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Today’s Must Reads

Here’s ten items, including some under-the radar-stories, that you should not miss:

The Shutdown was a Symptom

Media Matters for America

“There can be no liberty for a community which lacks the means by which to detect lies.” – journalist Walter Lippmann. As long as the conservative media machine pushes lie after lie upon its viewers, symptoms like the shutdown will keep happening.

John Whitehouse Twitter: @existentialfish

Were They Even Paying Attention?

The Republican government shutdown of 2013 has caused at least $24 billion worth of damage to the American economy. How does Fox News respond to that? By pretending the damage doesn’t exist: http://mm4a.org/1aPendT Related: On Sunday, Megyn Kelly declared that Fox News does not lean right: http://mm4a.org/1gCvLY4 By Wednesday, Kelly was openly advocating the Republican position on the debt: http://mm4a.org/1cvp6wh

It’s Never Them, Is it?

In the wake of the failure of the radical shutdown strategy, conservatives whined that the strategy they advocated for didn’t fail, — they were betrayed. http://mm4a.org/19PJ988 Related: How did we even get here? If you’re looking for one man to blame, blame Rush Limbaugh: http://mm4a.org/17kGL5h

Treating Opinions As Facts

Schoolchildren do not get to claim that their wrong answers on a math test are just their opinions. And yet, that’s the same logic the news media uses when mainstreaming climate lies. The latest outlet to fall for this is USA Today. Shauna Theel explains their error: http://mm4a.org/19LK9u1


Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams blasted the conservative “media bubble” causing hyper partisanship: http://youtu.be/PtLnrH8zg7s


The second episode of Media Matters original web series After It’s News is live on Youtube! Check it out: http://youtu.be/XDC8XbZfviU


Economist Dean Baker excoriates Niall Ferguson for being chronically wrong about the economy, from Ferguson’s inflation fearmongering to his attacks on the stimulus and more: http://huff.to/19TcAGD


Guests On The Sunday Shows Are Still White And Conservative

TransCanada’s US location and Keystone XL tar sands pipeline (Texas)

Yesterday, a group of courageous people just like you were arrested in the belly of the beast: TransCanada’s U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas. These were mothers, fathers, grandfathers, great grandmothers, scientists, and teachers who staged a peaceful sit-in with a clear message: No Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

March to TransCanada Headquarters

At RAN we have a policy never to ask you to take an action, online or offline, that we don’t believe will make a strategic difference and have an impact that is worth your time. What I’m about to ask you to do might be one of the most important political acts you take this year.

Right now President Obama and his State Department are weighing their decision on whether this disastrous dirty energy pipeline is in our national interest. Our job must be to show enough opposition to the pipeline to ensure the president stands on the right side of this historical moment. That’s why we need you to join those standing up against Keystone XL in protest.

Will you join more than 75,000 people saying No to Keystone XL? Sign up for an action near you TODAY!

More than 75,000 people, including many of you, have signed RAN, Other 98% and CREDO’s Pledge of Resistance to the Keystone XL pipeline—pledging to participate in peaceful civil disobedience, to risk arrest if necessary, to stop this dangerous tar sands pipeline.

This is our next big step in the Pledge of Resistance together. This summer, after months of hard work and organizing, more than 400 volunteers have stepped up to lead acts of dignified protest in towns and cities across the country.

Will you join them by signing up today to participate in a local protest in your hometown?

To be clear, this is a serious request of your time, your passion and, potentially, your liberty. We’re asking now because it’s critical.

These actions are coming together because of months of work by literally hundreds of people. A group of seasoned direct action organizers built a training curriculum and traveled to cities around the country to teach people like you how to plan and lead a safe, strategic sit-in. Hundreds of activists stepped up to attend these rigorous two-day weekend trainings, and then went home to put that training into action. Now we’re asking: Will you join them?

The dates for these local actions have not been set, but the dates of action trainings have. We’re asking everyone to get in touch with local action leaders so we can prepare for action now and are ready to respond if President Obama signals his intention to approve the pipeline. That is our most strategic window to have the biggest impact.

Find your nearest Pledge of Resistance action and sign up to be a part of it!

Soon after you sign up for an action, you’ll be contacted by your local action leader, who will send out a time for your group to meet in person, get trained up, and move forward to put together everything you will need for a local sit-in action. There will be roles for everyone: those risking arrest and those not risking arrest.

The location for these actions will be relevant to your town. Likely locations will be: Administration buildings like State Department, EPA and Federal offices, oil industry contractor offices, and branches of TD Bank, a major investor in tar sands development.

All that’s missing is you.

Scott Parkin

In Solidarity,

Scott Parkin
Senior Energy and Finance Campaigner

P.S. Got questions? Check out http://nokxl.org/why-pledge-resistance/.

Watch As The Lies Fall Apart

Too often on cable news, it seems like everything just goes according to plan. What we’re looking at this week are times when guests have stood up for the truth – even if it didn’t make their hosts happy.

John Whitehouse Twitter: @existentialfish

Benghazi Lies, Shot Down

Fox News wanted to spend the first anniversary of the attack on Benghazi the way they had spent the prior year: pushing a cacophany of lies and misinformation. But as Ari Rabin-Havt explains, Fox‘s guests actually knew what they were talking about this time and shot down the lies live on air. http://mm4a.org/17qBk7l Related: The complete explainer of every Benghazi lie, from fake concussions to fake emails and everything in between: http://mm4a.org/17VPz2Q

What’s Happening In Oklahoma

An Oklahoma law that’s currently before the Supreme Court forces doctors to ignore safe medical practice for medication abortions. National Review Online would have you believe that Oklahoma legislators know better than doctors — and that abortion access is not under attack. Meagan Hatcher-Mays explains why they’re wrong. http://mm4a.org/1eFhFnS Related: Every show has its detractors (and CNN’s Crossfire is certainly no exception) but the Daily Caller‘s attack on Stephanie Cutter was rank, sexist, and demonstrative of why the Daily Caller is a completely discredited outlet: http://mm4a.org/17O3jhP

Homophobia And Fox News

Fox Sports fired a contributor in part because of homophobic remarks he made while running as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Texas. This raises the question: How homophobic does one have to be to get fired from Fox News? Luke Brinker runs down the network’s worst offenders: http://mm4a.org/15TeYHx


Despite its best efforts, Fox News’ facade of Benghazi lies occasionally collapsed. Here are 8 times that Fox’s Benghazi charade fell apart: http://mm4a.org/18bK2Jj


We’re excited to launch our original web series After It’s News. A bit cheeky, AIN features original content, an interview, and best of all it’s pretty short. Check it out: http://youtu.be/EQx8nkTBUtU


Why are conservative media so often pushing racist arguments? Because the man at the epicenter of it is. A new study shows that Matt Drudge’s race-baiting has skyrocketed since Obama took office. http://mm4a.org/1fGfr5k


Jon Stewart On Fox News And Syria