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RE: I lost my son to childhood cancer

Petitioning President of the United States, Donald Trump

Turn the White House ‘Gold’ for kids with cancer

Petition by Roya Giordano
Leesburg, Virginia
Did you know that every 2 minutes, a child somewhere in the world is diagnosed with Pediatric cancer? A normal childhood comes to a halt for these kids. And each day in the U.S., 7 families have to bury their brave, beloved children who’ve lost the fight.

I was one of those people, losing my beautiful, brave son Mathias to cancer.

Childhood Cancer Awareness month is coming this September. I’m asking the President of the United States to light the White House Gold, for one night, to show support for the kids fighting the battle of their lives. It will help us remember the children who’ve lost their battles with cancer — children like my son Mathias. Will you help me?

The White House has been lighted up to recognize cancer and significant milestones in the past. Seeing the people’s house lit up is a moving experience, one shared across social media and on the news. More importantly, it shows kids fighting cancer they are not alone and their country supports.

Please sign and share this petition telling our President to turn the White House gold for all the children battling cancer across our nation today.

#TeamMathias #MathiasStrong


After triple murder (including an infant), Kansas City mayor GOES OFF on need for gun control


















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6,000 transportation and hospitality workers to earn a living wage ~~ The other Washington

mapofWashingtonstateDid you know that the fight for a living wage is taking place right here in Washington state?

While fast food workers across the nation are demanding higher wages, Proposition 1, the Good Jobs Initiative, will be on the November ballot in SeaTac.

It will enable more than 6,000 transportation and hospitality workers to earn a living wage and enjoy common sense benefits, like paid sick leave.

Two weeks ago, 20 elected Democrats, including Rep. Adam Smith and King County Executive Dow Constantine, endorsed a Yes vote on SeaTac Proposition 1.

The Yes for SeaTac campaign needs our help. Can you knock on doors and help spread the word about SeaTac Proposition 1?

What: Yes for SeaTac’s Democrats Weekend!
When: October 12th or 13th, 9am-5pm
Where: Riverton United Methodist Church
3118 S 140th St. Tukwila

Yes, I can help

SeaTac Proposition 1 is endorsed by community organizations, faith groups, and labor unions.

Prop 1:

provides up to 5 days of paid sick leave for full-time airport employees, preventing the spread of dangerous disease and keeping our families and community safe.

incentivizes airport-related businesses to employ full time workers, creating jobs our neighbors can count on to make ends meet.

requires SeaTac hotels and hotel restaurants to do the right thing and give tips and service charges to the employees who perform the actual services.

ensures that SeaTac residents employed at and around the airport can receive a living wage of $15, helping them make ends meet.

exempts small businesses in SeaTac. Prop 1 specifically exempts SeaTac restaurants, grocery stores, and all other small businesses.

Stand with SeaTac workers and sign up to help the Yes for SeaTac campaign today.


Jaxon Ravens
Executive Director
Washington State Democrats

BioMarin said No to her friend with Cancer

The first thing I have to say is thank you. More than 140,00 people — including you — have signed my petition to help save the life of my friend Andrea Sloan.

Andrea is in desperate need of a new cancer drug made by pharmaceutical company BioMarin, but they say she’s “not eligible” for any of their current trials. Andrea needs access to the drug under a “compassionate use” program, and because of our petition, it’s looking like that could really happen.

Just last week, a leaked internal email from BioMarin proved that they are taking this petition seriously and really considering helping Andrea.

Now is the time to turn up the pressure on BioMarin. Can you share my petition on Facebook to help it gain more signatures and momentum?

We are so close to getting Andrea the medicine she needs. She has dedicated her life to helping others — I know we can do what it takes to help her.

Thank you,

Carol Carter
Lake Dallas, TX

P.S. Have you seen this video that Andrea made explaining compassionate use? Click here to watch, and feel free to share that as well!

Something Big’s Happening


The White House, Washington

Starting October 1st, Americans will have access to the Health Insurance Marketplace — a new, simpler way to compare plans and purchase health insurance — all in one place. The Marketplace will be run in partnership with states or fully by HHS in 36 states. In these 36 states, consumers will have a choice of 53 health plans on average, and young adults will have even more low-cost options.

In partnership with HealthCare.gov, we’ve created a map to help you explore a summary of the choices and premiums expected to be available on October 1st.

See the map and learn more about the Marketplace.

Health Insurance Marketplace Map


Delivering on the Affordable Care Act: Marketplace Premiums Lower than Expected

At the center of the Affordable Care Act is the premise that we need to make health care more affordable and accessible for more Americans, and a new report released today demonstrates just how affordable insurance will be. The report, released by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), finds that in state after state, affordable options will be available through the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2014.


President Obama Discusses the Prospects for Progress at the United Nations General Assembly

Yesterday, President Obama delivered a speech at UNGA — the United Nations General Assembly — in New York City. The President expressed optimism at the prospects for diplomacy in solving a range of long-simmering conflicts across the globe.


In Case You Missed It: President Obama at Kansas City Ford Plant: Congress Needs to Do Its Job

Last Friday, President Obama delivered remarks at a suburban Kansas City, MO Ford Motor Co. stamping plant — a plant that recently had to bring on a shift of 900 workers to keep up with the demand for the new F-150.