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An Update on the Economy, Iraq, and Ukraine

At the White House yesterday afternoon, President Obama made a statement on a number of important issues ahead of his attendance at the NATO Summit in the United Kingdom next week.

The President first talked about the American economy, noting that it’s growing “at a stronger clip” than predicted, and that we have more work to do to continue this momentum. He then discussed the current U.S. operations in Iraq, reiterating his commitment as Commander-in-Chief to “always do what is necessary to protect the American people and defend against evolving threats to our homeland.”

President Obama concluded his statement addressing the situation in Ukraine, noting that the evidence is clear: “Russia is responsible for the violence in eastern Ukraine.”

See more from the President’s remarks here:

Learn more about the President's remarks yesterday.
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West Wing Week: “Choose the Harder Right Instead of the Easier Wrong”This week, the White House honored two important anniversaries for women’s rights and civil rights, and the President announced new actions to improve access to quality health care for veterans.


Second Estimate of GDP for the Second Quarter of 2014

According to a new report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis yesterday, U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 4.2 percent in the second quarter of 2014. The report affirms that second-quarter economic growth was strong — consistent with the recent string of solid job growth and improvements across other economic indicators.


Chart of the Week: Where We Stand on Equal Pay for Equal Work

Though more and more women are becoming the primary breadwinners in their families, they continue to make less than their male counterparts at all income levels — a gender pay gap that only widens as people get older. In fact, women who enter the workforce after graduating college are paid less in almost every field of study.


This isn’t right … Steve Mason via Change.org

My daughter Lisa passed away four years ago, but private student loan companies refuse to forgive her debt. Join us in calling on her lenders to forgive debt after a borrower’s death.

mashup Monday &some News

just another rant …

Today is the 6th Anniversary of Katrina ….


“The function of education, therefore, is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. But education which stops with efficiency may prove the greatest menace to society. The most dangerous criminal may be the man gifted with reason, but with no morals.”

Martin Luther King, Jr., The Purpose of Education

Sunday, 8/28/2011 a dedication for the new MLK JR memorial statue with President Obama giving a keynote speech as well as some others was to have taken place but this last week was one that the east coast will never forget. On Tuesday 23 August, the east coast experienced a 6.0 earthquake, which shook up the entire coast for a few days with Governors requesting help from the government, particularly FEMA and on Friday, Hurricane Irene, fresh from beating down on Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Florida barreled her way up the East Coast causing massive floods and several deaths.  Though if you were listening, Rep.eric cantor was so bold to say that all monies requested must or will be offset with spending cuts, which sounded as if he himself would be the decider as to which states would get help. It was definitely offensive let alone just one of many signs of how he and his group would govern if given the chance. Fortunately, President Obama performed as a President should and all those who need government help; even those Teapublicans as well as Ron Paul’s State who still rails against FEMA and government in general.

In contrast … On June 14, 2010, I found out that Glenn Beck announced that he was holding a rally on 8/28/2010, which is the day most if not all Americans remember the MLK JR “I have a dream” speech. I had to make an effort; to plead a call to action… many folks who listened to Bill Press heard this announcement and they were offended as well. It would be nice if a peaceful counter rally on that same day to honor and recognize MLK JR’s I have a dream speech. The idea of beck holding a rally on that day is just wrong, it is offensive, and it just seems like it is a moment beck has decided to exploit. Glenn beck must be upset about the fact that a Black man gave a speech so admired all over the world and at a spot as sacred as it is does not deserve to be used by him. To invite or have speakers such as Sarah Palin or Marcus luttrell who seems to be against immigrants in general; to top this very offensive thing off Jo dee messina will be there; a performer some of us use to respect, who knew the music, is nowhere related to the political leaning of this performer. If you go to beck’s website the event, slated as a non-political, non-partisan event advocating restoring honor, which given what we all know about him is definitely a conflict of word use. I believe we all have the right to freedom of speech and rally it just seems like a sham, an exploitation and a platform for the extreme right disguised as a charity event for our service people -he says to honor our heroes, our heritage and our future… by making a tax-deductible donations. I still wonder how much really went to charity, how much did Sarah Palin, jo dee messina, marcus luttrell get out of this and how much did beck really make. This year beck took his clown show to Israel and while dozens protested his small group of like minded folks on 8/25/2011, fortunately he kept quiet on 8/28/2011.

