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The answer is not in black or white

Just another rant … ongoing

beaseedforchangestickersGREENAs fights against discrimination in all its forms breaks out all over the U.S. one has to wonder why voters are drinking the Republican fear mongering kook aid instead of putting “We the People” ahead of Lobbying groups that arm their current or next elections with $$$ and the folks coming out ahead are the 1% NOT the rural guy or middle class worker.  In a place that has always welcomed and or cared for the poor, single mom’s with kids, the constitution; specifically the 14th Amendment, immigration, women’s , senior citizens and worker rights when the need is clear with votes on the Floor of Congress in the House against most if not all of the above.

The Republican Tea Party came to power in 2013 with even more ugly Colonial ways and ideologies on issues like – Race, Religion and the rights of its people. The GOP of 2013, say they speak for the people yet have decided to ignore the polls unless it’s against the Obama admin or democratic election races, they spent $24billion of the people’s money, a shutdown clearly a tantrum that can only hurt American in the long term. If you can, imagine what $24billion can do for your fellow Americans, ted cruz tossed out the window in 2013 while reading green eggs and ham.  I used to think all we had to worry about was what side of the political aisle these righties stood on and how many actually needed to be voted out of Congress. Now, it is all about states’ rights and what social program will the government cut, slash or burn while pitting the upper and middle class against the working class then eliminating those in need as well.  I would love msm to ask all or most republicans about being on social security! Is it a right, a privilege or something else that makes it ok for them while others needing social services are considered lazy need to get a job… They don’t know the individual situations circumstances of folks of colour V let a lone anyone else.  The fact is 1 out 6 people live in poverty and 20% … let me say that again, 20% of our American children live in poverty and for an ultra-rich country that information should offend and outrage us all.

If you listen to conservative media speak; because it is clear they control the airwaves …  the lines of fair or balanced news and behavior becomes blurry leaving the voter confused or having taken the fear mongering to heart and vote against their own best interest. I once said: If the GOP of 2013 gets their way, if they complete their mission, the only ones standing will be those who claim to be a member of the Republican Tea Party was replaced after what was a strange election battle those tea party folks got beat in 2016 election by folks who feared America was becoming too brown considered 2016-2020 nationalists or white nationalists wanting to be the only governing source or supporting family governing or even worse?

In 2013 Midterms turned out to be another 2010, and so goes that thing we say … Those that voted against their own best interest will get what they paid for and the rest of us will suffer … but when Hillary Clinton lost and it’s only my opinion but 2016 elections seemed different, rigged manipulated least we talk about the odd electoral results, no one saw this ish coming in the 21st Century?  sigh

We the People cannot keep allowing this to happen …3 steps forward and now in this era of trump we see being ” other than” is against the law, suffice it to say I wonder how much does team trump want to take of what was gained over the last few decades as  democracy seems to be slipping away?  Make your voice heard and vote vote vote … register others for 2019-2020 elections!

We all know that programs like Social Security, Medicaid as well as Medicare; considered Mandatory Spending accounting for almost 60% of federal expenditures and yes, they definitely are in need of reform but not elimination. The current crazy offensive fiscal attacks by Republicans do not seem to be because of the deficits we are facing but a brazen attempt to privatize these programs, get a copy of the Ryan Budget and be informed. Most people in the U.S. know the big three need updating but Republicans are not going to update or reform them of waste abuse and fraud or expand them either. The plan is to split them up into pieces where premiums and prices probably will have absolutely no regulation of or caps on how high or how often the costs could rise. I have to ask, didn’t Republicans learn a single thing from our near collapse and do these new tea party members of Congress just have a big itch to see what exactly happens when a government falls apart.

What we have here, what we have all been watching is the destruction of our government as we know it, seemingly trying to change it from the Republican Tea Party which really no longer exists or is based on a “family values platform” but one of overt discrimination … a we against them mentally, which includes and is not limited to banning Choice suppressing the Vote eliminating Social Services among many other things.

It is a disturbing and truly rude awakening watching and listening to how folks seem to want to turn back the clock and reinstate segregation, Jim crow and the poll tax.

