88,200 gallons of oil

greenpeaceShell just caused an 88,200-gallon oil spill 90 miles off the coast of Louisiana.

Shell oil spill in the gulf.

Tell President Obama to stop ALL new offshore drilling in the Gulf and Arctic.

Picture 88,200 gallons of crude oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. This didn’t happen years ago — it happened less than two weeks ago near Shell’s Brutus drilling platform.

The photos are shocking. But if you ask coastal communities in the Gulf they’ll tell you the impacts of chronic fossil fuel exploitation are nothing new. Oil companies view spills like this one as business as usual. This is not acceptable — and business as usual CANNOT continue.

The good news is there’s a clear way to prevent more spills like this one and protect our climate at the same time — and President Obama can do it with the stroke of a pen.

There are fewer than 25 days left to gather 24,000 public comments against offshore drilling, and your voice needs to be heard. Will you stand with coastal communities and demand that President Obama end ALL new offshore drilling in the Gulf and other waters today?

This recent Shell spill — just 90 miles off the coast of Louisiana — is one of the largest oil spills in the region since BP’s 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, which dumped hundreds of millions of gallons of oil into the ocean. But it’s not the only spill. Since 2010, over 10,000 spills have reported in the Gulf of Mexico alone.

Considering the devastation coastal communities throughout the Gulf still struggle with today, it’s hard to understand how the Obama administration is even considering a plan that would allow new drilling off the Gulf and Alaskan coasts.

New drilling in the Gulf and other waters is bad for coastal communities, our oceans, and the climate. But you and I have the power to prevent future oil disasters and worsening climate change. Are you in?

Please join me while there’s still time. Tell President Obama NO NEW DRILLING in the Gulf or Arctic.

Thank you,

Ryan Schleeter
Climate Team, Greenpeace USA

P.S. The opportunity to tell President Obama to stop ALL new offshore drilling is almost over — and this recent Shell oil spill shows what we are up against. Don’t miss out on this chance to make your voice heard — send your comment now.

ACTION:Turn On The Water … it’s the right thing -reminder

Thousands of low-income Black Detroit residents have already had their water shut-off risking both public health and personal safety. What’s worse — the city plans to resume shut-offs tomorrow.
Water is a human right.ImageTell the panel: turn the water back on in DetroitTake Action

Thousands of low income Black Detroit residents have already had their water shut off, risking both public health and personal safety. What’s worse — the city plans to resume shut-offs tomorrow.1

Just weeks ago, under pressure from organizers in Detroit and thousands of supporters online, Governor Rick Snyder’s hand-picked Emergency Manager returned control of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) to the duly-elected mayor.2 While a small victory for local control, the move was ultimately a political ploy to provide cover for Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. Mayor Duggan’s “10 Point Plan” does little more than offer better customer service while continuing the inhumane and unjust practice of shutting off water.3

The solution is the Water Affordability Program (WAP) passed by the city council back in 2005. The WAP would provide relief to thousands and create a safety net that allows low income residents to pay on a sliding scale, based on their income. A 3-judge panel is holding a hearing on August 29th during which they could order the WAP back into effect and end the shutoffs once and for all.

Sign the petition: tell the panel to turn the water back on and implement the Water Affordability Program.

While Detroiters suffer under policies implemented by an unelected emergency manager, corporations are protected and speculators are circling. Individuals with as little as $33 owed have had their water shut off without warning while the Palmer Park Golf Course which owes $437,714 still has water.4 The initial round of shutoffs were a tactic to make the city’s water rights a more attractive target to potential private investors. 5

Even with authority tenuously returned to the Mayor, his plan offers little hope to residents whose rates have risen 119% in the past decade.6 Under this scheme, relief is only available after putting down a large lump sum payment and there is no promise that the emergency manager will not seize back control and change the rules yet again.

The Water Affordability Program would provide relief to all residents living under 175% of the federal poverty line and reign in the out-of-control rates DWSD has charged.7 The WAP is the best way to restore water to thousands of residents in Detroit at reasonable rates.

Turn the water back on: Sign the petition to implement the WAP.

Water is a basic human right and denying access to water poses a dire threat to public health. To make matters worse, earlier this month there were historic floods in Detroit. A state of emergency was declared. The flooding has caused millions of gallons of sewage to back up into waterways and basements. 8 How are you supposed to clean sewage from your basement when the city has shut off your water?

Sign the petition: Turn the water back on in Detroit!

Thanks and Peace,

Aimée, Rashad, Arisha, Matt, Johnny and the entire ColorOfChange.org team.

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