an article from Media Matters might offer some real truth about Beck’s trip to restore courage in  Jerusalem below

Beck Wildly Inflates Attendance At His Israel Rally

August 25, 2011 3:35 pm ET by Mike Burns

Yesterday, former Fox News host Glenn Beck held his much-hyped and highly controversial “Restoring Courage” rally at the foot of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Today, he whined about the skimpy coverage of the event by the media. (Hint: If a pillar of fire had appeared or if the Zechariah prophecy had been fulfilled as Beck had predicted might happen, there might have been more coverage.)

Since no prophecies appear to have been fulfilled, Beck began inflating the numbers of attendees at his rally. According to a blog post from yesterday by Yahoo’s Joe Pompeo, Beck’s spokesman said that 4,700 people attended the rally. (1,700 attendees at the spot where Beck was speaking and an additional 3,000 at a remote location where Beck’s event was broadcast live.) But by the time Beck went on the air today, Beck was suggesting that “five to seven” thousand people showed up at the remote location. He was immediately corrected by one of his aides who said there were “5,000 seats set up, and at last count, we had about 8,000 people that showed up, standing room only.” Beck then said there were “10,000 people just in these two locations alone.”

And lo and behold, in the space of one day, event attendees grew from 4,700 by Beck’s own spokesman‘s reported count, to five to seven thousand, to 10,000.



Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Beck has grossly exaggerated attendance figures for his rallies. In the wake of his 8-28 “Restoring Honor” rally, Beck said he heard that the crowd had been “between 300,000 and 500,000.” But according to an outside firm hired by CBS News, the only independent and semi-official estimate of the crowd was 87,000. Beck has also made the absurd claim that the 9-12 protests that he created and hyped were the “largest march on Washington [D.C.] ever,” and said that a “really conservative” crowd estimate for that march was “500,000.” Later, his estimated number for the 9-12 crowd grew to 750,000 or a million. In fact, one unofficial D.C. fire department estimate placed the number between 60,000 and 75,000 participants.

Maybe miracles do happen at Beck’s events: The crowd size doubles (or sometimes grows by a factor of ten) without any explanation.

Others News

Chocolate lowers heart, stroke risk

EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga Took Male Alter-Ego to the Limit By Using Male Restrooms

Luxury, horror lurk in Gadhafi family compound

Obama to Tap Krueger as Top Economist

Even Iran, Syria’s best friend, urges Assad to ease crackdown

Seeing Irene as Harbinger of a Change in Climate

Associated Press

Predicamen​t Facing Progressiv​e Media | Advertiser Boycott Against Beck WORKED | At&T-T-Mob​ile Merger Bad for Ethnic Communitie​s

from :AlterNet

Sorry GOP, My Cancer Screenings Are More Important Than Your Religious Beliefs

 By Andrea Grimes, RH Reality Check

 An anti-choice Texas Representative bent on defunding Planned Parenthood scoffed when I told him that I have high risk HPV and rely on Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings.

 READ MORE » http://act.alternet.org/go/6266?akid=6847.231355.YkSLPx&t=22


Media Warn AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Could Hurt Ethnic Communities

 Low-income populations could be confronted by reduced service access and higher costs.

 READ MORE  http://act.alternet.org/go/6479?akid=6846.231355.7u_8T_&t=9

 Jehangir Khattak / New America Media


10 Industries That Pay Women the Least

Major companies like AIG, Citigroup, First American Corp and GAMC all have zero female officers, underscoring their reps as male-dominated businesses.

 READ MORE http://act.alternet.org/go/6475?akid=6845.231355.lQF251&t=31

By Charles B. Stockdale, Douglas A. McIntyre / 24/7 Wall St.