Be a Seed for Change ~ Nativegrl77

Sunday mishmash &some News

just another rant

As Americans and the World watches Congress battle on national TV, ‘the media” seems to be putting a face on who we need to blame for the apparent Congressional rift. I am a democrat yet the face of blame from radio and TV seems far to right of center for my taste. I watch, listen and take all the rhetoric in but as always question the source, sort out fact from fiction, remember what has been happening over the last 24months and ultimately decide for myself… but then that’s just me. The fact is raising the Debt Ceiling is the job of Congress yet Congress and some of our fellow Americans have decided to dump that responsibility on President Obama … unfair. I support President Obama and I still believe he will have to invoke the 14th Amendment but only because our inept folks in Congress which have managed to do less and less since the midterm elections have all but thrown up their hands to defer our default and demise to the President. I know folks think it would be a great win for him, a strong choice and yes, i thought so too, only problem is our credit rating will be downgraded thus raising interest rates on everyone

For years, Congress has managed to raise the debt ceiling without much afterthought. However, after the midterm elections it was clear JOBs were not important to Republicans or their extreme group called the tea party. Republicans on the State& Federal level saw this as moment to force their beliefs and make changes to the way Americans live their lives and yes undermine the President of the US. I get the impression that the agenda to ruin the first Black President of the US of A started the night of his win.  This has been a rough journey for our President and if he had a worthy Congress our move toward the 21st Century would be big bold and progressive. We cannot ignore how malicious how far the Republican Party has gone to block progress and even so, our President keeps trying with the grand deal as another example.  I feel both parties saw this as a moment to create change the other wanted to block it. The President saw the future in a grand deal while Republicans decided to use the debt ceiling & deficit as a tool, lest we even think about the reasons they want to amend our constitution.  I do not know what will happen on Aug.2nd and maybe the debt ceiling will be raised maybe not.  I do wonder if the world will see us the same and will our credit rating decline anyway or will a deal be made only to find that all future bills with revenue included be filibustered and will Congress continue to act so irresponsible. The thing i really fear is if this is just the beginning of an all-out assault to bring President down by any means necessary with the default being one of many signs along this long road to Election 2012.

Other News

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wicked Wednesday …&some News

As Discrimination breaks out all over the U.S., which we can apply to so many things right about now. In a place that has always welcomed and or cared for like the poor, single mom’s with kids, The constitution; specifically the 14th Amendment, immigration, women’s rights, senior citizens, worker rights. Now has a new look called the Republican Tea Party with even more ugly Colonial ways and ideologies on old issues like – Race, Religion and the rights of its people, equal rights. I use to think all we had to worry about was what side of the political aisle these righties stood on. Now, it is all about why they are pitting the middle class against the working class and eliminating those in need. If you listen to them speak the lines of fair and or balanced behavior becomes so blurry and if they get their way, if they complete their mission, the only ones standing in any kind of line will be those who claim to be a member of the Republican Tea Party

Other News …

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NATO commander Charles Bourchard took questions on the latest military operations in Libya. He denied reports that Monday’s airstrike on Gadhafi’s presidential compound was an attempt to target the Libyan leader. The Libyan government has called the attack an assassination attempt on Gadhafi, but the NATO commander said it was attempt to bring an end to the violence.  http://c-span.org/Events/NATO-Briefing-on-Libya/10737421137/

Send the new Congress a message …

Reform Immigration FOR America
Happy New Year!
It’s a new year and our fight continues. After an unprecedented push for the DREAM Act late last year, 2011 brings us even more challenges.
Yesterday, the 112th Congress met for the first time and the new Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, was sworn in. 

Hours before Speaker Boehner took the podium; Republican leaders from 14 states announced their plan to end birthright citizenship, which is guaranteed by the 14th amendment. And today, Republican Representative Steve King introduced a new bill to end birthright citizenship. Not only is this unconstitutional, but it threatens the very identity of our country. The 14th amendment has been a cornerstone of equal rights since its adoption after the Civil War. To do away with it would be to undo hundreds of years of basic civil rights for Americans.

The battle is only gearing up, but start off 2011 by sending a message to Speaker Boehner: do you stand with the extremists of your party who want to criminalize newborn babies? Or are you ready to work on sensible solutions and approaches to immigration policy that are humane?

It’s your choice, but we’re watching.

Thank you,
Marissa Graciosa

We’re fighting to fix our broken immigration system, but we can’t win without you!
contribute $30 today to sponsor 80 faxes and 100 calls to Congress.