We have 16 days left to build a massive wave of pressure during congressional recess

Just 16 days left until Congress’ two-week-long recess, and with it one of our most important opportunities to strengthen our democracy.

We can’t get lost in the ever-changing news cycle and lose sight of our big goal: pass transformative democracy reform and eliminate the filibuster to do it. And as experts have told us, our top priorities need to pass in just a few short months, which is why we’re organizing around a Deadline for Democracy.

It’s going to take a massive wave of grassroots energy and support to do it, including pressuring every single senator to do the right thing and protect our democracy. Luckily, that sort of grassroots pressure is what this movement has been honing for years.

We’re putting the final touches on our big Deadline for Democracy plan (expect more details very very soon!), but we already know the big picture: events across the country, as much media coverage as we can muster, thousands of phone calls, and every other way we can make it clear to senators that their constituents demand real progress. We need your support to provide all the tools and resources it’ll take to pull it off. From writing scripts and hosting call pages to mailing out event merch to running ads and driving sign-ups, making this recess a success is going to cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The measures we’re demanding — the For the People Act and all our other top democracy reform bills — are what’s needed to build a better democracy and ensure fair representation for all. And our demonstration of people power will make it clear just how important these measures are. Every action you take has a real impact, and we’re grateful for everything you do to take part in this movement.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team