The world’s poorest communities need trees.


Every time we do a tree-planting, I hear  back from local residents, who tell us how the trees we’ve planted have helped  them provide for their families and have allowed them to live happier and  healthier lives.

They’re really thanking YOU, our generous  supporters. But our work is not done yet.

For every dollar you donate, we’ll plant one more  tree.

Trees provide food, energy and income, helping  communities to achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability.  Trees also filter the air and help stave off the effects of climate change.

With your generous donation, you can improve the lives of  some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens.

Last year, Earth Day Network made an  important commitment to the Global Poverty Project to plant 10 million trees in impoverished areas  around the world over the next five years.

We need your help to meet our goal. Please  consider contributing to this critical effort today.

John Maleri
Associate Director of Earth Day, Earth Day  Network

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