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Have you had enough of lawmakers attacking reproductive rights?

National Women's Law Center
Just in the last few months we’ve seen countless attempts to restrict women’s reproductive health care. Opponents have tacked anti-abortion provisions onto unrelated bills and passed restrictions in special secret, last-minute sessions. They’ve mocked pro-choice protesters by handing them cookies. And they continue to tell women we don’t know what’s best when it comes to our own reproductive health care.
I’ve had enough. Have you?
This August, we’re declaring 31 Days of Unity. It’s a time to come together, join our voices, and tell lawmakers we will not stand for more attacks on our reproductive rights.
This year, despite all the attacks, we’ve seen support for women’s health care grow. There have been inspirational filibusters, rallies across the nation, and unprecedented activism — proving that when our community stands together, we have the power to enact change.
Will you add your voice?
Every day this August, reproductive rights, health, and justice groups across the nation are uniting to call on lawmakers to stop the attacks on equal access to safe, legal, affordable reproductive health care for all women. Together, we know we can make our voices loud enough to be heard.
Raise your voice! Tell lawmakers to end the attacks on reproductive health care.
Summer may be coming to an end, but unless we speak up, attacks on reproductive health care will continue. Demand that your representatives in Congress and in the states defend women’s reproductive health care.
Thank you for all you do.
Judy Waxman Judy Waxman Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights National Women’s Law Center

RECALL Wisconsin’​s GOP Senators!

It’s time to show right-wing lawmakers that they cannot use budget gaps, created by their own massive giveaways to their corporate sponsors, as an excuse to attack Americansfundamental rights.

The budget plan proposed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and advanced by his Republican allies in the legislature which would rip away the collective bargaining rights of public workers is a shocking example of extreme overreach … it’s time to hold these people accountable!

In Wisconsin, voters can recall their state elected officials after they have been in office for a year. That means that Gov. Walker cannot be recalled until 2012, but eight of the GOP Senators who have pushed for passage of Walker’s plan are eligible for recall NOW — and the state Democrats have taken steps to begin the recall process.

First things first: Let us know you’re on board and sign our petition supporting the recall effort. http://site.pfaw.org/site/R?i=GbPmpmXeNOxyIYbTQmjhcQ..

This is not just about Wisconsin — it’s about right-wing power grabs and assaults Americans’ rights everywhere. If we can successfully recall these lawmakers in  Wisconsin, it will help set us up for similar recall efforts where they are possible in other states and, more importantly, it will make governors and legislators think twice about pushing such measures to begin with.

Show lawmakers in Wisconsin and all states that this type of overreach will not be taken sitting down.

Join this effort now.

— Ben Betz, Online Communications Manager http://site.pfaw.org/site/R?i=O4zSzS3uSvIPX3v3DdxGXg..

P.S. This is going to be BIG and PFAW hopes to be a real force in this effort. That means we’ll need as many of our members and activists, from around the country, engaged in it.