye opener that will at the very least, have you taking shorter showers and turning off the tap while you brush your teeth. – jg Vogue

Last Call at the Oasis ~ the Book … edited by Karl Weber  ~ the Video can be seen on youtube … Part 1 of 6 is below

Take a look at the Trailer below …


In select theaters 5/4

Developed, financed and executive produced by Participant Media, the company responsible for AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, FOOD, INC. and WAITING FOR “SUPERMAN”, LAST CALL AT THE OASIS presents a powerful argument for why the global water crisis will be the central issue facing our world this century.

Illuminating the vital role water plays in our lives, exposing the defects in the current system and depicting communities already struggling with its ill-effects, the film features activist Erin Brockovich and such distinguished experts as Peter Gleick, Alex Prud’homme, Jay Famiglietti and Robert Glennon.