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Help protect the public from toxic air pollution ~~ a repost from 2011

Toxic air pollutants from power plantsmercury, lead, arsenic, and others—are linked to health problems such as cancer, heart disease, neurological damage, birth defects, asthma attacks, and even premature death. Mercury, for example, is a potent neurotoxin that poses a threat to fetal and infant brain development. And coal plants are far and away the greatest source of mercury air emissions in the United States.

Shockingly, there are currently no national limits on the amount of mercury and other toxic pollutants that power plants can spew into the environment. This gap in our public health protections is all the more disturbing since the Clean Air Act required the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to start regulating toxic pollutants more than two decades ago. Thankfully, in mid-March, the agency finally proposed a mercury and air toxics rule, which will limit hazardous air pollution from coal- and oil-fired power plants.

Even though the new standards are affordable and would deliver enormous health benefits, some energy companies and their allies in Congress are already working to block or weaken them.

The EPA is now accepting comments on its proposed mercury and air toxics rule. The agency needs to hear from concerned citizens like you, who want a strong rule that protects the public from these dangerous pollutants.

Take Action Today!


Kate Abend

National Field Organizer

UCS Climate and Energy Program

the Fight for Climate Change

Today, President Obama announced his plan to combat climate change. The plan isn’t perfect (nuclear power isn’t part of a responsible solution, and “clean coal” is a myth), but it contains many important steps.

Most importantly, the plan calls for the regulation of carbon emissions from U.S. power plants and an end to U.S. support for new coal plants overseas. These are monumental steps in the right direction.




With the president’s leadership—and our support—we can continue to develop solutions that will protect our health, create jobs, cut energy costs for families and businesses, and give us cleaner, safer energy.

So, we need your help. Send a letter to the  president today!

-The Earth Day Network Team


With the president’s leadership—and our support—we can continue to develop solutions that will protect our health, create jobs, cut energy costs for families and businesses, and give us cleaner, safer energy.

So, we need your help. Send a letter to the  president today!

-The Earth Day Network Team

Will they listen to what the science says?

Union of Concerned Scientists

For decades, coal dominated American energy. Now that’s beginning to change.

With many of the oldest, dirtiest coal-fired power plants due for retirement, our nation is at a crossroads: do we invest in renewable energy, or do we keep generating electricity by burning fossil fuels that are not only expensive but threaten our planet?1

We’ve launched a campaign to make sure we head down the right path. Our groundbreaking Ripe for Retirement report identified 353 of the worst, most out-of-date coal-fired plants, and since its publication, 45 of the plants we named have been slated for closure!

We’ve mobilized thousands of UCS supporters to contact key power companies, urging them to switch to cleaner, renewable sources of energy. It’s working, but we’ve got to do more. With over 300 plants left to close, we can’t let up.


The fossil-fuel industry wants you to think that wind and solar aren’t dependable or economical, but we know the truth: renewable energy is already powering homes and businesses across the country—and we’ve only just begun to see the benefits.2

With your support, we’ll move past fossil fuels to a clean energy future. Together, we can make clean energy a reality by:

  • Protecting and expanding state-based clean energy policies. We’re inspiring voters and lawmakers to support requirements that utility companies generate a certain amount of their electricity from renewable sources. Since March, we’ve delivered 40,000 letters to over 4,000 state lawmakers nationwide!
  • Building momentum to cut the nation’s projected oil use in half. We’ve developed a realistic, science-based plan that shows how we can cut our dependency on oil in half in just 20 years. Now we’re getting thousands of people working to support our strategies—meeting with concerned citizens and officials, producing videos and webinars, and mobilizing scientists to educate the public and policy makers.
  • Fighting to make nuclear power safer. In March, we released our latest nuclear safety assessment while Congress began working on a comprehensive nuclear safety bill. Dozens of news outlets across the country covered it, ensuring that lawmakers heard about the critical issues at stake.

We’re building momentum for a clean energy future—the wind is at our backs. The question is: will we forge ahead with science, or accept the misleading claims that fossil fuels can’t be beat? It’s up to us, Carmen, and we can’t turn back now.


