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Who supports workplace equality? Before you shop, read this …

Some businesses support LGBT workplace equality – and some don’t.

Which ones do you want to support when you’re out shopping around town?

With our new 2011 Buying for Workplace Equality guide and iPhone app, it’s easier than ever to find out where companies stand on workplace equality.

Browse the online version or download a free copy! >> http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/site/R?i=6eRH2GMGcCH_tExeBbTgCw..

From clothing to computers to kids’ stuff, from the latest hairstyles to the grocery aisles, we’ve collected data on hundreds of businesses. And some of the differences between companies selling similar products and services might surprise you:

Macy’s (100%) vs. Saks (30%*)

Staples (100%) vs. Office Depot (45%)

Nike (100%) vs. Adidas/Reebok (15%*)

UPS (100%) vs. FedEx (80%) vs. DHL (30%*)

Whole Foods (85%) vs. Trader Joes (15%*)

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (100%) vs. Pottery Barn/West Elm (30%*)

Take a Sneak Peak inside …click on link below


Get the iPhone app:click on link below


Text SHOP and the company or product name to: 30644 click on link below and check it out


In today’s economy, it’s vital that we support the companies, products, and brands that have equal workplace practices for the LGBT community. As you look for that perfect pair of shoes or a great gift for a loved one this Valentine’s Day, you can use the information in this guide to help make your shopping decisions.

Check out the online guide, download a free copy, or get all the info on your phone.


Thanks, and happy shopping!


Joe Solmonese


* This year, HRC has provided an estimated score to businesses that have not, after repeated attempts, responded to the survey. An estimated score is reflective of the information that HRC has been able to collect without help or input from a business. Learn more here.  http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/site/R?i=SnBpYTtfnITdrpf0M7dH6w..