Eight Ways Obamacare Helps You and the 2015 Update to #ACA

Eight Ways Obamacare Helps You infographic

2015 Update to #ACA

1)16.4 Million now have #ACA

2) The uninsured has declined over the last 4-5 years by 35%

3) 14.1 Million that have #ACA are Adults

4) 2.3 Million are the young from ages 19-25 who are on their parents insurance

5) 8.8 Million signed up through the Insurance Market Place

6) 6 Million have #ACA have insurance Medicare / Medicaid

 The only negative is knowing more would have healthcare coverage if Republican Governor’s weren’t so heartless and put “WeThePeople” ahead their selective ideologies toward our POTUS  

The benefits of the Affordable Care Act are pretty straightforward: the law makes it easier to get insurance you can afford, ensures you have the care you need when you get sick, and covers the preventive services you need to stay healthy for free.

4 thoughts on “Eight Ways Obamacare Helps You and the 2015 Update to #ACA”

    1. I think ACA will be great once all the pieces are in place along with the cooperation of insurance co &hospitals. I guess more people actually have to experience the benefits instead of listening to the naysayers.


      1. Never listen to the naysayers. And you’re right, experience with this new system will help us all understand the benefits and downsides. I’m totally in awe of your perspective. You’re quite intelligent and I just happen to agree with most of your viewpoints. Thanks, and keep posting!


      2. I have had positive experience with healthcare exchanges. We had open enrollment with options which has narrowed over the years but the open enrollment events were good because the ins co were competing so lots of info is handed out and once a plan was chosen there could be adjustments …some. aww, thanks … keep on blogging!!


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