Daily Snapshot … #ACA and Jobs


a repost from 7/30/13

What the Affordable Care Act Really Means for Job Growth

The White House released a new analysis of the relationship between the Affordable Care Act and job growth in the form of an animated GIF.


As ACA Implementation Continues, Consumer Health Care Cost Growth Has Slowed

Prices for personal consumption expenditures (PCE) on health care goods and services rose just 1.1 percent over the twelve months ending in May 2013, the slowest rate of increase in nearly 50 years.


How Immigration Reform Will Benefit Farmers and Rural Communities

The White House released a new report detailing the important benefits provided by the bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill for the domestic agriculture sector, its workforce, and rural American communities.


Don’t let the “Undectectable Firearms Act” expire on 12/9/2013 …

Team –
If you or your family have ever visited an airport, courthouse, or even some hospitals and schools, you know that a metal detector can be the last line of defense between your loved ones and a criminal with a gun.

But on December 9th, a relatively obscure but important law that prohibits the sale or shipment of firearms not detectable by a walk-through metal detector is set to expire.

It’s called the Undetectable Firearms Act and in the age of 3D printers that can produce a gun made almost entirely of plastic, it’s imperative that Congress move to reauthorize the legislation.

With three weeks to go, time is running out. It’s important that you sign our petition urging the House and Senate leadership to bring the Act to a vote before it expires.

Add your name here:

In the past Republicans and Democrats have come together to renew the law by simple voice votes. Even the NRA has agreed not to oppose the bill.

We’re counting on Congress to reauthorize this responsible solution to reduce gun violence. If you make your voice heard, we’re sure they will.

All the best,

Gabby and Mark

3.1 Million Jobs


Republicans Keeping Millions of Americans Unemployed

The GOP’s austerity spending cuts and strategy of government-by-crisis are hurting the economy in a real and tangible way. As the infographic below explains, Republicans and the policies they support have killed or put at risk 3.1 MILLION jobs since 2010.

Check it out.