When we work together, we get tough things done. We’ve won critical whistleblower protections for government scientists, helped craft game-changing vehicle emissions standards, and pushed companies like Pfizer to stop funding the anti-science Heartland Institute.

I hope you’ll stand with us today so we can pull out all the stops to win this next fight.

Sincerely, Kevin Knobloch President

1. http://www.forbes.com/sites/kensilverstein/2013/03/13/coal-to-gas-moves-are-generating-economic-waves 2. http://www.ucsusa.org/clean_energy/smart-energy-solutions/increase-renewables/ramping-up-renewable-energy-sources.html

Union of Concerned Scientists

Have you seen our latest report? It documents precisely how some of the nation’s top energy companies—such as ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips—have managed to stall progress on national legislation to rein in global warming emissions by inserting large amounts of money and misinformation into government policy making and politics.

“There isn’t any real science to say we are altering the climate path of the earth.” —Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO)

You can help end the disinformation on global warming.

Together, we can fight back against efforts to undermine our democratic system. Join us, and become a full member of the Union of Concerned Scientists today.


The report’s findings are truly eye opening, even for people like me who work on these issues every day. Consider, for instance, that: The 28 companies we investigated spent more than $300 million lobbying Congress in the run up to possible climate legislation; Koch Industries alone has spent more than $55 million since 1997 to misrepresent climate science or oppose safeguards to rein in global warming emissions; and The oil company ConocoPhillips has backed the campaigns of anti-climate candidates for Congress by a ratio of more than 15 to 1 over candidates who have supported science-based climate policies.

The numbers might sound discouraging, but while companies like these have money and influence with people in Washington, we have two ingredients on our side that they don’t: rock-hard scientific evidence and support from people like you.

Become a full member of UCS and make a vital contribution to the fight for a healthy environment and a safer world.


UCS is working to reduce global warming emissions by accelerating the transition away from dirty coal-fired power plants and oil-reliant vehicles, building support for stronger power plant emissions standards, and working at the state and federal level to increase use of clean, renewable energy.

But oil companies and corporate lobbyists continue to attack these critical efforts to protect our health and environment. That’s why we really need your help more than ever. Please become a member of UCS today.

Thanks in advance. And welcome aboard!




Kevin Knobloch President


P.S. Remember, when you give to the Union of Concerned Scientists, you join a team more than 400,000 strong from all walks of life—scientists, teachers, business people, parents, engineers, and many other actively engaged citizens—working together to build a healthier environment and a safer world.

Nearly 2million public comments in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Carbon Pollution Standard

Center for American Progress Action Fund

 First Posted on 6/15Friends,

Make Your Voice Heard!

An unprecedented event has occurred in the fight for cleaner air. This week, a broad coalition of environmental public health, and progressive organizations supporting clean air safeguards announced that they have collected nearly two million public comments in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Carbon Pollution Standard, which limits industrial carbon pollution from new power plants.
Make your voice heard! Join us and say “yes” to a healthier future for our children and our planet.Never before in history have so many Americans voiced their support for a healthier, cleaner future – but we still need your voice to make sure that the final version of the rule is as strong as possible, and that the attacks from corporate polluters are drowned out.
Every year, coal-fired power plants spew over two billion tons of carbon carbon and other toxic pollutants into the air —nearly 13,000 pounds for every man, woman, and child in the United States.
Carbon dioxide pollution is a greenhouse gas that leads to climate change. One of the consequences of climate change is more smog, which harms human health. Smog irritates the lungs, spurring respiratory ailments and sparking asthma attacks. Children, seniors, and those with respiratory diseases are most vulnerable to harm from smog. A National Research Council study placed the health costs from coal-electricity generation, including a rise in respiratory illnesses, at $62 billion annually.
With the proposed standard, though, a typical new coal-fired power plant would have to reduce its carbon pollution by 40 percent to 60 percent.
Now is the time for action! Send the EPA a public comment and let them know that you support cleaner power and cleaner air.
Thank you for taking action!
Daniel J. Weiss Senior Fellow and Director of Climate Strategy Center for American Progress Action Fund
P.S. Thank you if you have already sent the EPA your comments in support of the carbon pollution standard. Please forward this to friends and family to urge that they join you.

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