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SeattleWAthumbpixsThe Primary Election is on August 6th, and you should receive your ballot by early next week.

Click here for endorsements for your Primary ballot.

Our endorsements include positions on Initiative 522 and important races for positions in city and county government. While there is no race as high profile as the race for President, the outcome of this election will have a direct impact on your daily life.

Primary Elections typically have low turnout, which is why it is so important that informed Democrats like you vote. We ask that you make your voice heard. Because of the low turnout, your vote will make a critical difference in these races!

Find Democratic Party endorsements, and mail your ballot by August 6th.

If you don’t receive your ballot or have any other voting questions, contact your County Auditor.

Thank you for voting!

Jaxon Ravens
Executive Director
Washington State Democrat

We Need Another Democrat

Tomorrow’s Political Cartoon?

I’m trying my best. But there is a limit to what I can accomplish when there are 232 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives (a/k/a “the Comatose Caucus”) and only 201 Democrats.

If we’re going to win more votes, and pass more good bills, then we need more Democrats. Democracy is like that.

Tomorrow, there is a special election in South Carolina to replace Tim Scott, who was the last remaining African-American Republican in the House. (There are 42 African-American Democrats in the House.) The Republican nominee is former Governor Sanford. The Democratic nominee is Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Despite the fact that President Obama lost this district last year by 18 points, in the latest poll, the two candidates are only one point apart.

I’m not going to make fun of Governor Sanford. That’s just too easy.

Nor am I going to ask you to support Colbert Busch because her brother is Stephen Colbert of the Comedy Central Channel. By the same token, I will not ask you to support Warren Beatty for Congress just because his sister is Shirley MacLaine. Same thing with Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. Also Peter Graves and James Arness. And Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine.

I could ask you to support Colbert Busch because, according to one report, she is pro-choice, she backs marriage equality, and she supports immigration reform. So I could ask you to support her without feeling my gorge rise. But I won’t do it for that reason alone.

No, I’m going to ask you to support her campaign because the last thing that we need in the U.S. House of Representatives right now is another Republican. And the thing that we do need is more Democrats. Seventeen more Democrats, to be exact.

We’ve established a contribution page to help her campaign. Click here, etc., etc. Let’s take back the House.


Rep. Alan Grayson

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a message from Paul Begala … Stand Up For President Obama

Contribute now to Stop the Radical Republican Agenda

Help us reach 100,000 supporters in May fighting back against Republicans‘ radical agenda and supporting President Obama in 2012.

Contribute before the May Federal Election Commission deadline Midnight Tonight and a group of committed Democrats will match your gift 2-to-1.

The average gift today is $30.51

I’m sick and tired of these downright deceptive Republican attacks.

So here’s the plan: we’re going to call out their lies, hold Republicans nationwide accountable for their radical records, re-elect President Obama, and back him up with a Democratic Majority.

Does that sound good? Well then we need you with us.

Whether or not you’ve already given, President Obama needs your help right now so Democrats can go toe-to-toe with the Republicans and their Super PAC allies.

So do your part right now. Pitch in $3 or more today:




Republicans are introducing and passing laws that make voting more difficult for everyone — especially for minorities, young voters,&seniors

DemocratsFriend —

Dorothy Cooper was born before women or African Americans in our country could exercise the right to vote. She grew up in a Jim Crow-divided South, and saw the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

Dorothy is 96 years old. In 70 years, she’s missed just one election. And she’s never had a problem voting — until this year.

Why? Because in more than 40 states, including Tennessee, where Dorothy lives, Republicans are introducing and passing laws that make voting more difficult for everyone — especially for minorities, young voters, and seniors.
We’re fighting back — and you can help. Please donate whatever you can to support Democrats and help fund the work we’re doing to beat back voter suppression efforts — one state legislature at a time.

I head up our voter protection team, and we have folks digging in on these suppression efforts every day. We’re spreading the word when new laws are introduced so we can be in a better position to fight them — and for those areas where laws have already been passed, we’re arming people with the information they need to make sure they can still vote on Election Day.

