CW cancels ‘The Game” and Everybody hates Chris”

Is The Game Over for Black Television?

Protesters be damned, the CW is still trashing The Game and Everybody Hates Chris. Brace yourselves for a Tyler Perry existence.

  • By: Erin Evans | Posted: June 3, 2008 at 6:24 AM

Fans of The Game have been all over the Internet for the past several months, trying to save the canceled CW show with online petitions, Tweets, Facebook-status dedications and e-mail chains lamenting the show’s unceremonious demise. In an effort to save the show, the cast recorded a YouTube video, Change the Game Campaign, to get fans to blow up the message boards on

To capitalize on the uproar, BET last week aired an eight-hour The Game marathon. I took the bait and ended up having a two-hour Tweetfest with friends, debating our favorite episodes and characters.

But the save The Game campaign isn’t just about missing its snappy one-liners. The recent cancellation of The Game and the also popular Everybody Hates Chris has drastically reduced the number of black faces on network television. It’s as if network producers have decided that only Tyler Perry’s brand of pandering, lowest-common-denominator blackness is fit for prime time.

my response to this 2008 article …

it’s  still relavant … Afro-American faces are far and few on (mainsteam tv) and as the new 2009 season starts we can look forward to Hawthorne with Jada P smith (cable) … hopefully more shows will be included … we have to commend Tyler P for keeping Black actors employed… in 2008,  while most Black Shows were being dropped he was going strong … to be continued …

we need to write letters to get more Afro-Americans on Mainstream tv …


news and or media panelist …played out?

ok … i understand comments from tv personalities feeling bloggers are not real news reports,  yet i have seen major news stations  ask the opinion of a blogger …watched an interview with a blogger seated next to other tv news reporter personalities, all treated with the same level of experience,  even watched with great amusement when other well known tv and newspaper reporters acknowledged being uncomfortable with a blogger being called upon by the President … but

the other day several “entertainment shows”  with a panel of entertainment news reporters and or commentators treated each other like … my opinion experts in how the various celebs now in their current negative situations should behave … aside from being amusing it seems reckless …

but hey i’m no expert .. i don’t even play one…

why not let them take care of their off camera issues by not exposing it on tv ?

just a thought

Health Care Reform… OFA

Mark your June Calendars:

** June 6th … find a Health Care kickoff meeting or party in your city and or neighborhood

**June 27th … find a Health Care Public Service Event in your city …

Go to:

sign up ** be apart of the community letting our Representatives know we want to Reform Health Care … by: going to or hosting a kickoff event

1)Reduce Costs to families and businesses

2)Provide choice of Doctors and Coverage

3)Be affordable and have good quality for all Americans

Vice President Biden says

in my opinion …

Sotomayor was the best pick our President could have chosen… she has a great story, her qualifications are undeniable …
we all need to stand with Sotomayor and support her by …
calling your Sentor … write a letter to your local Editor

the current smear campaign by the likes of liddy, c rove, newt, r limbaugh, cheney and others regarding Sonia Sotomayor being a racist or the real meaning of la raza ? is  absurd…
it should open our eyes to the crap being spread around by the right.

Referendum 71

A Note from Dan Savage:

We need to take a stand for equality.

All of us. In Washington, committed same-sex couples and their families now enjoy the same legal protections granted to married couples under state law. The radical right just filed a referendum—Referendum 71—to repeal many of those protections and benefits.

In Washington,  today, we need everyone who believes in equality to take a stand for civil rights and decline to sign the Referendum 71 petitions. Especially straight people.


Opponents of equality need more than 120,000 signatures to place this referendum on the ballot.

Please join thousands of people across Washington in saying no to discrimination by pledging: “I decline to sign!” Please put your name on our pledge not to sign this referendum. Then forward this email to your friends and ask them to sign as well.

Click this link to decline to sign:

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