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the bleaching continues … ugh

 This is a repost.

why? because it’s 2018 and a picture of sammy sosa was in the news and while the practice of lightening skin is as old as passing for white. Who doesn’t wonder how safe it is and what mental place takes a person to do such a thing.

It was the year 2015, and yet another article about skin whitener is in the news! given the 2014 articles on Lupita Nyong’o mentioning Dencia in her 2/27/2014 speech regarding her dark skin and how our society has … on numerous occasion been cruel enough to consider skin whitening and to hate being black it’s important to keep updating this post. Thing is dencia didn’t see it for the ugly practice that most see it, but as free advertising and used the opportunity to admonish Lupita,  calling her a slave while claiming not to know her.

Bleaching In 2014: African Singer Dencia Blasted For Pushing Skin Lightening Cream, “Whitenicious”


So, here we are again ..  I don’t have to say reports are or tabloids said, though some of the 207+ that had to comment felt that filters were used and the pigment change could be temporary. Well, my question is why do this to begin with.  I can’t lie , I was hoping this was just a fad, but MadameNoire.com has a couple of articles about skin whitening recounting sales being up by 1000%, then up pops out an article by Thelma who says she is light to begin with and because she does a lot of different kinds of shoots her coloring looks different ~~ the internet blew up! sure it looks different

According to the World Health Organization, about 77 percent of Nigerian women regularly use skin lightening products, and with famous people who should know better pushing such foolishness, I can see why the numbers might be so high. Do what you want to yourself, but don’t peddle that s**t to your people and try to pretend like it’s solely for cleaning up dark spots here and there when people’s body parts are turning a completely different color (see below). Photos from MadameNoire

It’s 2014, when will we stop with this?





Whitenicious.com  Check out Dencia in action above


O’khaz said that while she is naturally lighter skinned, she is not Casper-white as we see in the picture. She also emphatically denies ever bleaching her skin. Instead, she says that the ghostly white image making its way around the Internet is photo-shopped.

“I take a lot of pictures for different purposes, some for movie posters. And this one is for a movie so when its out I’ll let u know,’ she writes.

O’khaz, who has appeared in dozens of Nollywood films including Costly Mistakes, White Hunters and Return of the White Hunters (the latter two are available for free streaming), couldn’t go into much detail about the yet to be titled film for which the photos were taken. However, O’khaz can be seen in the upcoming films projects: Street Money: Occultic Sister and 89 Years in Bondage, which are due out next month. Also a much more natural skin toned O’khaz can be seen in her new video for the song, “I Like the Way,” which from her debut album Ready For You.

I see this practice as self-hate… what say you? ~~ Nativegrl77

Resource: the internet

Madame Noir

January’s racist Elle cover?


The petition below is from 2011 ..much has happen before it and since … as an article states in 9/2012 she had commercials … scene: The young woman then waltzes off in a tiny pair of white shorts as a voice-over states that the product can help skin become “bright and translucent”.

Read more: http://www.bellenews.com/search/what+whitening+product+aishwarya+rai+uses/#ixzz2vKE744P8
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Tell Elle to ends its practice of racist skin-whitening and apologize

Sign the Petition

Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan appears on the January cover of Elle magazine, but she’s outraged by the image. Her skin appears far more pale than it is in real life. Her dark brown hair is shown to be practically red.

Elle claims to celebrate women of color by featuring them on magazine covers, but this is the second time in just six months that Elle has blatantly made women of color more white. (The last controversy surrounded Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe.)

For better or worse, publications like Elle play a huge role in determining global standards of beauty — especially for young girls and teenagers who read it. It sends a cruel and dangerous message to women of color everywhere when Elle manipulates the skin color of one of India’s most famous actresses just so she can appear on a magazine cover.

Here’s our opportunity: Elle is a business that cares more about its bottom line and public image than anything else. To change their behavior — and send a message that reverberates through the whole fashion industry — we need a public outcry.

Join Change.org members in telling Elle Magazine to ends its practice of racist skin-whitening.

India already has a billion-dollar skin-whitening industry. Many women burn their skin through the use of unsafe whitening products. And there’s a pervasive prejudice against girls who are “too dark” and therefore can’t get hired or married.

A global publication like Elle has no business reinforcing that racist and damaging stereotype. Elle suffered from some bad press when the magazine cover came out, but there still needs to be a massive public campaign to force them to take real action. This is that campaign.

Tell Elle that women don’t have to be white to be beautiful – and to apologize for its offensive doctoring of its cover models:


Thanks for taking action,

– Judith and the Change.org team

See anything odd about this advertisment ?

