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a message from Paul Begala … Stand Up For President Obama

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Help us reach 100,000 supporters in May fighting back against Republicans‘ radical agenda and supporting President Obama in 2012.

Contribute before the May Federal Election Commission deadline Midnight Tonight and a group of committed Democrats will match your gift 2-to-1.

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I’m sick and tired of these downright deceptive Republican attacks.

So here’s the plan: we’re going to call out their lies, hold Republicans nationwide accountable for their radical records, re-elect President Obama, and back him up with a Democratic Majority.

Does that sound good? Well then we need you with us.

Whether or not you’ve already given, President Obama needs your help right now so Democrats can go toe-to-toe with the Republicans and their Super PAC allies.

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Campaign 2012 – Barack and Biden

DCCC Campaign Plan 2012

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Because of your unprecedented support, we’ve put 75 Republican seats in play — and we’re not done yet. We need to win 25 seats on Election Day – 25 weeks from today – to win a Democratic Majority in the House.
If not, it’ll be 2 more years of these radical Republicans obstructing President Obama’s agenda.

Check out our 2012 Campaign Plan, then sign up to volunteer today!

Download a PDF of the campaign plan here: http://dccc.org/Campaign-Plan-PDF

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Whether it’s talking to your neighbors, sharing the facts on Facebook or Twitter, or making phone calls across the country, we rely on your grassroots activism.

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Four Senate seats are all that stand between our nation moving forward or falling back.

Four Senate seats are all that stand between our nation moving forward or falling back.

From my seat, I see President Obama and my Democratic colleagues working hard every day to do right by our families, communities and future. Across the aisle, extremist Republicans will stop at nothing to stand in our way.

The Democratic Senate is the firewall against their radical ideas. We have 23 seats to defend in 2012. Republicans have only 10. If they gain four seats, Mitch McConnell would be Majority Leader. Legislation from the House would sail through the Senate. President Obama’s agenda would end.

We can stop them. But I need your help to protect our Senate firewall. The DSCC already hit its monthly goal, but we need to keep on going. Please help us raise another $40,000 by our midnight FEC deadline. Fully 90 percent of our donations come from grassroots supporters who want to see our president succeed and know we can’t move forward by pedaling backward.


Click here to give $5 or more to the DSCC. Help us raise another $40,000 by midnight tonight to start building the campaign infrastructure needed to defend our Democratic firewall!

It seems early. It is early. But it’s never too early when the margin is this slim and the stakes are this high.

GOP-aligned outside groups are already raking in cash from corporations and billionaires thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. We can fight them, but we need your help.

A net gain of only 4 seats, and they’ll be in power. And we know what that would look like. Take a look at the U.S. House!

Radical Republicans are trying to derail the president’s jobs agenda, unravel our social safety net, and launch the biggest, most outrageous attack on women’s rights and health in modern history.

Four seats are all that stand between their agenda – and our agenda. Will you stand with me and support the DSCC? Our Democratic firewall depends on the grassroots. It depends on you!

Click here to give $5 or more to the DSCC. Help us raise another $40,000 by midnight tonight to recruit strong candidates, build wining campaigns and defend our Democratic firewall!


Four seats. My Democratic colleagues and I are counting on your support to help us keep our majority and continue moving our nation forward. Thank you so much for standing with us.

Sen. Patty Murray