SeaTac business owners say they may leave if Prop. 1 passes ~~ the other Washington

Chip in $5 today and help us fight for a living wage

This summer, fast food workers across the country demanded higher wages. This fall, a small city in South King County is in the national spotlight in the battle for a living wage. 1

SeaTac Proposition 1, the Good Jobs Initiative, deals with fair labor practices and the minimum wage. It will raise the minimum wage for more than 6,000 transportation and hospitality workers and give them common sense benefits, like paid sick leave.

Dozens of Democratic officeholders have endorsed SeaTac Proposition 1, including Rep. Adam Smith, King County Executive Dow Constantine, and Speaker Frank Chopp. 2

Providing a living wage shouldn’t be such a radical idea. The problem is… we haven’t kept our bargain with wage earners.

Earlier this year Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) shared this information during a Labor and Pensions hearing:

If we started in 1960 and we said that as productivity goes up, that is as workers are producing more, then the minimum wage is going to go up the same. And if that were the case then the minimum wage today would be about $22 an hour.” – Senator Elizabeth Warren

Large corporations located in the SeaTac area are fighting tooth and nail to defeat Proposition 1. If Democratic voters in the area turn out, we will succeed in requiring corporations to pay a fair, equitable living wage.

Less than a week to go. Chip in $5, $10, $25, or whatever you can afford and join us as we fight for Washington’s workers.

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Dwight Pelz Washington State Democrats Chair