House Passes Paul Ryan’s Disastrous Medicare Plan


By Joshua Holland | AlterNet


Prosser, David Walker’s Enabler on Wisconsin Supreme Court, Wins Close Race


By Staff | AlterNet


Progressive Media Suffer Losses In the Fight Against the Right-Wing Media Machine

 Major progressive media stars have recently lost their platforms, while the Huffington Post eschews progressivism — both worrying developments in the media war with the right.

READ MORE  http://act.alternet.org/go/6345?akid=6846.231355.7u_8T_&t=3

 Don Hazen / AlterNet


How an Advertiser Boycott Campaign Helped Push Glenn Beck Off the Air

 How much sooner would Fox have been forced to drop Beck if the media had done its job and forced News Corp to explain why it was propping up someone who’s bad for business?

 READ MORE http://act.alternet.org/go/6406?akid=6846.231355.7u_8T_&t=6

 James Rucker / Color of Change


Oliver Stone: Don’t Betray Us, Barack — End the Empire

By Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick, The New Statesman

Let’s face facts: The US can no longer dictate to the rest of the world. READ MORE »


  “They Are Afraid Their House Could Blow Up”: Meet the Families Whose Lives Have Been Ruined by Gas Drilling [Photos By Award-Winning Photographer Nina Berman]By Nina Berman, AlterNet”We’re not asking for a lot and now they’re taking it all away. In a million years, I never would have thought that people could do this and get away with it.” READ MORE »

TGIF &some News …

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the Chanllenger Space Shuttle tradgedy with thoughts of the families of our 7 Astronauts.

It has been a couple of days, The President and his SOTU address is all over the air-waves and as talking heads debate, interpret and beat down the ” WintheFuture. “ plan. It was odd to hear that the President’s “WintheFuture” plan was leaked but can imagine that the numerous right of center reporters were excited and ready to write their articles to disapprove of the President’s plan way before he gave the SOTU address let alone “WintheFuture and while Sarah Palin took a swipe at it she also made herself look less than Presidential material.

The Plan, “WintheFuture” did not stray too far away from his original statements in 2009 in my opinion but it did include an obvious roadmap at what needs to get done and how to get it done. The reports are that polls taken after the SOTU were great with Cnn reports 84% felt the SOTU was positive, 52% were very positive and CBS reported that 91% agreed to and liked the President’s proposals.  We the People need to push shove and the most important would be to call our Congress to move “WintheFuture” through so issues like abortion can be dealt with and the Dream Act, education, energy, and climate change can be more than just possible laws but realities. However, the Republican Tea Party managed to waste time for 2 years and continues to in hope for enough negative outcomes, negative responses by tea partiers, comrades and voters trying to make Obama fail in 2012. 

It is entirely possible that Republicans are not reading or listening to the news and or Polls because they definitely are not giving credit and or respect to the American people’s ability to ferret out the slight of hand these folks are engaging in. It is encouraging to see that more and more Americans like the new Health Care Law though if you spoke to Republicans they seem stuck in their midterm election win and not the change of attitude by even their own constituents. It is obvious the HoneyMoon is over but will the Republican Tea Party is it and accept they have gone to far right of center.

 I still feel the house of Bush and Republicans are completely responsible for the state of our economy. Apparently, people like Glenn beck got it; some Conservatives seem to be avoiding or walking away from Bush, stating that big spending big government happened, but if we get back into office, we will not do it again but the fact is they keep saying they want to go back to 2006 so the lesson was obviously not learned. 

 I have been listening to both sides since the midterm election and have heard nothing-different coming out of the mouths of Republicans, Conservatives and or the tea party movement that sounds anything different from the Bush Administration. We the People need to call our Members of Congress and ask; whose side are you on because 53% voted this President in and knew exactly what we were doing but the Republican Tea Party definitely are not listening because it would interupt their move to PRIVATIZE everything. Americans, over half voted for change we can believe in. I for one would love it if the Republican Tea Party stopped holding up our President’s ability to govern, stop being Obstructionists that have now defined who and what Republicans stand for. 

