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Servio CuripomaFor the past two weeks we have brought you the courageous and heartbreaking story of Servio Curipoma and his ongoing struggle for clean water, a healthy environment and remediation of the toxic wasteland that Chevron left in his rainforest homeland. Speaking with him at his farm in Ecuador just last week, it was clear that he seeks only to be able to work his land and leave something for his children – to afford a peaceful and productive life – something that Chevron continues to deliberately deny him.

Servio’s fight is only going to get tougher as Chevron’s multibillion dollar legal defense continues to pour money into lambasting those seeking justice, those who have already won. The story is an endless circus of lies, vilification and a callousness that defies rationality.

We need your support to keep the pressure up. We are doing everything we can to make sure Chevron doesn’t get away with the most blatant environmental crime in history.

Amazon Watch will continue to work with the broad coalition of institutional shareholders, NGOs, affected peoples and individuals to pressure Chevron until they accept responsibility for their horrendous crime and do the right thing. After a 20-year legal battle, this is a case that is simply too big to fail. With your help we’ll continue to pressure Chevron, demand enforcement of the judgment and bear witness to its ridiculous countersuit alleging that the plaintiffs sued Chevron in an attempt to defraud them (Really?!).

Please support Amazon Watch and our Clean Up Ecuador campaign today. Your contribution will help us continue to stand with Servio and the 30,000 other Ecuadorians who have suffered for too long. We will not allow Chevron to drown out their voices – to drown out the truth about what happened in Ecuador.

For justice – for the opportunity to set an international precedent for the rights of indigenous peoples to defend their homes from companies seeking profits over people – please add your support.

For the Amazon,

Branden Barber
Branden Barber
Engagement Director

Oldest Living WWII Veteran …

Photo: President Obama Greets the Oldest Living WWII VeteranPresident Barack Obama greets Mr. Overton, 107 years old and the oldest living World War II veteran.

President Barack Obama greets Richard Overton, with Earlene Love-Karo, in the Blue Room of the White House, Nov. 11, 2013. Mr. Overton,107 years old and the oldest living World War II veteran, attended the Veteran’s Day Breakfast at the White House. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)


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Orange and Black : gets another season

Orange Is the New Black

I ~~ just recently heard about the online show from some folks I know online. I did not get the plot line but there were many sides being taken for some of the characters on the show like Piper, Red, Larry, Daya, Vee and more.  Then Saturday morning MPH had some of the cast on her show giving me as well as viewers a better idea and glimpse into the world of those on the other side of the plexiglass for women in lock up. The incarcerated and living what looks like … out loud, intense and worrisome for a couple of the inmate’s flows with great comedic flair. However, if you break it down the realities are quite different. Laverne Cox , who is and plays a transgendered female on the show pulls back the curtain on her life as a black man and the liabilities against the juxtaposition of being a transgendered female in lock up no less with all the complications the relationships and the anxiety of living life, let alone in lock up. Yet, it does look like living loving locked up and out loud seems to have gotten this great cast a 2nd Season. So, I am watching MH/ msnbc and find out that the show Orange is the new Black is based on the book and real life story about life in prison for 15 months of and  by Piper Kerman ~~ you should get the book too!

I say check it out. I am not sure how it helps get folks who are 50% or more likely to be in lock up in a funny mood … just saying

FYI: this show is from the creator of Weeds on Netflix

The comments above are my own …

All the information below about Orange is the new Black is from the internet!

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2: New Set Photos Released On Facebook

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2: New Set Photos Released On Facebook

Update: This one just hit Instagram:  Back in June, about two weeks before the first season was even released, Netflix announced that it has renewed Orange is the New Black for a second season….

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2 Has Begun Filming

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2 Has Begun Filming

Orange is the New Black continues to capture a great deal of buzz on the Internet nearly three weeks after the launch of the entire first season.  Netflix announced that it would produce a second seas…

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cast Gets New Addition For Season 2

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cast Gets New Addition For Season 2

Netflix’s new hit show Orange is the New Black has added a cast member for the second season, and promoted a couple of recurring cast members from the first season to regulars for the second one.   …