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In the pursuit of 21st Century living … Vote4DEMsElection2016 #HillaryClinton

WomenshcToday, in this 21st Century life, women still have to demand and or protest for the right to make their own personal health care choices.  It would be in all our best interests to remember the things Romney said about Roe V Wade, Planned Parenthood and to Minorities …including his comments about that 47% he targeted during his Presidential campaign.  I admit to not being able to understand or want to think about the trump factor in any part of a Woman’s health care decision, we all heard him say some women would face punishment for exercising their rights and while the Presidential race is close the fact remains… Today’s republican politician’s in Congress are extreme. We still have Republican Governors bent on making reproductive rights a moral issue, pushing abortion clinics out of reach, making women jump through hoops, and go through unnecessary procedures to shame them like transvaginal scopes as well as requirements that treat women as less than. The idea that women would have to wait for a procedure they choose to pay for let alone have to hear a doctor telling patients what any Governor wants is beyond offensive. Women need to be asking if this is big Government at work and demanding a change?

There are Bishops who want control of the women in their circles; maybe we need to tax those who want government funds but discriminate.

I will admit, the cliché, “do as we say NOT as we do” keeps coming to my mind every time I hear folks like the Governor of Mississippi speak on issues of women’s reproductive rights. The donald has allowed and unleashed other anti-choice republicans in office to show their true selves and we need to vote their sorry asses out! Why do we accept that Men’s health care issues unlike women’s are treated different? We all know doctors provide enhancement drugs among other things without question to the men in our or out of our lives. The crazy thing is most women are happy that men can receive great health care services because it means the women in their lives are healthier as well. Unfortunately,  women of colour are being singled out as abortion scarlet’s , abortion abusers, portrayed as something mysterious possibly evil and definitely disrespected by some extreme folks on the right who do not seem to understand that birth control , contraceptives and abortion if needed are a part of ALL women’s health care.  This includes the notion that single women who decide to keep their babies as the ones who “create thugs” so for them there seems to be no win win situation with the left of center and extreme right.

Sadly, women know that the struggle to gain equality in all its forms is an ongoing fight ….We must continue the fight for reproductive rights! I appreciate all the bills that have been signed by President Obama to push Americans into 21st Century living …


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