Battered Wife Syndrome

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My sister, Judy, wanted me to share her poem with you. She has a powerful story in her words filled with pain and anger. Could you please give me comments about how you are praying for her? Part of battered person syndrome is the feeling that you are helpless to do anthing to empower yourself to  escape the living hell of your abuse.

My sister did communicate the message effectively to her husband to stop beating her up. She says the physical abuse ended a long time ago, but the emotional abuse continues.

Personally, I want my sister to leave her husband. The decision to stay or leave rests with my sister. I have prayed for her and keep praying for her to flex the wings of her own indpendence. She could have entered a graphic arts program with her artistic skills that likely came from my mother. There are…

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Taking Control of America’s Energy Future

In his weekly address, President Obama discusses progress in American energy and highlights that we are now producing more oil at home than we buy from other countries for the first time in nearly two decades. We reached this milestone in part not only because we’re producing more energy, but because we’re wasting less energy, and as a result, we are also reducing our carbon emissions while growing the economy.

Click here to watch this week’s Weekly Address.

Watch: President Obama's Weekly Address

Honoring our Military: On Veterans Day, the President honored those who have served, or are currently serving, our country. The President hosted a breakfast that morning for veterans and their families before heading off to Arlington Cemetery with the Vice President, the First Lady, and Dr. Biden. The President participated in a wreath-laying ceremony and spoke to the crowd about the devotion and commitment of those who don our nation’s uniform.

In the life of our nation, across every generation, there are those who stand apart. They step up, they raise their hands, they take that oath. They put on the uniform and they put their lives on the line. They do this so that the rest of us might live in a country and a world that is safer, freer, and more just.

The President also reminded Americans that we need to support troops after they have come home. “This is how we’ll be judged.  Not just by how well we care for our troops in battle, but how we treat them when they come home,” the President said. Check out the President’s remarks here.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden wrote an op-ed about Joining Forces that appeared in military news websites, highlighting their commitment to employment, wellness, and education for veterans, service members, and their families.

Continuing his work with members of the military later that week, the President welcomed senior civilian defense and military leaders to an annual meeting and dinner, where those present discussed a wide range of issues.

Affordable Care Act: President Obama made a statement in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room on Thursday, announcing new steps to help those Americans that are receiving insurance cancellation notices. The President stated that insurers can offer customers who have been notified about canceled plans the option to renew their 2013 plan in 2014.

“It took 100 years for us to even get to the point where we could start talking about and implementing a law to make sure everybody has got health insurance,” the President said. “And my pledge to the American people is, is that we’re going to solve the problems that are there, we’re going to get it right, and the Affordable Care Act is going to work for the American people.”

Manufacturing in Ohio: The President spoke at a steel factory in Cleveland, Ohio on Thursday, highlighting the plant’s comeback after nearly 1,200 steelworkers were furloughed when the auto industry was on the brink of collapse. Today, ArcelorMittal, is the largest supplier of steel in the auto industry and is a global leader in producing advanced high-strength steel for fuel efficient cars. “The story of this plant is the story of America over the last five years,” President Obama said. “We haven’t just been recovering from a crisis. What we’ve been trying to do is rebuild a new foundation for growth and prosperity to protect ourselves from future crises.”

Tribal Nations Conference: On Thursday, the White House hosted the fifth White House Tribal Nationals Conference, which welcomed leaders from all 566 federally recognized tribes. The President spoke to conference attendees, highlighting the need for strengthening justice and tribal sovereignty, expanding opportunities for Native Americans, and protecting tribal lands. Read the President’s full remarks here.

Protecting kids with asthma and allergies: President Obama signed into law the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act on Wednesday, which encourages schools to plan for severe asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Approximately 9.5 percent of American children suffer from asthma, and between 4 and 6 percent of children have food allergies. By updating and upgrading school’s response capacity for asthma and food allergies, this law will help relieve the anxiety of millions of parents.

First Lady Talks Education: First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visited Bell Multicultural High School in Washington, D.C. to discuss the importance of youth empowerment and education. The First Lady shared her personal academic experiences to a group of sophomores, telling them that she pushed herself to have a strong academic and extracurricular record. “And when I encountered doubters…when people told me that I wasn’t going to cut it… I didn’t let that stop me,” she said.

Keep produce fresh longer …

I saw this in my in-box and had to share. I have no idea if it works … pretty sure it’s something my mom probably did though
Spice-Infused Paper Keeps Food Fresh Longer

FreshPaper’s special blend of spices helps keep produce fresh longer. Photo: Fenugreen
Hate when you’re forced to devour your fruits and veggies before they spoil? FreshPaper, a grandmother-inspired invention that’s described as a “dryer sheet for produce,” can keep food fresh two to four times longer. Line your fridge and fruit bowl with these bad boys and recycle or compost them to prevent further waste.

