public polls? are the numbers accurate?

i didn’t get polled…

i will admit i don’t put much merit into Polls because the sample could be biased … who did they call? was the average person included? what part of the country did they call and how many were republicans?

53% voted Obama into office and according to this  poll 56% give or take a -3/+3 which for me could be a plus 59/60% and the minus 53%   the very number that voted him in …          Right?

jus sayin

political action … Support Obama

is  President Obama playing it too safe?

anytime he seems to lets me know that it’s time for his Supporters to rise up … tell him to go for it …

let your state representative know we voted him in to make changes …

step over republicans and conservatives if needed… stop the slow down of important changes needed NOW !

the President is fighting numerous battles against a congress of men and women thinking only of their futures and the 2010 elections

again …

“We the People”   need to rise up and stand with him … he may be President but we need to make a conscious effort to tell our Representatives to go for it and stop being obstacles to the changes we had hope for.

WE voted for change … go for it …

the consequences ? a 2012 win for OBAMA

” We the People”  need to step up – tell Congress to Reform health-care, deal with the energy bill and implement better education choices

Sarah Palin …

far be it for me to object to the right to be pro-palin … she

is no model for me as a woman or my family choices … she professes to be for the rights of women, yet she is against providing choice which is confusing  as she subscribes to being a conservative and or republican,  is adamant about the government getting too involved, getting too big, she is against Obama but i have never heard her provide one solution to anything that i can recall. …  her own personal situation goes against how she feels and wants Americans to live …  to be sure she made us all aware of her families ties … in fact i remember her family and their issues more than anything she has ever said concerning foreign policy, education or health-care, as a matter of fact when she did tv interviews, i was very embarrassed for her…  in my opinion she sounded as if she absolutely knew and still knows nothing about foreign policy, has no respect for our environment and would like to drill baby drill… she was not only NOT ready for the VP race she was definitely unqualified and has no substance.

jus sayin

MSNBC lineup… or just a sad joke?

i am just one of several million who watch MSNBC on mainstream tv(nbc) cable and on-line …


i— would like to ask for a ” call to action” a massive email, twitter, facebook whatever to get the line-up of … reporters? changed

give tamron hall and david shuster more time and  less time to the morning giggle crew after morning joe …

they have— on several occasions proved to me to be less than worthy.    i love a good laugh but when the secret laughs or secret comments interfere with the news  story … you have to wonder

there are many qualified reporters … tamron hall and david shuster are good reporters maybe better than contessa and her morning friends …

i stopped watching morn joe … it’s too relaxed, somewhat cynical and whole lot of jaded behavior going on … there are many unemployed people in the US and while cable news among other things lacks discipline … most of us like news we can actually use… i had to turn the channel

i vote to keep the giggle crew on in the morning but give david shuster and  tamron hall more time to do the real news .


NEWS alert *** lol

for those who didn’t know,  MSNBC hired Dylan Ratigan formerly with CNBC for the 9-11am set… 2 hours?  hardly an improvement

CW cancels ‘The Game” and Everybody hates Chris”

Is The Game Over for Black Television?

Protesters be damned, the CW is still trashing The Game and Everybody Hates Chris. Brace yourselves for a Tyler Perry existence.

  • By: Erin Evans | Posted: June 3, 2008 at 6:24 AM

Fans of The Game have been all over the Internet for the past several months, trying to save the canceled CW show with online petitions, Tweets, Facebook-status dedications and e-mail chains lamenting the show’s unceremonious demise. In an effort to save the show, the cast recorded a YouTube video, Change the Game Campaign, to get fans to blow up the message boards on

To capitalize on the uproar, BET last week aired an eight-hour The Game marathon. I took the bait and ended up having a two-hour Tweetfest with friends, debating our favorite episodes and characters.

But the save The Game campaign isn’t just about missing its snappy one-liners. The recent cancellation of The Game and the also popular Everybody Hates Chris has drastically reduced the number of black faces on network television. It’s as if network producers have decided that only Tyler Perry’s brand of pandering, lowest-common-denominator blackness is fit for prime time.

my response to this 2008 article …

it’s  still relavant … Afro-American faces are far and few on (mainsteam tv) and as the new 2009 season starts we can look forward to Hawthorne with Jada P smith (cable) … hopefully more shows will be included … we have to commend Tyler P for keeping Black actors employed… in 2008,  while most Black Shows were being dropped he was going strong … to be continued …

we need to write letters to get more Afro-Americans on Mainstream tv …

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