Kayaktivists & A Global Movement

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(Images from the #PaddleinSeattle protest) 

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by Annie Leonard, Greenpeace

The global movement stop Arctic drilling has taken a giant leap forward in the last few weeks. So much has happened it’s hard to even know where to even begin!

But I want to start with saying “THANK YOU.” Everything I am about to tell you was only possible because of the courage and support of the people like you who make up this movement.

When we started this, we knew it would be a challenge. Arctic drilling off the coast of Alaska was seen as a done deal. To stop Arctic drilling we need a movement.

And that’s what you are — you are part of a movement, and it’s clear you’re doing something right.

For months now, the people of Seattle have been making noise around Shell’s plan to use the Port of Seattle as a homebase for its Arctic drilling operations. Hundreds of people gave impassioned, intelligent, and sometimes musical testimonies at Port Commission hearings, over a thousand people marched in the street to oppose Shell’s plans, and activists “unwelcomed” Shell’s rigs on the water as they came into port.

On Tuesday, May 12 things really started to heat up when The New York Times published a series of articles and opinion pieces about Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic. Going as far as linking President Obama’s legacy on climate to Arctic drilling. Even the satirical news website The Onion got into the action.

The furor over Arctic drilling reached such a fever pitch that two days later President Obama himself felt he needed to directly respond from his retreat at Camp David and defend his decision to allow Shell to drill.

Amazing! It was the millions of petition signatures, thousands of actions and years of dedication from people like you that made this moment possible.

It didn’t end there.

Last weekend in Seattle, I joined thousands of people for the #PaddleinSeattle protest — with 500 kayaks out on the water, led by several indigenous Canoe Families and accompanied by a couple of odd-shaped houseboats, a sailboat, a very brave swimmer, and a giant musical solar-powered barge known as the Solar Pioneer.

It was a truly inspiring display of opposition that received media coverage around the world and in almost every major newspaper in the country via the Associated Press story. The event left Shell with no doubt about the scale of resistance to its plans to drill in the Arctic this summer.

We’re not letting up. There will be more to come this week and throughout the rest of the summer. If it’s the “People vs. Shell,” I like our chances.

This is why I decided to come back to Greenpeace after almost 20 years. To work alongside people like you, to make change on a global scale. I know we still have a long way to go stop Arctic drilling once and for all and to keep the fossil fuels we can’t afford to burn in the ground.

I also know — and these last few weeks prove it — that together anything is possible.


Annie Leonard
Executive Director, Greenpeace USA

P.S. Wow! What a couple of weeks. From hundreds of kayaks on the water in Seattle to the spark for a global movement. But Shell is one of the largest companies in the world — and it plans to send its rigs from Seattle to drill in the Arctic any day now. The recent oil spill in Santa Barbara, California is a perfect reminder of what’s at stake. We still have a lot of work to do to stop Arctic drilling and we’ll need you with us. Can you help even the odds with your gift to Greenpeace today?

dwts S20 10th anniversary celebration and val’s win!

WordPressDancing-3 I sat back waiting to write about the DWTS 10th Anniversary celebration because i was disappointed with what seemed to be going on. There were months after the MNM win  when we would see past competitors on the show but no MNM, interviews but no MNM, promos and interview gigs from past competitors yet no MNM.  So, when the 10th anniversary announcement was made the weeks leading up to any appearances on DWTS seemed fraught with a lot of “stuff” making fans wonder if DWTS would lose a substantial amount of viewers…   Then they started doing promos for their 10th anniversary celebration.  I admit that the teasing of who would be among the guests or dancers was fun. There were plenty of commercials with interviews of past competitors planning to dance or at least be in the audience supporting everyone else on the dance floor. Yes, fans of dance, competition and drama had their plate full as snippets of rehearsals, interviews, pictures of costumes and word that a dance off between maks and Meryl Vs witney and alphonso was on along with a vote for your choice to win site, which probably crashed. Anyway, the 10th anniversary was great, it was definitely well produced and while there was a lot going on it was good stuff filled with a lot of talk that viewers actually wanted to hear.  The costumes and dancing were amazing, the entertainment was good and while alphonso & witney killed it the Paso slash tango by MNM was beyond amazing.  It was apparent that MNM slayed it though the music was a bit different for me. I admit it was fun, up-tempo and added a modern feel they might have been going for and succeeded as the camera panned the room fans were up celebrating having fun.  In fact, fans are still talking about how MNM have not as tom said, lost a step, that Meryl has actually improved least we talk about her costume, great burst of curly hair and the clever red lighting, which made me scream … it, was perfect.  Their interview was fun cute and amazing because so few past DWTS winners maintain support that MNM continues to have.

So, as the 10th anniversary faded into the background and the 2014 MNM anniversary of the coveted MBT win was approaching, mak’s little brother Val qualified for the DWTS finals. There was a week or two of folks talking tweeting revisiting MNM videos leading up to both events.  When low and behold some could say, the stars were aligned because it just so happens that S20 ended with a big win for his little brother Val and Rumer Willis on May 19, 2015. What a night it must have been for Val to win the coveted MBT on the anniversary of his big brother!

I have been an avid DWTS fan since 2005. I watched until melb lost, stopped then heard about Season16 skipped most of Season17, why? Amber was great, I just don’t believe she dance as much as the others and just to be honest Derek did most of the work. I loved Season18 and watched Season19 sort of end in a predictable way because Alphonso was beyond amazing, he took his win on the DWTS tour and did quite well.  I thought Val’s choreography was good, his partner’s foot work not so much and the rumors of showmances surrounding that season seemed to take over so I lost interest. I admit that Season20 was not a favorite of mine, though we could definitely relax because the showmances were nowhere to be found, only what we saw happening between Kym and Robert, which fans still support.  It just seemed like there were too many changes; why fix it if it is not broken. The dances seemed to only last a split second and was I the only one distracted by all the props or “backup” dancers least we talk about the immunity debacle. While most of us wanted loved and needed the result night back, it was not that great. The best thing about Season 20 was watching Val’s face and his number one supporter when he won.

Dance is about expression, more often than not there is a story, it’s about moving through space and time, to beats lyrics music that may or may not mean a thing to the dancer or the audience in the beginning  yet, does by the end: like maks’ has said, he likes to tell a story  touching your heart and soul …done. I think that is definitely why fans want to see them dance and  MNM has continued dancing for charity, support each other’s projects,  meet & greets and generally do what they both love to do best … dance!

Their passion shows each time they go out onto the floor.

 If you haven’t already, get your tickets to see SWAY  ~~  Meryl Amy and Rumer will all be there dancing !