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Paul Ryan and ayn rand … a reminder of contradictions

I don’t know about you but if you grew up with a certain teaching or dogma and you are now in your mid-forties + … it must be hard to convince folks that you now reject a philosophy after only a couple of hours later –  just saying

Watch As The Lies Fall Apart

Too often on cable news, it seems like everything just goes according to plan. What we’re looking at this week are times when guests have stood up for the truth – even if it didn’t make their hosts happy.

John Whitehouse Twitter: @existentialfish

Benghazi Lies, Shot Down

Fox News wanted to spend the first anniversary of the attack on Benghazi the way they had spent the prior year: pushing a cacophany of lies and misinformation. But as Ari Rabin-Havt explains, Fox‘s guests actually knew what they were talking about this time and shot down the lies live on air. http://mm4a.org/17qBk7l Related: The complete explainer of every Benghazi lie, from fake concussions to fake emails and everything in between: http://mm4a.org/17VPz2Q

What’s Happening In Oklahoma

An Oklahoma law that’s currently before the Supreme Court forces doctors to ignore safe medical practice for medication abortions. National Review Online would have you believe that Oklahoma legislators know better than doctors — and that abortion access is not under attack. Meagan Hatcher-Mays explains why they’re wrong. http://mm4a.org/1eFhFnS Related: Every show has its detractors (and CNN’s Crossfire is certainly no exception) but the Daily Caller‘s attack on Stephanie Cutter was rank, sexist, and demonstrative of why the Daily Caller is a completely discredited outlet: http://mm4a.org/17O3jhP

Homophobia And Fox News

Fox Sports fired a contributor in part because of homophobic remarks he made while running as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Texas. This raises the question: How homophobic does one have to be to get fired from Fox News? Luke Brinker runs down the network’s worst offenders: http://mm4a.org/15TeYHx


Despite its best efforts, Fox News’ facade of Benghazi lies occasionally collapsed. Here are 8 times that Fox’s Benghazi charade fell apart: http://mm4a.org/18bK2Jj


We’re excited to launch our original web series After It’s News. A bit cheeky, AIN features original content, an interview, and best of all it’s pretty short. Check it out: http://youtu.be/EQx8nkTBUtU


Why are conservative media so often pushing racist arguments? Because the man at the epicenter of it is. A new study shows that Matt Drudge’s race-baiting has skyrocketed since Obama took office. http://mm4a.org/1fGfr5k


Jon Stewart On Fox News And Syria

Democrats in NYC GOTV for David WePrin …NY09 … VOTE TUESDAY

Watch David Weprin’s latest ad >>


David Weprin Endorsed by New York Times. In August 2011, the New York Times endorsed David Weprin for Congress, noting that he “promises to work to protect Social Security and Medicare” and would not “cut programs that serve the working and middle classes.” The Times wrote that Weprin has “far more expertise… and fiscal rationality.” [New York Times, Editorial, 8/30/11]

  • NYT: Bob Turner Economic Plan “Would Take a Magician.” The Times wrote that Republican Bob Turner’s economic plan “would take a magician” to work, which would mean reducing benefits for those on Medicare and Social Security. [New York Times, Editorial, 8/30/11]
  • Turner Willing to Cut Medicare and Social Security, Raise Retirement age, Increase Co-pays. In an August 2011 interview with the New York Post editorial board, Turner pledged to rein in government even if that meant “cutting spending on entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security.” He said that “an increase in Medicare co-payments also has to be considered,” and that it would be “easy” to raise the eligibility age on entitlements for people currently under 55 years of age.  [NY Post, 8/26/11]
  • Turner Wanted to Cut the Budget by 35 percent.  In an op/ed published in National Review in June 2011, Bob Turner wrote: “My desire to go to Congress was to fix what’s broken and go home. End subsidies. End government dependencies. Dramatically cut the budget by 30 or 35 percent.”  [National Review, 6/08/11]

Republican Bob Turner on Tax Loopholes

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David Weprin thinks it’s outrageous that New York City’s small businesses end up paying some of the highest business taxes in the world, while big corporations hire expensive lobbyists so they can get big tax breaks and evade taxes in offshore accounts.  Bob Turner is a corporate executive who says he never met a tax loophole he didn’t like

Weprin Supports Small Businesses by Closing Loopholes. In August 2011, Weprin released his small business plan, helping New Yorkers by “closing loopholes and lowering overall rates.” Weprin would also “fight to remove tax incentives for companies that ship jobs overseas and use those savings to reduce tax rates for small business.” [Times-Union, 8/15/11]

  • Weprin: An Advocate for Small Businesses. Launching his small business plan, Weprin said that New York’s small businesses pay some of the highest business taxes. “While big corporations are able to hire expensive lawyers and lobbyists to secure special tax breaks, I’ll be an advocate for small businesses in Washington.” [Times-Union, 8/15/11]

Turner: “Never Met a Loophole I Didn’t Like.” “As a Republican, I never met a loophole I didn’t like,” Turner said at a debate. “I really don’t know.” Weprin cited tax breaks for companies moving jobs overseas as a corporate loophole he would like to close. [New York Times, 9/06/11]