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In memory … Jimi

Jimi Hendrix

Born: 1942 | Died: 1970  

More than 40 years after his mysterious death,

music legend Jimi Hendrix is still widely considered the greatest guitarist in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

Born on November 27, 1942, in Seattle, Washington, Jimi Hendrix learned to play guitar as a teenager, and grew up to become a rock guitar legend who excited audiences in the 1960s with his innovative electric guitar playing.

One of his most memorable performances was at Woodstock in 1969, where he performed “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Hendrix died in 1970 from drug-related complications, leaving his mark on the world of rock music and remaining popular to this day.

for more information on Jimi go to www.bio.com


Pop Quiz: What Do You Know About Food Safety?

How to Be Food Safety Savvy in the Kitchen

True or false?

  1. Before handling food, you should always wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. It’s not okay to use the same knife to cut up raw meat and salad.
  3. Even if your roasted chicken isn’t pink inside, use a food thermometer.
  4. The standing time listed on your microwaveable meal can not be skipped.

Find the answers, in our new blog post from: Food Safety Savvy in the Kitchen

Toolbelt with kitchen tools





Campus sexual assault

Petitioning U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Don’t force survivors of sexual assault to go to the police

Petition by Jillian Murray
Carrboro, North Carolina

It’s Hurricane Season … check out the SBA

Disaster Hurricane

SBA Resources for Disaster Preparedness

When disaster strikes it can be devastating for home and business owners. This week we are highlighting the resources SBA offers to prepare and manage your business before and after a hurricane >> Read more

wicked Wednesday …&some News

just another rant …

The spectacle that is the Republican Party is … also like Debord‘s book,” La Société du spectacle“and suggests among other things …

“With the term spectacle, Debord defines the system that is a confluence of advanced capitalism, the mass media, and the types of governments who favor those phenomena: “the spectacle, taken in the limited sense of ‘mass media’ which are its most glaring superficial manifestation”.[4] The spectacle is the inverted image of society in which relations between commodities have supplanted relations between people, in which “passive identification with the spectacle supplants genuine activity”.

 The book by Debord is worth reading and perfect for what I am ranting about … change, misleading, misquotes, ugly images coming from the media and Republican Capitalism taking over in Congress

In 2009, We were all listening and hearing various folks in the msm, interest groups and others  make comments and complain about Obama having taken a great first step toward change but hasn’t gone far enough to sedate or fulfill the promises he made during his campaign. No President is going to make all their constituents happy but the Negative comments became bold, louder and more frequent. The unfortunate part of this was that the media gave too much PR to Republican rhetoric and some in the “professional left” followed, taking part of that 53% believing that we are tilting over the edge of an abyss. It pissed me off then and now after 3.5yrs I cannot say that the “professional left has been paying attention. I don’t know about you but I know that change takes time. In the case of America, it takes a Congress that is able and willing to put political differences aside for the greater good, we all learned about in school. It also takes a Congress that will accept the First Black President was elected by 53% of the population and that the word compromise is not dirty or bad but an action used in their daily lives with friends family and co-workers. However, Teapublicans/Republicans like Speaker Boehner Mitch McConnell made back room deals in those quiet rooms while listening to organizations that lobby and give money to politicians like Grover Norquist ending that old saying one-person one vote.

The list below gives the reader a sense of those professional left who kept whining right on through the 2010 elections. I have no idea why the professional left thought the campaign agenda should be placed above correcting what the last guy left him to fix. All I know is that the comments and the whining gave me the distinct impression some of these folks probably did not understand, care and did absolutely nothing to help push shove or throw things at Republicans in order for them to do the People’s Business. The fight for 2012 should include without a doubt the people listed below or we will all suffer. Well, I will admit the lame duck session was not bad but why wait for a lame duck session.

We need everyone to step up and speak out about what accomplishments and progresses President Obama has made since

**Environmentalist… like Phil Radford stated among other things,” Obama is missing in action” as it, relates to global warming …in an article written by Bryan Walsh from Time Magazine

**Gay/Lesbian leaders… are starting to make comments about Obama not going far enough on don’t ask/don’t tell but today he announced he will enact federal benefits for same sex couples …moving too slow stating their needs have been set aside. Come on… People of colour know what being impatient means …

**Health-care liberals… are impatient and talking about how they put Obama in office and threatening a change in 2012 …

**Wall Street … flexed their muscles to show Obama who really is in charge of the market …

Change will happen, but President Obama cannot do it all himself, we need to call, write and March to let Congress know that, “We the People” 53% voted but the Party of NO is cancelling each vote with filibusters while obstructing our Economy and Democracy in both Chambers of Congress.

“The spectacle is not a collection of images,” Debord writes, “rather; it is a social relationship between people that is mediated by images.” 

In Other News …

Atty. Gen. Holder Back on Capitol Hill

Defense Secretary, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Testify on Defense Budget

Secretary Geithner Prepares for Upcoming G20 Summit

Chamber of Commerce Releases Nation-wide Job Growth Study

Mitt Romney Addresses Business Roundtable in Washington, DC

Sen. Finance Cmte. Examines Tax Reform & U.S. Energy Policy