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Giving Thanks …

Thanksgiving turkey video

There are so many things to be thankful for –

being alive …

having children who are very much alive, well, and feisty as ever.

 We should all be thankful for life, liberty, laughter, love, and that we are all still able to share, be mindful of those who have less.

Happy Thanksgiving … 

Imagine a World with NO Nukes & NO Chemical Weapons … that respects ethics while putting legacy land religion and greed aside for the prosperity for their next generation

and No Covid19 … world goals

 ~ Nativegrl77

Help us give the gift of life


Thank you for your support this year. Because of you we are closer to metting our goal of planting ten million trees within the next five years.


In the new year, you can give the gift of a sustainable future by donating to plant trees in the world’s poorest communities.

Trees bring joy and festivity into people’s homes, it’s a symbol of new life.

But for many people, trees aren’t just about joy and celebration. They’re about providing food for their children, securing their land from erosion and feeding their livestock. They’re about providing long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

Each dollar you donate will help plant one tree.

Now, through Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project, you can even donate to plant a plot of trees in someone’s name and send it as a gift.

Your gift will help people and the planet we share.

Give the gift of trees today! 

-The Earth Day Network Team

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This holiday season, let’s fix our kids’ schools

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This holiday season, Earth Day Network is working to protect over 50 million children at our nation’s K-12 schools, and we are asking for your help.

Studies prove that a green and healthy school means higher test scores, less violence, high teacher retention, fewer sick days, and children who are more optimistic about life.   That’s why Earth Day Network has made a commitment to green every school in America.
In 2014, with your generous donation, we will:

  • Install solar on thousands of schools to reduce energy; teach kids about green technologies; and reduce schools’ energy bills.
  • Bring healthier foods to hundreds of low-income school districts and work with their parents and communities to ensure that our kids are eating right every day.
  • Bring environmental and civic education to thousands of schools to teach our kids about the challenges and opportunities that climate change and other environmental issues present.

We’re working in cities and towns across the US to build cleaner, greener, more efficient schools and we need your help. For every dollar you donate Earth Day Network will work around the clock to make sure our children inherit the future they deserve.
Thank you for your support! Happy holidays from Earth Day Network.
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Last week Chairman Brock asked NAACP supporters to share with us what they are thankful for this year.

So what do you get when you put all those responses together? A wonderful expression of all the incredible work we are a part of and the amazing families and friends we are blessed to have in our lives.
Share this graphic of what we are thankful for—created by the words of NAACP supporters, for NAACP supporters—with everyone you know today:Share on Facebook
Share our word cloudThank you. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with safe travels and full stomachs.

Lorraine C. Miller
Interim President and CEO

Rainforest Action Network

With Earth Day only a couple of weeks away, many of us are taking a moment to reflect upon the state of the planet. Let’s see here: nuclear meltdown, continued drilling in the Gulf, ever shrinking forests all over the world. Ugh. We can’t deny it looks pretty depressing.

That’s why, when the going gets tough on the environment, the tough get actors…and Girl Scouts! That’s right. Entertainers and intrepid young activists can be just the inspiration we need during the darkest of times. Sometimes you gotta go big. Enjoy.

Table of Contents

1.Mountaintop Removal: An American Tragedy

2.Born To Be Wild 3D with Morgan Freeman

3.Rainforest Hero Badge for Girl Scouts

4.Vote for RAN!

5.You Be the Judge

6.RAN Earth Day Poster Contest

7.A (Mr.) Big Cup of Tea


Mountaintop Removal: An American Tragedy

With the generous help of actress Susan Sarandon, RAN is issuing a major wake up call about mountaintop removal for everyone still unaware of its tragic effects. Please watch and share this incredible video with everyone in your life who may not yet know about what’s happening in Appalachia. To share it with the CEOs of banks still funding MTR, Take Action below. http://salsa.wiredforchange.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=9LtARQ%2Fq9hTacIqS7AB99tTC6ssp7cWk


Born To Be Wild 3D

Morgan Freeman narrates the uplifting tale of orphan baby orangutans on their journey from ravaged forests, to rehabilitation, and back into the wild. Shot in breathtaking IMAX 3D, Born To Be Wild takes you right into the heart of Indonesia’s rainforests with Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas and a cast of incredibly charming creatures that even the most cynical curmudgeons (even those at Cargill) will not be able to resist.



Rainforest Hero Badge for Girl Scouts

Over the last two weeks,10,000 of you have signed our petition to the CEO of Girl Scouts USA asking her to get rainforest-destroying palm oil out of Girl Scout cookies. We’re off to a great start! Now we need your help to create a sea change from within. We’ve created a special limited edition renegade Rainforest Hero Badge, that Girl Scouts can earn using our new toolkit. Please share this with the Girl Scouts in your life!



RAN Earth Day Poster Contest

ATTN: Teachers and Students. How are you celebrating Earth Day in your classroom? Not sure yet? Join RAN and Tiki the Tiny Tiger for our annual Earth Day Poster Contest



Vote for RAN!

RAN is excited to be on the CREDO ballot for 2011. The more votes we get, the bigger the donation we receive, so we need your help! Voting is easy—just go to credomobile.com/ballot and cast your ballot for RAN. Not a CREDO member? No problem! Simply take an online action at credoaction.com first and then cast your vote.



You Be the Judge

Chevron has found a U.S. federal judge who is a little too willing to help the company launch counter-attacks against Ecuadoreans suing Chevron for environmental and cultural damages in the Amazon. Let CEO John Watson know that shady and abusive legal tactics won’t change the facts that Chevron is guilty.



A (Mr.) Big Cup of Tea

This Earth Day, actor, RAN supporter and tea enthusiast Chris Noth is launching a new tangerine green tea called “Sweet Florida Dream.” As part of LOVA Tea’s Charity Collection, the sales of the tea will be benefiting Rainforest Action Network. Thanks Big!