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Obamacare Enrollment Gaining Steam

Today, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released the enrollment figures for Obamacare through the end of November. Unsurprisingly, about four times more people enrolled during the month of November as did during October, when HealthCare.gov was largely non-functional. Reports indicate that enrollment has continued to surge over the past two weeks ahead of the December 23 deadline to purchase coverage taking effect January 1, 2014.

Here are the topline numbers to know:

  • 110,410 Americans signed up for private coverage through HealthCare.gov just last month.
  • 1,900,000 people have made it through the process but have yet to select a plan.
  • 364,682 Americans selected plans through the state-run or federal insurance marketplaces (137,204 through HealthCare.gov and 227,478 in state-run exchanges).

The surge resembles Massachusetts’ successful launch of Commonwealth Care, where most people signed up later in the open enrollment period:


Enrollment for Massachusetts’ Commonwealth Care in 2007:


In other good Obamacare news, a report out today found that the number of women who are receiving birth control at no additional cost — a key Obamacare benefit — has jumped 25 percent since the requirement went into effect last year.

“This data confirms that the Affordable Care Act is already working for millions of women and their families — and we expect that number to keep growing,” said the president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Cecile Richards.

For their part, Republicans continued to attack the law during another predictably one-sided hearing.

Things did not go so well for Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), who botched an attempt to compare HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to North Korea’s totalitarian dictator and then totally freaked out. A Democratic Member admonished Shimkus, who was shouting at Sebelius, to allow her to actually answer his questions. “I do not have to allow her to answer the question!” Shimkus screamed in reply.


(Shimkus was attacking the aforementioned no-cost preventive care benefits under Obamacare, which include birth control and cancer screenings.)

BOTTOM LINE: Obamacare is working and more than a million Americans have gained access to health coverage because of the law, many for the very first time.

Planned Parenthood … Makes a big difference in the lives of young women &Men… college etc etc

Washington State Voters need to call call call Governor Inslee ASAP

Sharon Dudash removes a poster that has two people on it holding hands, touching noses

Sharon Dudash pulls a marketing photograph from a wall at Planned Parenthood in Kent on March 10, 2021. Planned Parenthood of the greater Northwest region has been facing financial struggles compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. (Matt M. McKnight/Crosscut)

Young people have moved away from home or as College-aged kids often don’t have a place to turn to… Planned Parenthood helped a whole lot of people in the late ’70s and ’80s make good choices that would have taken them into dire straights as too young inexperienced parents. and while they had options with planned parenthood … This organization does much much more to help the community of all who inhabit it, so tell your member of Congress having Planned Parenthood in your community is so needed as a Choice because it’s all about Choices… A woman has a right to choose! Women should also have access to afforded healthcare that this organization also offers …The idea that members of the right don’t agree with this is beyond confusing

– Nativegrl77

I Stand with Planned Parenthood


Ever since the House of Representatives voted to bar Planned Parenthood from all federal funding, we have seen a massive outpouring of support. I’ve always known how deeply you and other supporters care about Planned Parenthood and the women, men, and teens who rely on us — but I’ve never seen anything like this.

Here are five ways you can help, right now:

(1) If you haven’t already,http://www.ppaction.org/site/R?i=_-jIsGmjVFAOQgdOGM-RpA  sign our open letter to the members of Congress who voted to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding — and to the senators who still have a chance to stop it. Half a million people have already signed. Add your name. http://www.ppaction.org/site/R?i=ZvFWgOcJKA9zlgIeyDEl0g..

(2)Take a stand for Planned Parenthood and the women, men, and teens who rely on us in your community. Click here to find out about local events near you. http://www.ppaction.org/site/R?i=tciQKH6RcOYijBUBxv8ZZw  

(3)Make a gift to Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The work that lies ahead of us as the bill moves to the Senate for consideration is nothing short of astonishing. We need your help to rise to this incredible challenge.  http://www.ppaction.org/site/R?i=vPhxU9f1EB9cskZ8CKzEcQ..

(4)Find out how your representative voted on the bill to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding — and then let him or her know how you feel. http://www.ppaction.org/site/R?i=MotwfP65IXhiZEXPeiumIQ..  

(5)Share your story. Extreme anti-choice groups and their allies in Congress are spreading lies and misinformation about who we are and what we do. Help set the record straight by sharing your story about how Planned Parenthood has been there for you, your family, or your friends.  http://www.ppaction.org/site/R?i=mH690EBQ5bvfUFL7oA1PZA ..    

I can’t tell you what an enormous difference your unwavering dedication makes right now for Planned Parenthood and the women, men, and teens who rely on us.

Supporters like you truly are the heart and soul of this organization. Thank you for standing with us.


Cecile Richards, President

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

H.R.3 goes too far …The anti-choice bill


New legislation would take away the health benefits women have today. It attempts to ban private health insurance for abortion even in many cases of rape and when the woman’s life is in danger.

They’ve gone too far. Tell Congress to reject the anti-choice Smith bill.