 Product Review
After receiving the advertisement below I decided I needed to write . So, on October 14, 2013 I wrote to krysosandchandi.com to express how I felt about the ad and the model‘s representing or misrepresenting what I felt was something other than selling jewelry. In full disclosure … I added more for this post but the question remains the same.
I have a subscription to Daily Candy and while I enjoy some of the articles, there are times when I find there are or their co-horts go beyond the pale… so to speak. It is with great sadness that the ad plays with skin colour and to be quite honest the jewelry is no longer an issue. I saw only the model’s change of skin colour not the jewelry or the colour of it and why old man winter is to blame for the dark days and whatnot. It is sad, I do not know if others will see this ad or the skin colour changes … make up or otherwise… but skin lightening is a bad practice and using it to play games with the consumer is just as bad. I had… past tense intense issues with my skin and spent months under heat lamps meds to take back control. I love my skin now though it’s not perfect I would never tell my daughters or her friends that lighter brighter whiter is the best for those dark days.  We all know great jewelry makes us feel different emotionally and in some cases jewelry of colour such as gold, sterling silver etc. looks great on different organic skin tones. I understand trying to fix skin problems including hyper-pigmentation but to be told that we should lighten up for those dark days is beyond offensive. If you look at the split photo of a model clearly darker on one side the other lighter with the jewelry being sold does look brighter but it is because the model is clearly lighter, this is a definite misrepresentation of what jewelry does …and sad that it appears to tell women that being dark may be a bad thing.
It’s my opinion
 Thank you for your time
I did not receive a response
However, here it is October 22, 2013 and sadly, I get yet the same advertisement from daily candy and i guess Krysos & Chandi, I will admit the advertisement’s words seem a little different, yet my eyes are drawn to the photos of what looks like one dark skin model and one lighter apparently after putting on jewelry? This time I sent it to some family and friends wondering what other inquiring minds had to say, some thought it was an advertisement for foundation some said it is to provoke and get more clicks. I have been writing about stepping away from skin lighteners and find this to be another self-esteem hurdle to jump over for women. This ad pushed several hot buttons of mine so; I announced I could not buy anything from Krysos & Chandi ever . I sell online but the ads are clear lest we talk about the fact that lighter brighter whiter does not always improve your social status … right?
Anyway, look below … what say you
“Surely you can feel Old Man Winter breathing down your neck.Delay the inevitable black cloud (of clothes) with bright pieces by Brooklyn-based designer Avneet Basi.The FIT grad’s love of ancient jewelry opulence led her to launch Krysos + Chandi, a made-to-order line of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces that add pop to even the darkest ensembles.Spice up your weekly sweater rotation with the tassel bangle (spun with silver, gold, and colored cotton) in maroon, navy, and neon; a necklace of the same design brings new life to your favorite tee.Basi’s sterling silver and gold-plated brass Trikona rings, set with green onyx and amethyst stones, put puzzle skills to the test; daring bijou builders can stack until nail beds interfere.Go ahead, fall for it.Available at krysosandchandi.com, $28-$165.”
The text above is by the Companies
krysos + chandi!Photos: Courtesy of Krysos + Chandi 

“an affront to what it means to live in America.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the GOP opposition to Adegbile “an affront to what it means to live in America.”Debo Adegbile rallyTell the Senate to confirm Debo Adegbile’s nomination to lead the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division when Harry Reid calls for another vote.Take Action

In a startling and disappointing vote, seven Democrats joined Senate Republicans to block the confirmation of Debo Adegbile, a voting rights legal expert, to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.1

Pointing to Adegbile’s participation while working for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in the filing of a “friend of court” legal brief — along with hundreds of other attorneys — asking that a Pennsylvania Appeals Court commute Mumia Abu-Jamal’s death sentence to life in prison, Republicans embarked on an all-out smear campaign designed to distract from Adegbile’s strong record of defending the freedom to vote.2

There’s still a chance to make this right. At the last moment, Senator Harry Reid cast a procedural ‘no’ vote, leaving the door open for another vote to confirm Adegbile.3

Join us in demanding that Senator Reid call for another vote and for the seven Democratic senators who opposed to reconsider Adegbile’s confirmation. We only need three Senators to change their votes.4 It only takes a moment.

The seven Democrats siding with the Republicans were Senators Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Mark Pryor (D-AR), John Walsh (D-MT), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), Bob Casey (D-PA), and Chris Coons (D-DE). In a statement, President Obama called the 47-52 vote “a travesty based on wildly unfair character attacks against a good and qualified public servant.”5

By all accounts, Debo Adegbile is the ideal candidate for a role at the head of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. He is one of the nation’s top civil rights attorneys and the leading expert on voting rights. He has defended the Voting Rights Act before the Supreme Court twice — the first time, successfully — and he was the only Black attorney to argue before the Supreme Court last term.6 At a time when right wing legislators across the country are waging all-out war on the right to vote for Black folks, women, the elderly, students, and any other demographic group that might be inclined to vote Democratic, an appointment like Adegbile’s would ensure that there was someone in the Justice Department who knows what’s at stake and will take a principled stand to defend the rights we all cherish, including the freedom to vote.