The Democratic Political Party needs to come together… negotiate, support and pass the issues our President campaigned on. We pay Congress to create, make and pass laws. There were a lot of folks left of center who seemed at odds with President Obama before the midterms and threatened to hold their votes hostage if he did not do as they wanted whiched seemed awfully childish to me and the other push was for President Obama to use his pen of power to get things done. In my opinion the push toward getting the President to use Executive Order to get things done is not in our best interest because it would make the law subject to being repealed way too easily. I also feel that having Congress do what we all pay them for is just plain ole common sense.

my take

Other News …

**Tea Parties first caucus recruits about 4 people …those who called themselves tea party members did not show up …hmmmm interesting for constituents to think about

**25th Anniversary ceremony at Kennedy Space Center

**Egyptians defy police and protest

**Rahm’s Mayorial campaign continues

**GDP growth up 3.2% falls short in 4th qtr tho it still is an indication of economic growth

**Nelson Mandela is released from Hospital

**Funeral for Ugandan gay activist,David Kato was held:and FYI: Uganda’s Rolling Stone is reported as having published names of several people saying they were gay with the headline “Hang them”

** Egypt: Nobel Peace Winner is under house arrest

**Seattle, City Officials have backed off from raising parking rates up to 4dollars an hr due to substantial complaints-though free parking is still after 8pm instead of the old 6pm time

**Arizona: a bid to block citizenship for illegal immigrants “anchor babies” -Lawmakers in AZ and some other States are challenging the 14th Amendment … AGAIN


Press Secretary Robert Gibbs conducts a daily briefing at the White Houss:  http://c-span.com/Events/White-House-Briefing-with-Press-Secretary-Robert-Gibbs/10737419201/

Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Philip Crowley conducts a daily briefing at the State Department. http://c-span.com/Events/State-Department-Press-Briefing/10737419203/

A number of Senators debated Senate Resolution 10, which would change Senate rules on considering legislation. It would change how filibusters are conducted and require a Senator’s name to be made public if they put a hold on a bill. It would also change rules for offering amendments. http://c-span.com/Events/Senate-Floor-Debate-on-Procedural-Changes/10737419227/

Commander Charles Benson, U.S. Marine Corps psychiatrist, deputy surgeon and director of the Concussion Restoration Care Center at Camp Leatherneck conducted a briefing at the Pentagon on combat stress and concussion care of troops in Afghanistan. http://c-span.com/Events/Defense-Department-Briefing-on-Combat-Stress-amp-Concussion-Care/10737419202/

This morning, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) released a report on the causes of the 2008 financial and economic crisis. At the event, the Commission is delivering the results of its inquiry and its conclusions as to the causes of the crisis based on this inquiry. http://c-span.com/Events/FCIC39s-Report-on-Causes-of-2008-Economic-Crisis/10737419171/

CBO:2011-2021 forecast: The agency charged with reviewing congressional budgets unveiled it’s annual economic forecast for the federal government’s 2011 fiscal year. The new estimate predicts the federal deficit will reach almost $1.5 trillion in 2011. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Doug Elmendorf appeared before The Senate Budget Committee today to detail the latest CBO report and participated in a question and answer session with lawmakers.  http://c-span.com/Events/CBO39s-2011-2021-Forecast-Detailed-in-Hearing/10737419170/   

The Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing to investigate how Boeing and EADS received sensitive information about each other through an Air Force clerical error. Both companies are competing for a $50 billion contract to replace the Air Force’s aging refueling airplanes. The error gave both companies access to each other’s intellectual property which could have serious consequences for the bidding competition. A contract announcement could come as early as February. http://c-span.com/Events/Senate-Armed-Services-Cmte-Hearing-on-KC-X-Competition/10737419204/

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, French President Nicolas Sarkozy defended the euro and said France and Germany would never let the currency fail. He also outlined the economic and financial priorities of the G20. France will chair both the G8 and G20 summits this year.  http://c-span.com/Events/French-Pres-Nicolas-Sarkozy-Remarks-at-World-Economic-Forum/10737419205/