Texas and Virginia

Dear Friend,
Two weeks before Election Day, Texas implemented a voter ID law so radical a district judge was barred from voting early because she had her maiden name on her driver’s license.
If a well-connected judge has trouble voting, can you imagine how hard it will be for the low-income women, minorities and seniors the law was designed to reject? We have to act NOWto stop these abuses.  The threat is not limited to Texas. In Virginia, Republicans just purged 38,000 voters to boost Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s chances to claim the governor’s mansion.
This is not democracy we believe in. ThinkProgress has been a leader in exposing voter suppression, but we need your support now. We need $15,000 by midnight Saturday so we can get into Virginia and Texas to expose voter suppression tactics. Your help can make it possible.
We have 3 days. The story of election night can’t be voter theft.
Donate $5 or more to help us ramp up our efforts to expose attacks on voting rights. We’re the last line of defense standing against these shady dealings.
The Right’s hardly even hiding their strategy anymore – just the other day, a North Carolina Republican resigned after saying voter ID laws were made to suppress “lazy blacks.”
But wherever they have power and know they are losing the battle of ideas, they are using all means necessary—unafraid of the consequences.
We need to make them feel the consequences, by making sure the public knows what’s happening and why. As aggressive as attacks on voters have been, we need to be even more aggressive in protecting everyone’s right to vote.
Can we count on you to help us raise $15,000 right away? In 6 days, all eyes will be on Virginia. Help us make sure the election’s decided fairly.
Donate as much as you can before midnight Saturday to help stop the right from stealing elections and silencing anyone who doesn’t agree with them. The battle over voting rights has a long history that has been written by those willing to stand up over and over again.
Thanks for all you do,
John Podesta Chair, Center for American Progress Action Fund