Join us in demanding another vote on Debo Adegbile’s confirmation. And when you are done, please ask your friends and family to do the same.

Thanks and Peace,

— Rashad, Arisha, Matt, Aimée, and the rest of the ColorOfChange team March 6th, 2014

Help support our work. ColorOfChange.org is powered by YOU—your energy and dollars. We take no money from lobbyists or large corporations that don’t share our values, and our tiny staff ensures your contributions go a long way.


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6. “Justice’s Civil Rights nominee has resume that includes ‘Sesame Street’ and voting rights,” Washington Post, 12-31-13 http://act.colorofchange.org/go/3351?t=17&akid=3324.1689899.HV9wvE

Head & Shoulders has a dirty secret


I wanted to check that you saw my email last week. Procter & Gamble — the maker of Head & Shoulders shampoo — is pushing endangered animals like the orangutan and Sumatran tiger closer to extinction by supporting rainforest destruction.
In just one week, supporters like you have sent over 185,000 messages to Procter & Gamble’s CEO, demanding the company to take forest-destroying palm oil out of its products. But P&G is trying to ignore the public and the evidence linking its products to deforestation.
That’s why it’s time to turn up the heat. Right now, nine Greenpeace activists are protesting at P&G’s global headquarters. Or more accurately — on the walls of P&G’s global headquarters. Today, Procter & Gamble won’t be able to shut out the message that it is on the hook for deforestation.
Let P&G know that your concerns aren’t going away.

Tell Procter & Gamble to make its products forest friendly now.
Thanks for all you do,  From: Joao Talocchi, Greenpeace

Procter & Gamble’s products — like Head & Shoulders — are tied to Indonesian rainforest destruction.
Act now to stop rainforest destruction! The  company must cut the link between its products and extinction. Demand that Procter & Gamble commit to forest-friendly palm oil now.
take action today

A rainforest that’s home to 10-15% of all species on earth — including the last remaining 400 Sumatran tigers — is being methodically destroyed in Indonesia.
Yet, despite this terrible fact, I’m optimistic. I’m not writing to tell you about extinction or catastrophe. I’m writing because I believe we’re on the verge of a historic moment that could change everything. To get there, I need your help.
Greenpeace launched a new global campaign this month demanding that big name brands cut their links to dirty palm oil — the leading cause of deforestation in Indonesia. And the pressure is working — new companies are announcing No Deforestation policies almost weekly.
But a few key corporate holdouts are stalling the progress. If we get these companies to commit, we can transform the palm oil industry in Indonesia for good.
Procter & Gamble the company that makes Head & Shoulders continues to buy dirty palm oil tied to forest destruction in Indonesia. Send the company a message now demanding that it use only forest friendly palm oil in all its products.
With every person who speaks out and every new company that commits to a No Deforestation policy, it gets harder and harder for companies like Procter & Gamble to continue with business as usual.
In the two weeks since we launched, over 220,000 supporters like you have demanded that brands they use commit to using only tiger and forest friendly palm oil. The results speak for themselves.
L’Oreal, Hershey, even supermarket Food Lion have joined multinational companies like Nestle and Unilever over the last two months in committing to cut their links with forest destruction.
This is huge. Change is happening faster than we ever could have hoped for. But to truly tip the balance in favor of the forests, corporate leaders like Procter & Gamble must commit to stop contributing to deforestation. Tell Head & Shoulders’ owner Procter & Gamble that it’s time the company cut the link between beauty products and extinction. Demand that the company commit to forest-friendly palm oil now.
Changing corporation’s palm oil policies won’t just help protect Indonesian rainforest. When major brand start demanding no deforestation palm oil, suppliers around the world will have to stop cutting down forests to keep their customers. This single campaign could protect forests across the globe from destruction for palm oil plantations.
We are at the tipping point to utterly transform the entire palm oil industry. Do that, and we’re well on our way to achieving our goal of zero deforestation globally by 2020.
Tell Procter & Gamble: Stop using dirty palm oil now. We won’t let up until it makes the change.
With hope,
Joao Talocchi Greenpeace USA Palm Oil Campaigner


Tell Procter & Gamble — the maker of Head & Shoulders — to stop using palm oil linked to deforestation because washing away dandruff shouldn’t wipe out tigers.