H.R. 3 simply goes too far. The restrictions contained in this bill represent an unprecedented effort to deny women the right to make their own personal and private medical decisions and to purchase the health care coverage they want.


  “This is a reckless effort to cripple an irreplaceable organization out of pure politics.”

That’s what The New York Times wrote yesterday about extreme anti-choice legislation recently introduced in Congress that would strip Planned Parenthood of funds to provide preventive care — birth control and family planning — to millions of women. More people are recognizing the truth about what we’ve been saying for months: anti-choice attacks on women’s health and Planned Parenthood itself are escalating, and our opponents want nothing less than to eliminate Planned Parenthood and with it a source of care for millions of women.

The new anti-choice leadership in the House presents a real danger to the future of women’s health in America. The first step to stopping them is to speak out. Tell Congress to reject the anti-choice Smith bill.

Representative Smith (R-NJ) introduced a bill that attempts to ban private insurance coverage for abortion for millions of women — even for women who have such coverage today. It goes so far as to raise taxes for individuals and small businesses that purchase health insurance coverage for abortion with their own money. And it gets worse.

Heartlessly, the Smith bill would even prevent many rape survivors from getting the care they need. If this bill passes, only rape survivors who become pregnant through “forcible rape” will be allowed federal financing of abortion. This means women who are drugged, unconscious, coerced — or whatever else state lawmakers decide does not constitute “forcible rape” — could be excluded from the abortion coverage they need. Read that again, because it is truly shocking. The sponsors of this bill want to ban federal funding for abortion in cases of rape they deem not “forcible.”

This bill would reverse existing protections that guarantee millions of women access to abortion coverage when their life is in danger. And if that is not enough, it expands restrictions on abortion funding and makes them permanent. To protect access to abortion, we must stop this bill.

I can’t express how unjust, and how cruel, this legislation truly is. Rep. Smith and his extreme anti-choice colleagues have taken their campaign against women’s health and rights to a new low, and they must be stopped. Do your part now. Tell Congress to reject this attack on women’s health. Click here to take action.

It is unconscionable for anti-choice politicians who were elected on a promise to fix the economy to use their newly found power to deny women access to reproductive health care, including abortion. But that’s exactly what they are trying to do.

Our opponents want to shut down local Planned Parenthood health centers and deny women access to basic preventive health care like birth control and family planning. They want to take away women’s right to make their own personal and private medical decisions. The members of the new House majority have proven that there is no limit to how far they will go in their assault on women’s health and rights.

We have to stand against them. You and I and everyone who cares about women’s health, we must speak out together. Please, take action now — and then tell you friends, your family, and your co-workers to join you.

Thank you so very much for standing with us and the women, men, and teens that rely on Planned Parenthood.


Cecile Richards, President

Planned Parenthood …


Last week, President Obama called on all Americans to speak to one another “in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.” I welcome the president’s call for healing. We have a great need for this in America today. 

Instead of working on JOBS and the Economy, the new House Leadership is pushing proposals that will take Health Care away from women. 

The VOTE is Wednesday: Please tell your Representative to stand up for women’s health and vote AGAINST repealing health care reform.

Unfortunately, even with the president’s hopeful words still ringing in our ears, the House leadership is moving forward with an agenda that will harm American women. Tomorrow, they will bring up a vote to repeal the health care law which is already expanding health care coverage for the women of our country.

Tomorrow’s vote is just the beginning. If repealing the health care law were not enough, the new House leaders are pursuing a ban on private health insurance plans that include abortion coverage — a ban that is even more extreme than the Stupak abortion ban we defeated last year.

Members of Congress need to hear from us now, before they take health care benefits away from women across the country.

The nation thoroughly debated health care reform for two full years, and with the steadfast support of people from across the country — including millions of Planned Parenthood supporters like you — the final law marked a historic victory for women’s health.

Right now in your town, there are women who were uninsured and who now have health insurance because of the health care law, there are women who have better access to contraception and cancer screenings. In fact, the law expands all women’s ability to get affordable cancer screenings and other preventive services. It also holds the promise of giving women access to prescription birth control without co-pays. These are important contributions to making life better for women in every community. But House leaders want to take all of that away.

We can’t let them. Tell your representative to stand up for women’s health and vote against the repeal of health care reform.

It is unconscionable for anti-choice politicians who were elected on a promise to fix the economy to use their position to deny women access to reproductive health care, including abortion. But that’s exactly what they are trying to do.

The wish list of anti-choice activists is a mile long, and their allies on Capitol Hill are going to do all they can to satisfy their demands. That means relentlessly chipping away at a women’s right to choose. It means reversing all the progress we’ve made in recent years. It means defunding Planned Parenthood, and undermining women’s health at every turn.

If they win this fight to repeal health care reform, they’ll only be emboldened to push their agenda further. We have to stop them now — and remain vigilant in the weeks and months to come.

Please, take action today — and tell your friends, your family, and everyone you know who cares about women’s health to join us as we continue to stand up for women’s health each and every day.

Thank you so very much for standing with us and the women, men, and teens that rely on Planned Parenthood.


Cecile Richards, President

Planned Parenthood Federation of America