Nancy Duff Campbell and Marcia Greenberger


Nancy Duff Campbell and Marcia Greenberger

In yesterday’s election, we saw voters were with us on the issues. Here are a few bright spots: Four states and two cities voted to raise the minimum wage. Two out of three states voted down restrictions on reproductive rights. One state and three cities guaranteed paid sick days to their workers. And extreme candidates moderated their messages to appear to support women’s issues.

Now it’s up to us to hold them to their campaign promises.

You may feel down — but we’re not out. Not by a long shot. Pledge to stand with us.

We won't back down.

The women’s vote continues to be a critical factor in elections — and politicians need to make sure they don’t turn their back on policies that help women. But we also know that we’ll need to roll up our sleeves, stand by our agenda, and use every tool we can to make advances for women and their families.

This is not the time to back down. Now is the time to fight even harder, stand even stronger and never let up for a minute.

Will you join us?

Nancy Duff Campbell and Marcia Greenberger
National Women’s Law Center

Protect federal and military retiree pensions …


In this tough economy, there are always businesses looking to take advantage of people. Sadly, a new underhanded business practice is targeting the pensions of federal and military retirees.

In the same spirit as payday and car title loans that victimize the poor, “pension advance” schemes provide instant cash at a terrible cost.

Veterans and federal employees are encouraged to sign away pensions earned over decades for a high interest loan laden with hidden fees obscured by complex fine print.

Representative Cartwright (D-PA) has introduced a bill, H.R. 3310, that would end this unethical practice. We need your help to force John Boehner to bring this to a vote. Sign the petition here.  

Our veterans and public servants deserve better.

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