And we can win these fights:

Earlier this fall, thousands of folks in Ohio fought a GOP-led initiative to severely restrict early voting. They collected hundreds of thousands of signatures to enact a “citizens’ veto” and prevent the law from going into effect. As a result, more than 500,000 people were able to cast a ballot in the elections there this past November, and Ohio voters will be able to vote early in the 2012 election.
That’s not a victory for Democrats: It’s a victory for our democracy. Help support Democrats and our team’s work to beat back voter suppression.

GOP leaders have actually said themselves: They do better when fewer people show up to vote.

That’s why these efforts are no coincidence. They’re making voting more difficult, on purpose, and if enough people don’t step up, they’ll keep getting away with it.

Republicans’ suppression efforts go beyond the standard Democrat-versus-Republican back and forth. They are an affront to our democracy — plain and simple.

It is absolutely ridiculous that in Texas you can now vote with a gun license but not a student ID. Or that many of these GOP mandates exclude government-issued veterans ID cards, making it more difficult for our vets to vote.

Or that someone like Dorothy Cooper can show up at her local DMV with her birth certificate, voter registration card, and numerous other residency and identity documents and still be denied the state ID card that Republicans have said she needs in order to vote in her state.

But that is what is happening right now.

If that infuriates you, as it does so many other Americans who are learning more about these laws every day, there’s something you can do right now.
Help us keep up the fight by donating to support Democrats and the work we’re doing to push back on laws that keep people out, and double down on efforts to bring more people in:



Will Crossley
Counsel and Voter Protection Director
Democratic National Committee

Our Election Protection Project is up and running

“The Speaker of the [New Hampshire] State House was notoriously caught on tape telling a Tea Party group that he supported the bill because students tend to vote Democratic.”
— Report, Brennan Center for Justice


Republican strategists think that Democrats can’t win if they cripple our voter registration activity; if students, minorities, and working Americans aren’t allowed to cast ballots, and if they can disqualify 5 million Americans from voting.

That’s why the Koch brothers and their corporate allies are backing a coordinated effort to manipulate the rules in 2012.  Their plan for taking the Senate and the White House is simple: Force us to fight with one hand tied behind our backs.

Republicans are hitting us where it hurts, trying to cut the legs out from under the grassroots organizing that has helped Democrats win close, tough races for years.  With 23 seats to defend — and Republicans needing only four to take the majority — this is a serious threat.

Our Election Protection Project is up and running — challenging the legality of these voter suppression tactics and expanding our turnout program to account for the new rules. But we need to raise $100,000 before midnight Sunday. Can you chip in $5 right now to help us fight back?

It’s no accident that these new laws — making it harder to register new voters, cutting back on early voting that allows working Americans to cast their ballots, even specifically targeting students and minorities — are aimed at disenfranchising Democrats.

And it’s no accident that Republicans are targeting states like Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia — presidential battlegrounds with marquee Senate races in 2012.

The powerful, corporate-backed, right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is pulling the strings here.  And they know exactly what they’re doing.  If their voter suppression can push the four states I just mentioned into the GOP column, they take the Senate.  And the states they’ve targeted could swing more than enough electoral votes to take the White House.

Our Election Protection Project is our best chance to stop this voter suppression campaign and make sure 2012 is a fair fight — but we must reach our goal by midnight Sunday. Can you help by sending a $5 contribution right now to help us reach $100,000?

Early grassroots support has made it possible for us to fight back, formally asking the Department of Justice to step in and researching every possible way to stop these rules from taking effect.  But we can’t keep up the fight if we can’t fund this project.

And with so much at stake in 2012, the truth is that we have to find a way to win whether it’s a fair fight or not.  We’re going to have to work that much harder to bring voters to the polls despite the Republicans’ voter suppression program.  It’s going to be harder.  It’s going to be more expensive.  We’re going to have to ask more of you.

Please don’t sit on the sidelines.  Help us fight back by funding our Election Protection Project today.

Thank you,

Guy Cecil

P.S.: If we can’t meet our goal by Sunday night, we can’t continue to fight back against the GOP plan to suppress the vote in 2012.  Please help by sending $5 right now.