A Woman should have the right to experience ” Choice” just as a Man does’

So, the struggle and fight for a Woman’s right to choose are at risk. It is a struggle that will and should be an ongoing attempt to make sure Women can manage their reproductive lives the way THEY want, NOT the way a group of Conservatives thinks Women should live their lives

We all know that SCOTUS is the highest court in the land. Yet, Americans are wondering out loud if this group has forgotten the Declaration of Independence Phrase: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, which women seek, as well as men. They have seemingly decided they know what’s best for a woman and have excluded her Doctor.

Some on the right, appear to be using their religion to block women from their reproductive rights, many are white privileged, and or just feel being a Republican has more importance than Women’s freedom to choose. Fact is, if anyone dug into the lives of Republicans, an abortion was part of their lives as well. If you have money and an NDA your right to an abortion is a cover-up and the rest of us have no access to it.

We need to remind the Republican Party that word’s like; family planning, incest, sexual assault, and abuse were created for a reason, and not only do Women face these issues on a daily basis they need remedies to fit their family planning or situation; good bad and or ugly.

Unfortunately, it appears some Justices don’t seem to believe Women have Reproductive Rights, which is still settled law but not in places like Texas. The Nation has watched the Right to Choose as it is being methodically manipulated, torn apart in ways that are Un-American. Today, it looks like SCOTUS is telling Women to do as we say, did not mention the men, or try to hold anyone accountable. The idea that a Governor tosses out his plan to round up every sexual assault criminal is sad on so many levels.

Fact is, women don’t have abortions willy-nilly, and credible Doctors don’t perform procedures like abortions just for the hell of it yet, Women or the men they’re involved with who do have money will never face the same reproductive dilemmas an average voter does.

The struggle is real, the fight is worth it

Americans deserve 21st Century lives

Be a Seed for Change…