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TransCanada’s US location and Keystone XL tar sands pipeline (Texas)

Yesterday, a group of courageous people just like you were arrested in the belly of the beast: TransCanada’s U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas. These were mothers, fathers, grandfathers, great grandmothers, scientists, and teachers who staged a peaceful sit-in with a clear message: No Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

March to TransCanada Headquarters

At RAN we have a policy never to ask you to take an action, online or offline, that we don’t believe will make a strategic difference and have an impact that is worth your time. What I’m about to ask you to do might be one of the most important political acts you take this year.

Right now President Obama and his State Department are weighing their decision on whether this disastrous dirty energy pipeline is in our national interest. Our job must be to show enough opposition to the pipeline to ensure the president stands on the right side of this historical moment. That’s why we need you to join those standing up against Keystone XL in protest.

Will you join more than 75,000 people saying No to Keystone XL? Sign up for an action near you TODAY!

More than 75,000 people, including many of you, have signed RAN, Other 98% and CREDO’s Pledge of Resistance to the Keystone XL pipeline—pledging to participate in peaceful civil disobedience, to risk arrest if necessary, to stop this dangerous tar sands pipeline.

This is our next big step in the Pledge of Resistance together. This summer, after months of hard work and organizing, more than 400 volunteers have stepped up to lead acts of dignified protest in towns and cities across the country.

Will you join them by signing up today to participate in a local protest in your hometown?

To be clear, this is a serious request of your time, your passion and, potentially, your liberty. We’re asking now because it’s critical.

These actions are coming together because of months of work by literally hundreds of people. A group of seasoned direct action organizers built a training curriculum and traveled to cities around the country to teach people like you how to plan and lead a safe, strategic sit-in. Hundreds of activists stepped up to attend these rigorous two-day weekend trainings, and then went home to put that training into action. Now we’re asking: Will you join them?

The dates for these local actions have not been set, but the dates of action trainings have. We’re asking everyone to get in touch with local action leaders so we can prepare for action now and are ready to respond if President Obama signals his intention to approve the pipeline. That is our most strategic window to have the biggest impact.

Find your nearest Pledge of Resistance action and sign up to be a part of it!

Soon after you sign up for an action, you’ll be contacted by your local action leader, who will send out a time for your group to meet in person, get trained up, and move forward to put together everything you will need for a local sit-in action. There will be roles for everyone: those risking arrest and those not risking arrest.

The location for these actions will be relevant to your town. Likely locations will be: Administration buildings like State Department, EPA and Federal offices, oil industry contractor offices, and branches of TD Bank, a major investor in tar sands development.

All that’s missing is you.

Scott Parkin

In Solidarity,

Scott Parkin
Senior Energy and Finance Campaigner

P.S. Got questions? Check out http://nokxl.org/why-pledge-resistance/.

6Dems finally support marriage equality and more

Give him 2 minutes to explain why nobody should be agreeing to weaken Social Security. WATCH:

Robert Reich On Why You Shouldn’t Accept Chained CPI From President Obama Or Anybody

This is powerful and changing our media landscape. WATCH:

Wow. Fox News Is Adopting Something Socially Responsible Before The New York Times Does?

See who they are and help get them to change their minds!

UPDATED: Last 6 Democratic Holdouts On Marriage Equality Pushed By MoveOn Members

whacky Wednesday &some News …

President and Mrs. Obama are hosting the president from China in a State visit and a dinner scheduled for tonight though some are not happy but if we want to move forward this might be the way to do it and maybe use this as a template for dealing with Cuba.

