The 115th congress … no better than the 113th or 114th

demsVrepub            … just another rant

So, in 2016-2017, Paul Ryan told CNBC that republicans have spent years getting ready for a “UnifiedGovt” and are now going to “rock and roll.”   There are several disturbing questions that come to mind! Like … what actions have republicans been taking to get here, was trump in on any of the steps toward a trifecta government, who exactly helped them over the years, did they cross that line of ethics and will some members of congress get kicked out and or held accountable for sudden sweeping of necessary oversight of Congress under a dirty House rug!, which was and still is led by Republicans btw.

Things to be reminded of … Congress, paid for by taxpayers lest we talk about the GOP’s seemingly big issue with “political privilege” could be on the agenda of several in Congress and putting the department under the House jurisdiction quashing not only the whole idea of an “independent oversight office of ethics” and that is absolutely offensive on its own, but knowing they planned, held a secret meeting quietly voting somewhere in Congress just seems appears and is un-American.  Though, if we reach back to say…  when  the 113th Congress’ actions were found out, those of ted cruz and others,  you are reminded this is basically the same crew who were willing to shut our government down twice; who also met in some restaurant pledging to do nothing for 4-8yrs because the likes of a President Obama,a bi-racial man was holding down the highest office in the land? And offended to him being in their White House on January 20, 2008-2017, but that’s my opinion.  This move obviously means their plan will be to dump, cut, slash and burn what those of us leaning left of center believe are #AmericanValues

Again, just to remind you! Congress, led by republicans when Paul Ryan was there killed transparency, good governance, the ability for folks to file complaints, a path to reconcile any conflict of interest issues, ended a vehicle to challenge the behavior of congressional member’s that act up. If you have heard or watched any of the horrible stories your jaw would lock up .

and … on the list of honey do it to me, my family friends and co-workers

  • Dismantle Repeal and or totally dismantle ACA ?
  • Kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Rip up Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid
  • Give Tax cuts for wealthy Americans and big Corporations
  • Repeal Dodd – Frank- done
  • Privatize the VA