Clicking Away in New Orleans: Off the Beaten Path Part I, The Restaurants

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I am debating about what to post! I’ve been to many great places lately: Toronto, New Orleans and next I will be in Las Vegas, Dallas, Rhode Island and New York City. So I don’t have a lot of time in my kitchen but I’m still enjoying good food. If you are following me on Instagram or my Facebook page (link), you probably already know about a few places 😉

The Toronto trip was in early October, but I just came back from New Orleans, so I think I”d rather let New Orleans cut in line this time when my memory is still fresh.

I’ve been to New Orleans many times and never miss the chance to go there when the opportunity presents itself. I can easily say that NOLA is officially my second favorite city in the US. Oh oh…do not trying to guess which city is my most…

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More Problems At CBS

Media Matters for America

CBS finally retracted its flawed 60 Minutes Benghazi report. But as it continues to stonewall calls for an independent inquiry, new concerns being raised about the original report, and another flawed CBS report has emerged.

John Whitehouse Twitter: @existentialfish

More Major Issues

Lara LoganMcClatchy is the latest news outlet to offer a damning critique of the 60 Minutes Benghazi report. McClatchy’s reporting finds fault in Lara Logan‘s report even beyond the statements of CBS’ discredited “eyewitness”: Related: 60 Minutes‘ failure to disclose its financial conflict of interest was not an isolated incident: Eric Boehlert examines what questions CBS still must answer –and why they might not want to:

Another CBS Sourcing Issue

Attkisson, IssaAnother CBS “exclusive” story has quickly fallen apart. CBS reported a project manager was kept in the dark about security failures. In reality, a “partial transcript” that excluded the context shows that this was about a part of the site not due to go live until 2014: Related: Simon Maloy explains how CBS could have quickly fact checked this: Storied outlets from The New York Times to the Associated Press ran with this flawed story:

What Is Wrong At Fox?

Haiyan destructionFox host Stuart Varney said he got a “big smile” when Australia refused to give aid after an official from the Philippines tearfully asked for nations to give to a climate fund in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan: Related: Fox also lashed out at George Clooney over climate change and Typhoon Haiyan: You can support the American Red Cross Typhoon relief effort here:




Jon StewartThe Daily Show and The Colbert Report both criticized CBS’ 60 Minutes for its now discredited Benghazi report.


LimbaughIn response to a series of ads for health care aimed at young people, Rush Limbaugh claimed his sexist attacks on Sandra Fluke from last year were vindicated.


Megyn KellyMegyn Kelly recently featured a guest who claimed he sold his business because of Obamacare. When Salon’s Eric Stern looked into it, he found the story far more complicated than Kelly let on:


Media Matters Billboard Campaign Calls On CNBC To Improve Its Climate Coverage

A Trojan Horse


Who Is Really Trying to ‘Fix’ Obamacare?

President Obama, Congressional Democrats, and House Republicans all have proposed changes to Affordable Care Act to address concerns over dropped policies, but not all of these so-called fixes are created equal.

While the Democratic plans seek changes to actually address the concerns, the Republican plan passed by the House of Representatives today is actually a Trojan Horse meant to destroy Obamacare and put insurance companies back in charge once and for all. In fact, Speaker Boehner (R-OH) explained that it was a “targeted strike” on the law and just one more step on the road to repeal.

(The road to repeal seems to be neverending, as the House has now voted at least 46 times to repeal Obamacare and yet it’s still the law of the land.)

House Republicans further betrayed their true motivations today when they used procedural tricks to block a vote on a Democratic plan to allow insurers to keep offering cancelled plans, expand oversight of rate hikes, and require insurers to notify consumers of alternatives to their sub-standard plans.

The GOP’s reason for blocking a vote on the bill? They said it had too manyprovisions protecting consumers from insurance companies and abusive rate hikes.Seriously.

Here’s a chart breaking down the differences between the main proposals out there to address concerns about insurers dropping sub-standard insurance plans:


BOTTOM LINE: Democrats are interested in making Obamacare work. Republicans are only interested in making it go away.

It’s Time For An Upgrade: Let’s End the Mommy Penalty for NY Women!

The New York Women’s Equality Coalition has just relaunched a statewide digital and grassroots campaign to demand a Women’s Equality Agenda for New York State. Our campaign shines a spotlight on the need to update and strengthen New York State laws to reflect the reality of women’s lives in 2013. The Coalition has also launched an exciting video highlighting the antiquated laws in New York that need an upgrade.
Illegal or Just Sleazy? Watch to Find Out…
Test your knowledge of the gaps in New York’s discrimination laws by watching  this video. Then show it to your friends, your family, and your legislators! Send it, post it, tweet it, and get involved in the push to pass the Women’s Equality Agenda before it dies on December 31st. Click on the picture below to see and share the video.
Mind The (Motherhood Wage) Gap!
We recently focused on women, like Armanda Legros, who are demanding that state legislators stand up for pregnant women and new mothers in New York State. Read our Op-Ed in the Albany Times Union  here.
This week, we focus on the wage gap. Women in New York make only 84% of men’s earnings, and the percentage is even worse for women of colorMothers in particular are less likely to be hired and promoted, and, on average, receive a lower salary, than their childless counterparts. The Women’s Equality Agenda would help close this maternal wage gap by prohibiting discrimination against parents in the workplace and strengthening our state’s equal pay laws. Every day that our legislators fail to take action is another day that the women of New York lose out! Read our blog post here.
Please take a moment to  sign Armanda’s petition and tell legislators that New York needs the Women’s Equality Agenda!
Twitter Rally TOMORROW 12-1pm ET!
What else can you do to make your voice heard? We’re having a twitter rallyTOMORROWWednesday, 12pm-1pm on the maternal wage gap. Here are a few sample tweets you can use to let your followers know that the “mommy penalty” is unfair, senseless, and needs to end NOW!

  • In NY, moms make 5% less per child than their childless peers. We need legislators to pass the #WEA and #UpgradeNY to end this now!
  • A bigger family shouldn’t mean a smaller salary! Pass the #WEA to end the mommy penalty for NY women #UpgradeNY
  • We need laws that work as hard as today’s working moms. #UpgradeNY #WEArestrong Learn more @
  • Vintage: Great for t-shirts, bad for New York law. Let’s pass the #WEA and #UpgradeNY today!
New York’s outdated laws have to change and we won’t stop until women and families have true equality across the state–stay tuned for our new 2014 Women’s Equality Agenda.
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