Word of the day is all about the act of Observation …maybe for the next few weeks, months and years

In November I asked —at what point will the various cable, radio and main stream stations do the right thing and stick to the truth instead of skewing it to keep their ratings high, to tell me you did not agree that partisan behavior on what is supposed to be “the place to get real news” seems to be siding with the extreme right. It was definitely offensive on so many levels and hard not to be outraged by but now these same stations, well except the obvious ones seemed to have moved to the center on most News topics but not enough to sedate this viewer and voter. I gotta say the more recent News source: “Politico” has been a new right of center challenge to me as a reader and or tv viewer, though i am sure there are more moving to the right as the 2012 elections gain more interest.  The overt bad behavior by current and or new Republican members of Congress who are supposed to represent all of the people in their respective States has gotten even worse, have either acted or stated for all to hear and see that special interest groups can kiss their butts. The only solution that seems rational going forward is putting democrats back in power in 2012.

Observe …stop and think about all the things that the Obama admin as well as our Democratic led Congress managed to achieve despite the Republican Tea Party. Observe and analyze who what when and why things have not improved as some out there on the left want and then remind them that a President that goes too far left of center is not representing all Americans. The truth is …most people use to be moderate and expect the President to be not just moderate but bipartisan; people have got to realize he tried leaning left and while folks on the right said one thing and did another we all know this is going to be standard behavior no matter what but a President who leans too far left gets a shellacking…right. If you were watching it makes you wonder if taking a hard left is the only way to solve the gridlock. Then reality comes back and we have to remember the Democratic Party has a huge tent with various degrees of democratic ideology and while the Republican Tea Party is united no matter what their colleagues say or do Dems on the other hand fight each other to get legislation on the floor of the Senate debated let alone get a vote and move toward the 21st Century. We all know our ability to move forward is being held hostage by the Republican Tea Party until they ruin our barely recovering economy. I wonder what will happen if in fact we fall into a deep recession due to an insufficient amount of dollars and or voted down raising the debt ceiling. Just a reminder; Republicans are to blame for any lack of progress made thus far.

I have to say my Observation of “the Media” which seemingly is not just giving Republicans more airtime but is defending them in some cases and while it is obvious those folks know who is buttering their paychecks …the fair and balanced slogan when describing the news process has become a bad joke. I wonder many others have been watching and listening to political shows with well-educated people making comments about how much of a disaster the mid-term elections were for President Obama’s future. The fact is that Congress goes through change and this year is really no different than any other but the combination of the failure of the last guy, the deficit he left and finding out that Wall Street, Oil and the Banks as well as AIG made bets not only with the people’s money but against us as well – you would think some would understand that after years of corruption it might take a minute to make all the corrections given the fact that some of the parts needed to make the fix are not cooperating. I am no expert but people need to observe, compare and contrast their own lives to what happened and times that by a trillion and realize the correction will take a long time especially since folks on the right were able to downsize/block and or stall most of the financial fixes in the Senate for the last two years. The 60 vote rule and the filibuster definitely are not positive tools in the Senate thus the need to make sure our voices as Democratic voters are heard more often.

I do feel this is a pivotal moment and if we really want change folks we need to participate in the change when 53% voted for Senator Obama to be President Obama. We all need to understand why the process of change cannot only be done by the President; that Congress in both Chambers need to do the work of the People too and now after the midterms the House of Representatives is representing the Republican Tea Party, the Senate faces obstacles so, the only solution is getting truer Dems in both Chambers of Congress in 2012. I know that was such a simpleton statement right, had folks listened and voted left of center for the midterms elections- what if …sigh

President Obama is doing the best he can with what the last admin gave him and again it took a long time for all the dominos to fall and while there are those on the right who choose to provoke fear; lately that has turned into action by those feeling certain TV or radio personalities were giving them subliminal instructions to act against those who support the President or the Democratic Party.

It would be great if “the Media” would stop giving folks on the right passes when they make outrageous, racist, and often incendiary comments…we hear it from Fox News but now the new move from other cable stations taking a hard right has this viewer wondering where the money is coming from supporting the more extreme view on air. What we saw before and or during the midterm elections by so-called reporters or talking heads was the dance of News manipulation which is a sad representation of what real journalists, reporters and commentators use to be.

