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Giving Thanks …

Thanksgiving turkey video

There are so many things to be thankful for –

being alive …

having children who are very much alive, well, and feisty as ever.

 We should all be thankful for life, liberty, laughter, love, and that we are all still able to share, be mindful of those who have less.

Happy Thanksgiving … 

Imagine a World with NO Nukes & NO Chemical Weapons … that respects ethics while putting legacy land religion and greed aside for the prosperity for their next generation

and No Covid19 … world goals

 ~ Nativegrl77

Our Purpose … a message from kathleen Rogers

climate deniers in the House worked long hours loading a spending bill with amendments to weaken the EPA, block regulation of mountaintop removal, and stymie the federal climate research program. Even scarier, the bill was passed.

Clearly, the political winds are changing. So is our climate, and the reckless antics of Congress speak to the need for broad-based action to defend our environment.

Ironically, the House just gave us a perfect lead-in to Earth Day 2011. This year, Earth Day is themed after A Billion Acts of Green – our campaign to generate acts of environmental service and promote Earth Day events worldwide. Our goal is to reach a Billion Acts by the Rio Earth Summit: an environmental statement no one could ignore. Especially the climate deniers in Washington.

We need you to get involved! Join A Billion Acts of Green in honor of Earth Day 2011: organize a local event or pledge an Act of Green – starting with a phone call to your members of Congress demanding that they stop threatening to block the EPA.

Billion Acts of Green is our strategy to make Earth Day 2011 a success on the ground. We created a new community-powered website filled with ideas for simple things you can do to make a difference. We created easy-to-follow guidebooks for event organizers. Getting involved is easy or multifaceted: it’s really your choice.

Already, Our community has generated over forty-five million acts, but we need your contribution to take Billion Acts of Green to the next level.

Join us today – register an event or pledge an Act of Green on our website. Together, we will build the largest environmental service and advocacy project in the world.

Thank you for taking action, we can’t wait to credit your Acts of Green.

Kathleen Rogers

President, Earth Day Network

P.S. You can also do your part by supporting The Canopy Project. For every dollar you donate, we will plant a tree in one of many areas where they are needed most. Each tree you plant is an Act of Green!