Nicky Davies, Greenpeace

Deja Vu

Shell has just announced that it will attempt to drill for oil in the Alaskan Arctic again next year.
Take action today!
Tell President Obama to pull Shell’s permits and save the Arctic by taking action today.
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Shell is heading to the pristine Alaskan Arctic next year to drill for oil. 
There’s a reason this sounds familiar. The company tried the same thing back in 2012 until a series of mishaps, general incompetence and the activism of millions of people from around the world put an end to its plans.
Shell will stop at nothing to get at the oil it believes is under the Arctic. As a senior Shell official reminded the world last week, drilling for oil in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea is “the single largest exploration prospect in the Shell Group.” The stakes couldn’t be higher for Shell or the environment.
Stopping Shell is simple: President Obama has the power to pull Shell’s drilling permits any time he wants. But it’s going to take overwhelming public support for the President to do the right thing and stand up to Big Oil.
Help us send 75,000 messages before Thanksgiving by taking action right now demanding that President Obama pull Shell’s permits and keep oil companies out of the Arctic for good.
The destruction of one of the last pristine places on Earth and the prospect of runaway climate change mean little to companies like Shell and its Arctic drilling Russian counterpart Gazprom. It’s all about the financial bottom-line.
These companies will go to great lengths to silence opposition. Nowhere is this clearer than in Russia where 28 Greenpeace activists and two freelance journalists are currently facing lengthy prison sentences for peacefully protesting Arctic drilling.
We can’t back down. No matter how far those in power go to silence the people who speak out against Arctic oil drilling and environmental destruction. You can stand with these activists in Russia by taking action today demanding that President Obama pull Shell’s permits to drill in the Arctic.
I believe the campaign to save the Arctic will be one of the defining environmental fights of this generation.
It’s an opportunity to say ‘enough.’ Enough to environmental destruction in the name of profit. Enough to our reliance on fossil fuels that is driving runaway climate change. Enough to the corporate control of our democracy.
Together we can do something big and it starts with keeping Shell out of the Alaskan Arctic in 2014.
For the Arctic and its people,
Nicky Davies Greenpeace USA Campaigns Director
PS. Shell just announced plans to drill in the Arctic next summer. If we want to stop runaway climate change and protect one of the last unspoiled places on Earth, that can’t happen. Tell President Obama to pull Shell’s drilling permits and keep oil companies out of the Arctic for good.

Official Google blog ~~ Renewable energy

As part of our quest to power our operations with 100% renewable energy, we’ve agreed to purchase the entire output of the 240 MW Happy Hereford wind farm outside of Amarillo, Texas. This agreement represents our fifth long-term agreement and our largest commitment yet; we’ve now contracted for more than 570 MW of wind energy, which is enough energy to power approximately 170,000 U.S. households.
The Happy Hereford wind farm, which is expected to start producing energy in late 2014, is being developed by Chermac Energy, a small, Native American-owned company based in Oklahoma. The wind farm will provide energy to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the regional grid that serves our Mayes County, Okla. data center.

Some (happy) cows on the future site of the wind farm. 
 The cows will still have plenty of room to graze between the turbines.

The structure of this agreement is similar to our earlier commitments in Iowa and Oklahoma. Due to the current structure of the market, we can’t consume the renewable energy produced by the wind farm directly, but the impact on our overall carbon footprint and the amount of renewable energy on the grid is the same as if we could consume it. After purchasing the renewable energy, we’ll retire the renewable energy credits (RECs) and sell the energy itself to the wholesale market. We’ll apply any additional RECs produced under this agreement to reduce our carbon footprint elsewhere.
This type of power purchase agreement represents one of several ways we’re working to make additional renewable energy available for both our data centers and the communities in which we operate. In Scandinavia, due to the region’s unified power market and grid system, we’re able to purchase wind energy in Sweden and directly consume it at our Hamina, Finland data center.  We’re also working with our local utility partners to develop new options. In 2012, we signed an agreement with GRDA, our utility partner in Oklahoma, to green the energy supply to our Oklahoma data center with 48 MW of wind energy from the Canadian Hills Wind Project. Earlier this year, we began working with Duke Energy to develop a new renewable energy tariff (PDF) in North Carolina.
We take a comprehensive approach to acquiring renewable energy for our operations. We’ll continue working directly with utility providers, collaborating with industry regulators and pursuing creative agreements (PDF) like the Happy Hereford PPA.
Posted by Matt Pfile, Senior Manager, Data Center Energy and Location Strategy