Other News …

**Congresswoman Giffords continues to improve

**say what you want about Gervais the Globe viewer numbers …17 million

 **President from China is here on a State visit and dinner with President and Mrs. Obama

**Baby doc Duvalier escorted from hotel – i would like all young Haitians to look his name up…and his families history

**Arab Leaders watch Tunisia

**129million have health conditions

**President Obama orders regulation review




White House Briefing

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said President Obama will confront Chinese President Hu Jintao on issues such as human rights and currency values. At this daily briefing, reporters questioned the decision to hold a formal State Dinner for the Chinese leader. We also hear about a new executive order calling for a government-wide review of federal regulations. more >> http://c-span.com/Events/White-House-Briefing-with-Press-Secretary-Robert-Gibbs/10737418992/ 

Right of Center organization:  National Center for Policy Analysis

As the House prepares to consider a bill to make changes to the health care law known as the Affordable Care and Patients Protection Act, the National Center for Policy Analysis released its recommendations to Congress on 10 proposed changes to the law and discussed why it should be repealed. Speakers included health care analysts from the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Cato Institute, and the American Action Forum – all who support NCPA’s recommendations. more >> http://c-span.com/Events/Nat39l-Center-for-Policy-Analysis-Discussion-on-Changes-to-Health-Care-Law/10737419010/

 House Democrats hearing on GOP legislation Repealing Patient Rights

House Democrats assembled a panel of Americans opposed to repealing the 2010 health care law. They include the mother of two girls with leukemia, a former student receiving insurance through his parents’ plan, and the owner of a small pediatric practice. This event began shortly before House Republicans brought their repeal legislation to the floor. more >> http://c-span.com/Events/House-Democrats-Hearing-on-GOP-Legislation-Repealing-Patients39-Rights/10737419015/

State Department Press Briefing

Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Philip Crowley conducts a daily briefing at the State Department. Topics discussed include Chinese Pesident Hu Jintao’s arrival and scheduled private dinner with President Obama,Tunisia’s transitional government and the Sudan referendum. Mr. Crowley then responded to reporters’ questions. more >> http://c-span.com/Events/State-Department-Press-Briefing/10737418993/

R. Sargent Schriver 1915 – 2011

R. Sargent Shriver passed away at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland today. He was 95 years old.more >> http://c-span.com/Events/R-Sargent-Shriver-1915–2011/10737418971/  

U.S. Conference of Mayors 79th Annual Winter Meeting

More than 220 of the nation’s mayors, led by U.S. Conference of Mayors President Burnsville, MN Mayor Elizabeth Kautz, convene for the 79th Winter Meeting of The U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C. >>   http://c-span.com/Events/US-Conference-of-Mayors-79th-Annual-Winter-Meeting/10737419027/


House Republicans Move to Cut Spending Levels

Updated 3 hr., 18 min. ago

U.S. House of Representatives (C-SPAN)The House Rules Committee will take up a resolution today aimed at reducing spending to 2008 levels for the remainder of fiscal 2011. The resolution directs House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) to cut around 20 percent of non-security, discretionary spending. The House may act on the resolution as soon as next week.

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed a Republican plan to cut Congress’ budget by 5 percent. The resolution, introduced by GOP Transition Team Chairman Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), will require House members to reduce their budget to 95 percent of their 2010 allowance. The plan also calls for greater transparency regarding bill creation and actions taken by House committees. more >> http://c-span.com/Events/House-Republicans-Move-to-Cut-Spending-Levels/10737418996/


TGIF … &some News

Today the President will sign the Tax deal bill around 3:50pm ET so left coasters need to be alert. Congress has FY 2011, START, DADT on the calendar and hopefully the Dream Act will also get passed well before they all decide to cut out of DEC for Xmas.

