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Can That Be Recycled?

Pop Quiz:
Can That Be Recycled?
The Bathroom Edition

How much do you know about recycling in the bathroom? Photo: Johnson & Johnson
To test your recycling knowledge, Earth911 put together a pop quiz about recycling items in a place you may never have considered: the bathroom. See if you’re fit for a (toilet) throne, or whether your ideas about recyclables need to be flushed down the drain.

VIDEO: We Are Not ‘Garbage’ … Axel Caballero from Cuéntame

Few industries have a greater impact on neighborhoods, residents, workers’ rights and environment than the waste and recycling industry. Their drive for profit has left a trail of abuse, neglect and indifference and in some instances – death. Enough is enough, the community is standing up and saying: We are not garbage!
Watch this moving and powerful video and send a message to public officials that they must act now!
One of the worst offending companies is American Reclamation. A company that represents precisely what is wrong with this industry across the country – with dozens of health and safety violations that have resulted in official investigations. Even so, these companies are on the brink of securing major city contracts.
We must show that we stand behind our recyclers. They are listening right now. So leave or send your comment and we will deliver it to the appropriate official!
Together we can change the course.

Yours, Axel Caballero and the Cuéntame team.