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Have you had enough of lawmakers attacking reproductive rights?

National Women's Law Center
Just in the last few months we’ve seen countless attempts to restrict women’s reproductive health care. Opponents have tacked anti-abortion provisions onto unrelated bills and passed restrictions in special secret, last-minute sessions. They’ve mocked pro-choice protesters by handing them cookies. And they continue to tell women we don’t know what’s best when it comes to our own reproductive health care.
I’ve had enough. Have you?
This August, we’re declaring 31 Days of Unity. It’s a time to come together, join our voices, and tell lawmakers we will not stand for more attacks on our reproductive rights.
This year, despite all the attacks, we’ve seen support for women’s health care grow. There have been inspirational filibusters, rallies across the nation, and unprecedented activism — proving that when our community stands together, we have the power to enact change.
Will you add your voice?
Every day this August, reproductive rights, health, and justice groups across the nation are uniting to call on lawmakers to stop the attacks on equal access to safe, legal, affordable reproductive health care for all women. Together, we know we can make our voices loud enough to be heard.
Raise your voice! Tell lawmakers to end the attacks on reproductive health care.
Summer may be coming to an end, but unless we speak up, attacks on reproductive health care will continue. Demand that your representatives in Congress and in the states defend women’s reproductive health care.
Thank you for all you do.
Judy Waxman Judy Waxman Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights National Women’s Law Center

Tell Congress – This Is Personal


Some members of Congress are working overtime trying to place restrictions on women’s reproductive health care.

This January, a new Congress, including many newly elected members, will get to work. Lawmakers either can set a new, positive agenda on women’s health, or they can spend another two years trying to limit your ability to make decisions about your own reproductive health.

If women speak up now –loudly and in one voice – we can send the message that decisions about our reproductive health are not up for debate.

Sign the petition today and tell the new Congress: This Is Personal.

Our Message to the Incoming Congress:     www.thisispersonal.org

Decisions about women’s reproductive health are personal.  As you prepare to take office in 2013, my decisions about birth control, pregnancy and reproductive health services are not up for grabs.

Leila Abolfazli
Senior Counsel
National Women’s Law Center

Planned Parenthood …repost from 4/6/2011

#prochoice @Planned Parenthoodhttp://bit.ly/hXy5D8    check it out

@Planned Parenthood provides services for: Birth Control Services Emergency Contraception General Health Care HIV Testing HPV & Hep Vaccines

@Planned Parenthood provides services for: LGBT Services Men’s Health Services Patient Education Pregnancy Testing, Options & Services STD Testing & Treatment Women’s Health.

Planned Parenthood … Makes a big difference in the lives of young women &Men… college etc etc

Washington State Voters need to call call call Governor Inslee ASAP

Sharon Dudash removes a poster that has two people on it holding hands, touching noses

Sharon Dudash pulls a marketing photograph from a wall at Planned Parenthood in Kent on March 10, 2021. Planned Parenthood of the greater Northwest region has been facing financial struggles compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. (Matt M. McKnight/Crosscut)

Young people have moved away from home or as College-aged kids often don’t have a place to turn to… Planned Parenthood helped a whole lot of people in the late ’70s and ’80s make good choices that would have taken them into dire straights as too young inexperienced parents. and while they had options with planned parenthood … This organization does much much more to help the community of all who inhabit it, so tell your member of Congress having Planned Parenthood in your community is so needed as a Choice because it’s all about Choices… A woman has a right to choose! Women should also have access to afforded healthcare that this organization also offers …The idea that members of the right don’t agree with this is beyond confusing

– Nativegrl77