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Rachel Maddow just did a harrowing exposé on North Carolina Tea Partier Thom Tillis — whose race will be “the tipping point for the Senate battle,” according to Nate Silver.

Maddow reports that Tillis is the worst of the worst: “Tillis has helped cut off access to medical care for struggling families; he opposes gay rights; he’s helped impose ridiculous new voting restrictions; and he’s curtailed reproductive rights while expanding opportunities to carry loaded guns in bars.”

The scariest part? North Carolina is the GOP’s #1 target: the Kochs have spent more there than in every other race COMBINED, pulling Tillis into a 41-41 tie with Democrat Kay Hagan.

To stop Tillis and other extreme Republicans from winning and costing us the whole Senate, we must neutralize their air assault with our $60 million, 4,000 staff powered Grassroots Victory Project — our “largest and most data-driven ground game yet,” according to the New York Times.




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Staci Appel for Iowa

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With Staci’s potential opponents headed to a convention this week, we can only expect their extreme positions to get even worse as they try to appeal to the same Tea Party base that endorsed Rick Santorum just two years ago.

Nothing is more shocking, though, than Brad Zaun’s and Matt Schultz’s shared views on women. They’ve both signaled support for a proposal which would severely limit a woman’s ability to make her own medical decisions.

This is precisely the reason that it is time for Iowa to Staci Appel Congress. For too long we’ve let men decide questions of women’s health – it’s time to give women a voice. Add your name today to stand with Staci against our opponents’ reckless proposal.

These so called “personhood amendments” are the latest far-right ploy to set women’s rights back nearly 50 years.

Staci is ready to take on whomever their nominee is this fall, but if it is one of these guys, this fight is going to be especially important to women across the country. This backward-looking regulation of women’s bodies needs to stop!

Join us today and stand against their reckless and outdated attempts to take away a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her body. They’re too extreme for Iowa, and that is exactly why it’s time for Iowa to send a woman to Washington.

Thanks for standing with us today.

Sarah Shepson
Appel for Iowa

URGENT: Officer Wilson could get away with murder

The next few days are pivotal in the fight for justice for Mike Brown. Unless Governor Nixon secures a special prosecutor, Officer Darren Wilson will likely not be held accountable and could remain on the police force1 — a daily threat to the lives and security of Ferguson residents and painful reminder of Gov. Nixon’s failed leadership.2

Before news of the grand jury verdict, we have a key window of opportunity to stop County Attorney McCulloch from preventing justice for Mike Brown — but we need Governor Nixon to act. If enough people contribute, we can increase pressure on Governor Nixon to leverage his influence and secure a special prosecutor before it’s too late. We finally found a St. Louis media company willing to help hold Governor Nixon accountable — but we need your support to make it happen.

Will contribute a sustaining donation to keep this powerful billboard running outside Gov. Nixon’s St. Louis office?

Governor Nixon, what will you do in this moment with the whole world watching?

At every step of the way, Governor Nixon has failed to show the necessary leadership to address Missouri’s discriminatory policing crisis and secure justice for Mike Brown’s family.3 Instead of intervening in County Prosecutor McCulloch’s outrageous mishandling of the case against Darren Wilson, Governor Nixon has chosen to sit idly by.4 With enough member support we can run this bold action sure to catch the Governor’s attention and force him to decide his next step — either restore integrity to Missouri’s justice system and pressuring McCulloch off the case or allow Darren Wilson to get away with murder.

Every donation makes a huge difference. If just .01% of ColorOfChange members give today we can afford the cost of increasing pressure on Gov. Nixon to secure a special prosecutor.

Thanks and peace,

—Rashad, Matt, Arisha, Lyla, Jamar and the rest of the ColorOfChange team
October 30th, 2014


1. “Ferguson protesters brace for possible no indictment in Michael Brown case,” MSNBC 10-18-2014

2. “Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon unveils plan for Ferguson’s future,” MSNBC 10-21-2014

3. See reference 2.

4. “Ferguson tragedy becoming a farce,” Washington Post 09-12-2014

Meet Mark Pryor

running against tom cotton … a Republican


I know no candidate is perfect, but if they are running to represent you as a Public Servant there are certain mandatory things they should all live up to … and one of them being that oath they take, yet is seemingly being tossed aside by Republicans


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The GOP’s plan to take control of the Senate runs straight through Arkansas. They need to pick up six seats this fall, and they’ve set their sights on my colleague, Mark Pryor.

The thing is, the people of Arkansas like Mark Pryor, and with good reason. He stood with farmers when his opponent decided to play politics with the farm bill. He voted in favor of the health care reforms that have helped hundreds of thousands of people find affordable health insurance.

But that’s not going to stop the RNC and special interest groups from dumping millions of dollars into the Arkansas Senate race. Karl Rove’s group, Crossroads GPS, just announced Arkansas would be one of the targets in a $10 million plus ad blitz.

Mark needs our help. His campaign is trying to raise $60,000 by the end of May to fight back. Can you chip in $5 to help him stay strong?

What a difference 6 years makes:

President Obama Took Office
(January 2009)
7,949 The Dow Jones Index 17,390
7.8% Unemployment 5.9%
-5.4% GDP Growth 4.6%
9.8% Deficit GDP % 2.8%
37.7 Consumer Confidence 94.5

President Obama has done so much for so many people. And he’s done it against unprecedented Republican obstruction.

It hasn’t been easy. But President Obama kept fighting for us.

So we owe this to him: we have to do everything we can to give President Obama a Congress he can work with for his final 2 years.

every dollar you give today helps us get one more Obama voter to the polls.

This election is teetering on a knife’s edge. If we’re going to give President Obama a Democratic victory, we need as much help as we can get in these final days. Can you help?