Last night the tax deal passed in the House and the Senate. However, it was obvious that the tax deal was a tough vote for our dems in the House. The final vote was 277 for 148 against. I will admit that it was not the best; even the President said the bill had offensive pieces in the bill but the deal given the midterm vote was the best anyone could have gotten. I believe Congress in both Chambers would still be “negotiating” on the provisions, the amount and so many other things, which would have pushed it into January, so though it may not have been perfect i am happy for what our President pushed through in such a short time.

The big Omnibus bill was treated like a bipartisan effort, clearly as was said on the floor of Congress members on both sides of the aisle worked on it, yet after Sen. McCain got on the floor of Congress thanked the Tea Party for the intervention, laughed, and stated who won that on national tv. It is obvious our dems in Congress have yet to figure out the Republican Tea Party has no intention of being bipartisan even their own RNC chair Mr. Steele said that bipartisanship is overrated. The idea that the RTP truly are willing to be bipartisan let alone honest with good faith intentions has prove to be a joke. This latest move of got’cha was not only embarrassing it was sad to see Leader Reid face all dejected. It was good to see so many Senators come to the floor to make sure the public knew that this Omnibus bill was in fact indeed a bill that was bipartisan though the RTP clearly was portraying it yet another scam or something they felt pushed into by the Dems having had little to do with it. The notion that so much pork listed in the Omnibus bill is the fault of the Dems in the Senate definitely was quite absurd and embarrassing. It is however, proof that the RTP cannot be trusted as one of them stated there was a letter brought to them, they all decided to sign it, and the bill died. It was odd to see the fringe and or Tea Party aspect of the Republicans have so much power even off the floor of Congress though Sen. McCain made sure the public heard who intervened in this previously agreed to bill. I used to say i hope this or that move opens the eyes of Republican constituents but a lot were hoping the bill would be defeated and News stations are reporting that Tea Party members definitely making their voices heard thus defeating the Omnibus bill -last minute. I guess some folks are afraid of them because they certainly betrayed their agreement to Leader Reid and Senate Democrats.

Yesterday I was going to order Omaha Steaks but after hearing the correction by the CEO, I will never order from Omaha Steaks until they agree to stop using Fox as their advertising source. In fact, i ask for a boycott based on the correction and response by the CEO. I encourage everyone to take the time to leave a message on their website too… steakbytes.com

I just wanted to say how disappointed i was to hear the outcome. I was the one who called in to say that i just could not order @OmahaSteaks given the fact that your company had bought ad spots on his show with all the racial vitriol he throws out at the public. As far as free speech when it tells minorities they are not acceptable, dangerous and the enemy that reaches far beyond racial slurs discrimination and certainly freedom of speech. I take it that what you are saying is that Glenn Beck has the right to be a racist on National Television. I specifically said that Glenn Beck’s racial rants were my problem to one of your representatives from your company. I received a call back from an Omaha Steaks Representative stating they would be taking down the advertisement or that it would end around 12/20 and in doing so made me want to order but then i pulled back and said maybe i will wait until the ads disappear. I now feel after reading the correction from CEO Bruce Simon it is obvious his staff only gave partially accurate information. I say she intentionally kept information back. I appreciate the prompt correction but have now decided to take my business elsewhere to a company who believes in equality not the vitriol that comes from not just Glenn Beck but from the Fox News station.

Other News …


Thursday Leader Sen.Harry Reid remarks on earmark spending

After attending a meeting of the Senate Democratic Caucus, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) made remarks about earmark spending and responded to reporters’ questions.

Speaker Pelosi remarks on DADT Wednesday

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke to reporters about the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy on gays in the military. She was joined by co-sponsors of the bill, Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD).

