Prison for Parking Tickets ?

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This season reminds us that there are a lot of things to be thankful for.

For instance, not having to go to jail for minor infractions like parking tickets.

But sadly, that’s not the reality for everyone. We live in a world where government and corporations continue to make money off of those who are poor, hungry and desperate.

To Prison for Poverty exposes two private probation companies who exploit and make million of dollars off of people who can’t afford small fines.

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As we give thanks this holiday season, let’s continue to challenge the systems that profit off of poverty.

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Together we can continue to exposed poverty profiteers and give everyone more to be thankful for.

Thanks for all that you do.
Robert Greenwald, President
Brave New Films

#ImmigrationReform ~~~ is personal

The White House, Washington

As a kid, I dreamed of graduating from college, and hugging my parents with my diploma in hand.

There was just one problem: I found out that I am not a citizen. My parents brought me to America when I was just four years old.

This country is the only place I’ve ever called home. It means everything to me. And when I learned that I was undocumented, it shattered my life.

President Obama’s action on immigration offered me the chance to give back — to do right by the law, and contribute to this country that has given me so much. And his actions last week will give that opportunity to so many people who are Americans in their hearts, but not on paper.

I know this is an issue President Obama cares deeply about and that’s why I was so moved by what he had to say about it. Watch for yourself here.

This is about bringing undocumented immigrants like me out of the shadows, so that we can do right by the law and play by the rules. That’s why President Obama is taking these steps — but as he said on Friday, Congress needs to pass a comprehensive solution to fully solve this problem.

Because my brother is a citizen, my parents will have a chance to stay here and keep our family together. So for me, this is personal. But I’m not the only one: So many families will benefit.

See what the President announced last week, and please share this message with your friends and family:

Thank you,

Astrid Silva

Not done yet

On November 4, we took the biggest — and toughest — step forward, yet.

When Washington State said Yes to 594, we showed reformers across the nation that they can not only fight — but also beat — the gun lobby at the ballot box and bring commonsense reforms to our gun laws.

The truth is that we couldn’t have done it without your support, which kept us going through the attacks and a tough campaign.

But we’re not done yet. There’s so much left to do to reduce gun violence here in Washington.

Moving forward, we here at The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility will be working closely with the Center for Gun Responsibility to continue educating the public and helping pass commonsense gun laws that will make us all safer.

And now, it’s time for our lawmakers to do their job and stand up for commonsense gun laws.

What can you do in this new phase? We want to know what you believe we should focus on during Washington’s next legislative session.

Take our quick one-question survey, and let us know what you think our top legislative priorities should be for reducing gun violence and making our communities safer.

The people of Washington have done their part to reduce gun violence at the ballot box, and now it’s our legislators’ turn to do theirs.

Thanks for your help,

Zach Silk
Campaign Manager
Yes on 594