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Sharron Angle


After months of watching the GOP‘s extreme candidates say one offensive thing after another, I thought I was done being shocked.

Then I saw new footage of Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharon Angle attacking laws that require insurance companies to cover those with autism.

“You’re paying for things that you don’t even need,” she said. “They just passed the latest one, is everything that they want to throw at us now is covered under ‘autism’.”

She put “autism” in air quotes — like she doesn’t believe it exists.

If this is what she’s saying on the campaign trail, imagine what she’ll say in the Senate.

We’re hitting back against ideologues like Sharron Angle with ads on the air and messaging on the ground. We’re making sure voters understand the choice they have in this election.

Can you chip in $5 or more to help us amplify that message?

Angle isn’t alone.

In Delaware, Christine O’Donnell has attacked the “horror” of health reform.

In Colorado, Ken Buck has called Social Security “horrible policy.”

In Alaska, Joe Miller has said that Congress must have “courage to shut down the government,” to stop the President‘s agenda.

These ideologues — in states across the country — think they have all the momentum. And their supporters are pouring their energy into the campaigns.

But this is why we’ve built a national program. It’s why we have organizers on the ground in every state.

We just need the resources to finish strong — and continue to show voters what Ken Buck, Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller and a host of other Republicans keep saying.

Donate $5 or more now:




Jen O’Malley Dillon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

thorny Tuesday &some News

Labor day weekend is coming…everyone enjoy

The President will be speaking to the citizens of the United States tonight around 8pmET and gotta say that i am proud to know that even though the last President gave him the hard task of dealing with 2Wars he has remained calm cool and dignified through it all.

I will admit I am so tired of the message behind the message comments by the Media we need to listen but sort out the truth and what seems like stories for ratings.  The Media including Fox News have become a monster in all things Other if you ask me. I am not sure who to blame; fox news definitely, msnbc and cnn have done their part in the constant barrage of 24/7 News. If you watch enough News it becomes questionable at times because there are definitely levels of honesty, reality and truth behind all the hosts, commentators or so-called journalists on any given News spot. It cannot be avoided but folks need to know it is not always what they claim … News has become a tool that can be manipulated …truth has become something that is debated on cable daily. I do not watch fox news; only about 2% of people of colour watch fox news. The reasons are many but most say it is because of the way they present it and themselves. nuff said

However,even though Obama did not start any wars he will have to answer to everyone for it… That sucks and idea that the US committed to being in 2Wars and some of us agree were unnecessary but unavoidable. The announcement is for this President to make; it is an end to the current combat but it is not a win of anything but we must give props to our troops and support all those men and women who fought for the United States.

In my opinion, our economy our status has stalled because of a lack of cooperation from Republicans and some conservadems who have made bad choices. I do not believe anyone runs for office to be saddled with the problems of the past President not to mention some new ones that require swift military action. It has only been 20months since Obama took office yet folks in the Media as well as Republicans someone ginned up the idea that there must be some movement before the November elections or they will be voted out of office. what? That is the first issue of mine…who has the right to say this economy should be fixed and ready to go in 20months? compare and contrast how long it took add to that a Political Party who decided they will be obstacles of progress voting no or making the vote hard and the effort scaled back which in all likely hood made the outcome and or impact slim and next to none. It has been Republicans that have failed the people of the United States not President Obama …The House of Representatives have put bills to help the people but when these bills reach the Senate Boehner and criminals vote no…the rule of 60 has hurt Americans at every angle and Republicans are exploiting it. If the Democratic Party can keep the House and take more seats in the Senate things can and will get done for the people.

Though it is the last day of August, it is blowing and raining like a true fall day. I am hoping that more days of heat are still something to look forward too. I know we clearly have it better here than the Caribbean as well as all along the East Coast so i will not be complaining about the weather too much. What is worth complaining about is the fear, hate and discrimination happening all over our country in a time when historians say is always the case. The recession has pitted folks against each other blaming this that and the Other for the plight we are all feeling. The plight i see is the haves used to have and have nothing anymore. The blame is on the last President and his admin as well as the crooked behavior by those with money who bet against the middle class and their money for possible Profits and failed to keep it up any longer. The bets failed and those with power money and authority let our economy crash into a ditch without trying to stop it before we voted the next President into office. I find that not only offensive but the worse thing anyone could do …and it happened here in the United States. The current President was against War and at the time, he voted against the Iraq war the Afghanistan war was the place where the folks who committed the attack on NYC 9/11 were there and even today, my feelings are that they got away and the real story has yet to unmasked. I am not stupid and i hope the public gets it …The idea that a President allowed 2 huge tax cuts and 2Wars be implemented without the paygo laws the current Republican Party insists on is outrageous in my opinion.

Republicans have made us all see that when the going gets tough and the American People need help. Republicans are not the folks to ask unless of course you meet their standards, their criteria’s. This can only mean that they practice exclusion, possibly separate and definitely unequal in a moment in time when we have our first Bi-racial President trouble with immigration reform, health care that needed to be reformed and a financial system that took us all down; some more than others. Republicans have sold the citizens of the US out. I have to ask and ask are their constituents listening watching what their representatives are saying because it all affects them too! Voting NO to every Bill that would help the citizens of the US and help our economy is beyond acceptable. It is important that every one of us drill this into the heads of Independents or anyone on the right who is feeling the actions of the Republicans, feeling negative effect of the No votes because those votes have consequences. These no votes could be our complete failure without a way to get out of it. The it being a depression…that is what Republicans are willing to risk willing to bet against the people because they side with big Corporations -did they back the people of the Gulf Coast or BP …what side are Republicans on people and can you accept a Political Party willing to be divisive?

It signifies exactly where the Republican Party stands and it definitely is not with the People of the United States. If you had to choose between helping any one class or group of people, Republicans chose Wall Street and deregulation. When an actual vote took place, they voted to abandoned states Teachers, first responders, firefighters, police and more. They voted against the unemployed but have been selling, telling and insisting that the Bush tax cuts will be a job killer. It is time for folks to open their eyes …like they did when it came to making that decision about Palin -people ended up opening their eyes and maybe it took some outside influences …maybe we need that now

Other News…

**Deere sells Wind Energy biz for 900 million

**Banks Post $21.6 Billion in Profits

Yesterday, President Obama urged Senate Republicans to “drop the blockade” on the Small Business Jobs bill, which “will cut more taxes and make available more loans, including $55 billion in tax relief.” After the Republican minority blocked the bill from coming to the Senate floor in July, Obama asked Congress to make it the “first order of business” when it returns from recess in September.

The Justice Department filed another lawsuit against Arizona yesterday, arguing “that a network of community colleges acted illegally in requiring noncitizens to provide their green cards before they could be hired for jobs.” The suit alleges that the colleges “discriminated against nearly 250 noncitizen job applicants by mandating that they fill out more documents than required by law to prove their eligibility to work.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) “was dealt another major setback Monday when the Alaska Libertarian Party announced it would not swap its chosen candidate for the Republican senator if she loses her party’s nomination.” “The party voted unanimously Sunday not to allow Murkowski to run on its ticket,” so her only remaining option to stay in the race would be to run as a write-in candidate.

**Man has major run in with bed bugs in Oregon Hotel and lands in hospital

**Hurricane Earl is expected to be a cat4 so please evacuate folks on the East Coast


Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen (Ret.) Briefing on Gulf Oil Spill Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen (Ret.) Briefing on Gulf Oil Spill

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