has trump hurt farmers … the damage is and will be devastating for some – Reminder

Trump’s nominees to the Federal Reserve Board are further proof that Trump’s “only the best people” mantra is complete nonsense.

The Fed is supposed to be independent and has an enormous influence on things like job growth, mortgage rates, retirement savings, and inflation—but Trump insists on trying to install completely unqualified MAGA hacks with troubling views on and history with women to oversee all of it:
• Trump’s first planned nominee, Herman Cain, withdrew from contention when it became clear that even Senate Republicans wouldn’t vote for him. Cain has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times.
• Trump’s next reported nominee, Stephen Moore, is being widely lambasted for his offensive views on women and democracy. Moore has said that he isn’t “a big believer in democracy,” and is known for making sexist statements like “Women are sooo malleable! No wonder there’s a gender gap.” Check out this thread for additional reasons why Moore is completely unfit for confirmation.

“It’s impossible to overstate the damage.”


Gov’t offers $680 million for Indian farmers …as reported by AP – Reminder


WASHINGTON — The government is offering American Indian farmers who say they were denied farm loans a $680 million settlement.

Unlike a second round of the black farmers suit that is now pending in Congress, the American Indian money would not need legislative action to be awarded.

The two sides agreed on the deal after more than 10 months of negotiations. The government and the Indian plaintiffs met in federal court Tuesday to present the settlement to U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan.

The agreement also includes $80 million in farm debt forgiveness for the Indian plaintiffs and a series of initiatives to try and alleviate racism against American Indians and other minorities in rural farm loan offices. Individuals who can prove discrimination could receive up to $250,000.

A hearing on preliminary approval of the deal is set for Oct. 29. Sullivan indicated he was pleased with the agreement, calling it historic and coming down off his bench to shake hands with lawyers from both sides.

Assistant Attorney General Tony West and Joseph Sellers, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, both said they were encouraged by the judge’s positive reaction.

“Based on the court’s comments, we’re optimistic,” West said after the hearing adjourned.

The lawsuit filed in 1999 contends Indian farmers and ranchers lost hundreds of millions of dollars over several decades because they were denied USDA loans that instead went to their white neighbors. The government settled a similar lawsuit filed by black farmers more than a decade ago.

“Today’s settlement can never undo wrongs that Native Americans may have experienced in past decades, but combined with the actions we at USDA are taking to address such wrongs, the settlement will provide some measure of relief to those who have been discriminated against,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a statement.

Claryca Mandan of North Dakota’s Three Affiliated Tribes, a plaintiff in the case, stopped ranching after she and her husband were denied loans in the early 1980s. She said she was pleased with the settlement.

“This is a culmination of 30 years of struggle,” she said

And Republicans continue to interfere and hurt POC who own land