Senate Democrats Press Conference on START treaty

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA) talked about the nuclear arms treaty with Russia. Senate Democrats want to pass the START treaty as it’s known before the end of the year. Sixty-seven votes are required for ratification. Senator Kerry was joined by Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-MI) and Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Senate Republicans Press Conference on START treaty

Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ) along with several of his Republican colleagues spoke to reporters about the nuclear arms treaty with Russia known as START.  Senate Democrats want to pass the START treaty as it’s known before the end of the year. Sixty-seven votes are required for

mindful Monday &some News

President and Mrs. Obama are hosting a Science Fair

Today.  I have been hearing more BS than ever from “the Media”  which is sad …people need to stop listening to the cable noise, the radio and get the facts -media opinion news is just that -an opinion!!- The Democratic and or President’s message that they speak of was not just held up by Republicans but cable and or mainstream tv that feature politics have held up the message  as well choosing to move more right of center each and every day as the Midterm elections come closer. I blame Republicans of course but the fact is”the Media” has to take some responsibility for their lack of getting any sort of fair and or balanced News from the Democratic Party out to the people wondering just what is the truth behind any story getting airtime. It is obvious that some people unfortunately believe the panel, guests or so-called experts who talk about an issue or a politician but ask yourself why don’t they just have the subject of discussion on for a rebuttal -that would be too easy right

I received and appreciate all the comments on the articles posted here. This week two articles got several responses but one person responded to two of them; one article was about Saving the Country, Murdoch style by MMA and the other was a response to one that came from Senator Barney Franck directly. My responses to both articles are below with some adjustments.

The first Comment was in response to Senator Barney Frank

(1)Well isn’t Barny the guy who said,  “it’s okay to have buddies with money”?  I guess he must of meant it was only okay if they were democrats.  So much for tolerance, eh?

Senator Frank is a politician and anyone with any sense knows that the fight is on to keep their seats in Congress and in doing so that not only means great campaigning, politicking or having the preferred ideology but money. If money meant nothing people would not be backing Angle, Fiorina, Whitman, Brewer, Palin or Christine O’Donnell because none of these embarrassing women are qualified to hold public office. I have no idea what you are asking me when you say – tolerance. The fact is people with or without money can be offensive.


Tell me something, did you mind when Murdoch supported Hillary not so long ago? http://civillibertarian.blogspot.com/2006/05/rupert-murdoch-backs-hillary-clinton.html Do you have a problem …

Actually, my personal comments and or complaints when reading articles are about what I read first. I honestly do not care what side of the aisle the writer, journalist, cable and or mainstream view given to us by them is even though I am a democrat; I call them as i see them and when one side decides to push the envelope too far for me i respond… ah the wonders and need to tweet, FB or blog …and your comments about liberals having all the cable, major newspapers, magazines and whatnot …i know you are joking right? if you listen folks like Murdoch give to both sides of the issue and when one side becomes more of a commodity and gets more airtime he feeds it…everyone knows that -right? Again, people like him do not care just like the NRA they support 58 democrats as well as a whole lot of Republicans. What i do object to are the lies coming from Fox News the race baiting this station engages in …even CNN has moved right and that rhetoric though has 1st amendment on its side is offensive. As a person of colour and as a mom hearing Glenn beck send subliminal nonsense out into the airwaves with actual people choosing wrong instead of right -and people get hurt or worse …that is my prob. My sense of democracy means total cooperation from both sides of an economic collapse yet RTP has decided oh we will take all the money you’re handing out but we will vote no or scale it down as well as throw our own constituents under the bus to regain power -that is not democracy.

Other News …

**Best milk? Chocolate

**Sharron Angle makes some really ugly racist things to Hispanic High School Students

**Washington State- Election 2010 midterm information,tune in 10/19/2010  KING5 7pm

**President Obama will appear on Mythbusters to help kids excited about science

**Celine Dion hospitalized -baby is due next month

**Msnbc claims only 1/2 of the people who voted in 2008 election will be voting in the mid-terms

**Speaker Pelosi announces that the $250 bonus Soc.Sec checks will be voted on after Nov.2nd elections

**Chest pressures first then give breaths

**NOW backs jerry brown

**Federal tax credit ends 12/31

**11thousand cribs,made in China and sold at JCPenny 2003-2007 hardware problems

**did you know that Olympic College decided to ban the 1st Amendment


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